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Ryan B’s INCLUDE portfolio

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Ryan B’s INCLUDE portfolio - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Ryan B’s INCLUDE portfolio. 2008-2009. CENTERS.

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  • In Mr. Morgan’s class you will learn different lessons and you will also have fun learning them while you do centers with games, internet games, and a lot more fun things in the centers to do. Some of the centers are Featherheads, Internet games on the laptops, make tessellations, and some Math Journal pages.


  • We played lots of internet games this year and they were all very fun. Some of the games we played this year were Banana Angle Tangle, Death to Decimals, Add up, Fraction Action, and lots more that are really fun.

Smart Board

  • The Smart board makes math more fun because you can play the internet games on it, do math on it, and watch movies on it for parties.


  • And then, the Flashmasters are a type of game, or timed test that you will use to help yourself learn Multiplication, Division, Addition, and Subtraction. Flashmasters are a big help if you know how to use them.
our graphs
Our Graphs

In Mr. Morgan’s class

he will grade your

Graphs by using a

Rubric. You will make

the graphs on the

Laptops on a website.

my graph
My Graph
  • This is my graph and it shows the favorite sports activities for my class, 5M.
how to find the area of a parallelogram
How to find the area of a Parallelogram
  • In order to find the area of a parallelogram you must do Height x Base and if the height was 7 and the base was 3 your area would be 21 because 7 x 3=21.
  • Triangles are 3 sided shapes with every angle 60 degrees in an equilateral triangle.
parallel lines
Parallel lines

Parallel lines are to lines

That run next to each other

Forever and never


Picture from March, 2009

math night
Math Night
  • On math night you come to the school for an hour and play different math games, play laptop games, and play some card games that help you with math. It is really fun.