welcome to the story of matt l.
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Welcome to the Story of Matt

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Welcome to the Story of Matt - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Welcome to the Story of Matt. All About Me. All About Me.

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Welcome to the Story of Matt

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    1. Welcome to the Story of Matt

    2. All About Me All About Me My name is Matt. I’m about 5’5” tall and probably weigh around 120-125 lbs. In my family, I have a dad, a mom, and a younger brother. We have three cats for pets, two are inside, and one is an outside cat. I’ve always liked sports. I’m currently in football, winter workout, and track. In the past, I have also been in basketball, baseball, soccer, bowling, ect. I also like alternate sports like biking, skateboarding, and water sports, but I don’t ever have any time for them so I haven’t done them for a long time. During the summer though, I like to do about any water sport. Right now at home, I’m trying to fix an old scooter that used to be fun when it worked. During the winter, I like to go sledding, and snowboarding when I can.

    3. When I Was Little When I Was Little • Here are a few activities that I enjoyed when I was young Going to the beach was and still is one of my favorite activities. I could never get away from my bear. Going to the Duck Pond/Park was always my favorite place to be back then.

    4. The Schools I Attended The Schools I Attended • Before I ever went to school, I went to Library school for two years. At the Library, we read books and did activities such as making play-doh. • After Library school, I went to the Creative Child Pre-School, also for two years. • When I was six years old, I registered for school. During Kindergarten, I went to Lincoln School. • After Kindergarten, Lincoln School became too crowded. We decided that I should switch to Beadle School. The next year, I began 1st grade at Beadle School where I finished all of my elementary grades. • After 6th grade, my class and myself went to Middle School. Switching to Middle School was a big transition because we now had a different teacher for each class. • Finally, after 8th grade, all of us transferred to the high school where I am currently a Sophomore. • After High School, I plan to go to college. 1st School 2nd School Middle School High School - This is my Pre-School Picture

    5. Some of My Hobbies Some of My Hobbies • Some of my Hobbies a while ago were to collect baseball cards and autographs - I also used to collect coins

    6. The Music that I Enjoy The Music that I Enjoy I don’t really have a general type of music that I like the most. Usually, if I like how it sounds, then I like it whether it’s punk, rock, rap, ect. The pictures to the left are some of my favorite bands. My favorite band over all by far is Blink 182.

    7. Activities I’m In Activities I’m In Throughout the year I am involved in many different activities. Last June, I got my first job at McDonalds and I still work there on Saturdays. About a month ago, I just finished up my first year of football. This week I will also be starting Winter Workout. After Winter Workout is over, I will be starting track. During track last year, My relay team and I had the chance to go to state. We didn’t place,be but we felt pretty good for going to state as four freshmen. Just for going to state, our relay team received a letter. Our team also had Ryan, Jon, and Trey. The Pool at Winter Workout - -The Trophy Hallway

    8. Alternative Sports Alternative Sports Besides organized school sports, I enjoy many other sports. Once in a while, I will go golfing or bowling with some friends. Most of all, I like extreme sports because they are an individual sport, and you can do them by yourself on your own time. Some of these sports that I like are skateboarding, snowboarding, skiing, sledding, biking, and just about every water sport and every motor sport.

    9. Thanks for Watching My Story! Thanks for Watching My Story! Go Back to Website