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Certification in ERS PowerPoint Presentation
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Certification in ERS

Certification in ERS

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Certification in ERS

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  1. Certification in ERS An explanation of Effort Reporting and a step – by – step guide to certifying your Effort Form

  2. What is Effort Reporting? • The reporting and confirming of an individual’s actual time spent on and “identified” to sponsored agreements, instructional, administrative, and other institutional activities for which one is compensated and is considered the institutional base salary or appointment. • Account for time (effort) expressed in Percent spent (devoted) to Federal Awards in relation to total institutional activities (IBS) • Consist of both paid and non-paid commitments (Cost Share) • Not Based on a Standard 40-hour Workweek • Everyone may have a Different Effort Denominator

  3. Why is Effort Reporting Important? • Required by OMB Circular A-21: Cost Principles for Educational Institutions - Section J.10) Compensation for Personal Services • • Supported by Tulane University, Effort Reporting Policy • Ensure Labor costs charged to sponsored agreements are consistent with the effort expended • Labor charges to sponsored agreements are properly documented (Labor costs represent 75% of charges)

  4. HOW TO CERTIFY • Go to the Tulane University Effort Reporting System Website •

  5. Select the numeric link under Certification “Pending” for the Current or Prior Reporting Periods. Click on the hyperlinked Number under ‘Pending’

  6. Any forms listed under “Effort Forms Pending Certification for the Current Reporting Period” are ready to be certified. The Certifier will see the Name, Reporting Code, Sub Department, Title, and the Pre Review, Certify, and Post Review Status. Click on the name to Certify the Form

  7. Review the effort form and effort percentages for every account, update the percentages if necessary, then click the “Proceed” button. The system will notify you of any errors. You may also notify the Pre Reviewer who completed the Pre Review by clicking the “Notify” button at the bottom of the screen. Update the effort % if they are incorrect. If they are correct, click “Proceed”. The certified effort % must equal 100%

  8. Review the summary to be certain it represents your effort for the entire reporting period. If it is correct, read the attestation statement and click the “Certify” button. Otherwise click “Notify” below the attestation statement to send an e-mail to your administrator and/or to exit the form without certifying, click on the “Exit Form” button. Click on “Certify” to attest to your effort for the reporting period

  9. Once, certified, the system will present a summary screen. You can print a copy of the final summary for your records using the “Print Form” button. Print Form The effort form is now complete.