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Solid Waste Management

Solid Waste Management. Present State in Belize. Albert Roches Environmental Officer Department of the Environment. BACKGROUND. It is estimated that Belize produces over 200,000 tons of solid waste annually from domestic households and commercial establishments

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Solid Waste Management

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  1. Solid Waste Management Present State in Belize Albert Roches Environmental Officer Department of the Environment

  2. BACKGROUND • It is estimated that Belize produces over 200,000 tons of solid waste annually from domestic households and commercial establishments • This means that each person living in Belize produces approximately 2-3 pounds of solid waste every day.

  3. LEGISLATION • Belize has sufficient for management but needs to be more integrated, taking into consideration, development, urbanization, population explosion, recycling programmes and energy production from waste. • Some of these legislations are: • Public Health Act • Solid Waste Management Authority Act • Environmental Protection Act • Removal of Refuse By-Laws (Local Government) • Summary Jurisdiction - Anti-Litter Regulations (4)

  4. Public Health Act • Exists since 1958 presently being revised. • Provides for the basic sanitation within private homes, properties/public places. • Provides for methods of how to store and dispose of solid wastes.

  5. Solid Waste Management Authority Act, 1991 • Establishes the Board of Directors for SWMA (5 members + Environment & Health) • Responsibilities: • Declare Service Areas & make arrangements (contractual agreements) for the collection and disposal of waste in service areas. • Devise ways to improve efficiency of collection and disposal of waste. • Ensure residents have proper storage facilities for their wastes. • Prescribe charges to be paid by residents. • Designate places for disposal of solid wastes

  6. Summary Jurisdiction Offences • 1970’s - US$50.00 or 1 month in prison for littering. • 1990 – US$250.00 or 2 months in prison and provides for use of Littering Tickets. • 1991 – US$50.00 (Police, Transport, PHI, JP’s, Clerks of Councils, Bus Conductors) • Provides for court hearing and sets additional fine of US$2.50/day the fine goes unpaid after 15 days.

  7. Summary Jurisdiction Offences • 1996 - US$50.00/person and US$250.00/ business. • Included DOE Officers, Persons appointed by Councils, Minister appointed) • Provides for court hearing within 15 days and sets additional fine of US$5.00/day/ person and US$25.00/day/business the fine goes unpaid after 15 days.

  8. Environmental Protection Act 1992 • Establishes the Department of the Environment (DOE) • Gave DOE responsibility to address all issues pertaining to Pollution of Land and Water. • Prohibits “Dumping”. • DOE to monitor Solid Waste Management

  9. Environmental Impact Assessment Regulations 1995 • Establishes EIA process and allows the Department of the Environment to screen projects – ensure to mitigate against negative impacts to the environment, including from solid waste. • Department utilizes Environmental Compliance Plans (ECPs) to properly address solid waste disposal.

  10. Pollution Regulations 1996 • Gives Department of the Environment responsibility to prevent pollution of land and water from all types of sources. • Department to designate solid waste disposal sites.

  11. Refuse By-Laws • Belize City Council Act • Belmopan City Council Act • Town Council Act • Village Council Act: • Gives cities, towns and villages the authority to establish by-laws to address several issues including solid waste.

  12. Refuse By-Laws • Belize City Littering Offences By-Laws, 2000 - fines at US$250/person and US$500/business. • Additional fines of US$15/day/person and US$65/day/business after 15 days if fine goes unpaid.

  13. Refuse By-Laws • Border Management Agency Littering Offences, 2000 - fines at US$25/person and US$150/business. • Additional fines of US$2.50/day/person and US$10/day/business after 15 days if fine goes unpaid.

  14. Customs Regulations 2006 • Department of the Environment to control the import of used tires and lead acid batteries • Control the export of scrap metal • Licenses required for all these activities.

  15. Responsibility • Cities, Towns and Villages – responsible to make by-laws to address solid waste issues in localities (SWMA, PHB, DOE, Councils) • Solid Waste Management Authority - responsible to ensure that mechanisms are put in place in all localities to address solid was management. • DOE to monitor and ensure that solid waste is properly dealt with at all levels.

  16. ENFORCEMENT • Effective enforcement is lacking • Limited support and coordination between government and local authorities • Capacity constraints: • Finance • Human resources • Logistics/transportation etc. • No formal system or structure for effective enforcement • Enforcement is not across the board

  17. INITIATIVES • Strengthen the Solid Waste Management Authority • Enhance cooperation with agencies • Public Awareness geared at changing public attitudes and behaviour • Implement National Solid Waste Management Programme


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