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Literature Resource Center Leading the way in Literature research PowerPoint Presentation
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Literature Resource Center Leading the way in Literature research

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Literature Resource Center Leading the way in Literature research - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Literature Resource Center Leading the way in Literature research. “ This generous search capability provides for a marvelous approach to literature. There is a tremendous amount of flexibility… ” — Library Journal . Winter 2010. Agenda. Why LRC? What’s in LRC?

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literature resource center leading the way in literature research

Literature Resource CenterLeading the way in Literature research

“This generous search capability provides for a marvelous approach to literature. There is a tremendous amount of flexibility…”

— Library Journal

Winter 2010

  • Why LRC?
  • What’s in LRC?
  • - Content summary
  • - Additional modules available
  • - New content added continually
  • LRC demo
  • - Advanced Search
  • - Person Search
  • - Works Search
  • LRC search examples & results
  • Value-added services in LRC
why lrc
Why LRC?
  • Quality of content
    • Award-winning
    • Up-to-date
    • Comprehensive
  • Ease of use
    • Tailored for Literature research
    • Cross-searchability
    • All full text
  • Reliability
    • PUBLISHERS—not just aggregators
why lrc4
Why LRC?
  • Critical and biographical coverage of authors and their works from:
    • all genres
    • all time periods
    • around the world
  • Literature PLUS: Theater, Film, Culture Studies, Area Studies, Gender Studies, Philosophy, History, Religion
  • Literature in context
  • Multiple viewpoints
  • Materials for a broad range of skills and interest levels
what s in literature resource center
What’s in Literature Resource Center?
  • Literature Criticism and Reviews
    • More than 75,000 critical essays from Gale Literature Criticism series and other titles
    • More than 390 full-text journals, literary magazines, & trade publications—more than 850,000 articles as of September 2009
what s in literature resource center6
What’s in Literature Resource Center?
  • Biographical information
    • More than 145,000 author biographies
    • More than 7,000 interviews
    • More than 3,000 author images
what s in literature resource center7
Historical, Social and Cultural Context:

Dictionary of Literary Biography and Literature and Its Times illuminate the historical and social contexts of literary works and movements.

What’s in Literature Resource Center?
  • More than 11,000 work overviews, topic overviews and explications help readers understand the “story behind the story” of literary works and movements
what s in literature resource center8
What’s in Literature Resource Center?
  • But wait, there’s more…
    • More than 10,000 National Public Radio segments on books, writers, publishing and related subjects
    • Nearly 30,000 full-text contemporary poems, short stories, and plays
    • Merriam-Webster’s Encyclopedia of Literature and Collegiate Dictionary
    • 5,000 links to literary Web sites
literature resource center
Literature Resource Center

Literary Works

*c. 30K contemporary poems, short stories, plays


* > 130,000 authors

* > 145,000 biographies

* > 20,000 non-US authors

Primary Sources

*c. 7,000 interviews

Literature Criticism & Reviews

*25-30 % of LitCrit series content

*c. 400 full text periodical titles

Work/Topic Overviews

*> 11,000 Work, Topic, & Character overviews


*> 3,000 author portraits

* National Public Radio transcripts, links to audio


content summary
Content summary
  • Contemporary Authors* / Contemporary Authors New Revisions*
  • Dictionary of Literary Biography*
  • Literary Criticism series
  • Contemporary Literary Criticism* Twentieth-Century Literary Criticism*
  • Nineteenth-Century Literature Criticism* Literature Criticism from 1400-1800
  • Classical & Medieval Literature Criticism Shakespearean Criticism
  • Poetry Criticism Short Story Criticism
  • Drama Criticism Children’s Literature Review
  • *RUSA Outstanding Reference Source
  • St. James PressReference Guides to Literature, For Students Series, Literature & Its Times, and other select sources
  • Journals, Literary Magazines and Trade Publications:
  • 275+ Refereed journals
  • Over 380 periodical titles in all
additional modules available

Scribner Writers Online

    • More than 2000 signed, in-depth essays on lives and works of over 1400 authors from around the world
    • Includes 17 multi-volume sets
    • New volumes added annually
Additional modules available
  • Twayne’s Authors Online
    • Nearly 600 e-book treatments of U.S., English, and World authors and related topics
    • In-depth critical introductions to authors’ lives & works, literary movements and genres
    • By noted scholars
new content added continually
New content added continually:
  • More than 3,000 new biographies each year from Contemporary Authors,Contemporary Authors New Revisions, Dictionary of Literature Biography, and Contemporary Literary Criticism.
  • More than 3,000 selected, reprinted critical essays from books, journals and other sources, from various Gale Literature series
  • New content from over 390 full-text journals and from NPR programming flows into the product continually, as soon as it is released by the publishers.
  • We are also actively adding to our list of full text journals. Recent additions include Faulkner Journal, Papers on French 17th-Century Literature, West Branch (Bucknell), Mark Twain Journal, Pushkin Review, and Journal of Caribbean Literatures
  • Continuous updating of existing biographical information
lrc advanced search
LRC- Advanced Search
  • The search function combines different topics and search fields.

The maximum of search field which can be added is 10.

lrc person search i
LRC- Person Search I
  • LRC offers many different search options in “Person Search” which can help users to retrieve the authors’ information and works for meeting users’ needs.
  • Person Search example: “Jane Austen”.

Jane Austen

lrc person search ii
LRC- Person Search II
  • Using “Person Search” may allow users to focus on specific period, genre, even authors’ nationalities.
lrc works search i
LRC- Works Search I
  • Works Search example: “Pride and Prejudice”.

Pride and Prejudice

search examples results jane austen
Search examples & results- “Jane Austen”
  • The search results present multiple resources then users can browse by their demand.

The system can analyze the related topics, keywords… which are based on the search items.

search result literature criticism
Search result- Literature Criticism
  • The analysis, critical essays, academic articles written by scholars are from journals (peer-review) and the literature criticism selected by Gale.
search result biographies
Search result- Biographies

Including Jane Austen’s pseudonym, alias, nationality, gender, year of birth/death.

The full text of biographies

search result topic work overviews
Search result- Topic & Work Overviews
  • “Topic & Work Overview” displays:
  • Topic
  • Event
  • Plot
  • Main idea
  • Characters
search result reviews news
Search result- Reviews & News

“Reviews & News” presents information regarding literature and publishing, such as the reviews related to works and drama/ performance.

search result primary sources literature works
Search result- Primary Sources & Literature Works

Including poems, the content of stories, and other documents, for example, interviews, mails and diaries.

search result multimedia
Search result- Multimedia

Online broadcasting covers explanations.

value added services in lrc
Value-added services in LRC

Value added services list

Highlighting the keywords in red- “William Shakespeare”; “Romeo and Juliet”.

  • Reading lists, Course packs
  • Study guides
  • Special interest sites
  • Bibliographies, Reference/Citations
  • Electronic journals directories
marked items my own reference citation
Marked items- my own reference/citation

Step 1. Ticking the items you need.

Step 2. Choosing the “Marked

items” to check out the list.

Step 3. Clicking the “Bookmark” then copying the URL to make the bibliography/reference list.

let s take a look
Let’s take a look…
  • Patron from the Seton Hall University called for assistance in formulating a search strategy in Literature Resource Center to retrieve British and American authors who wrote political poetry during a specific era.
  • Student has been assigned to write a paper on Arthur Miller’s play Death of a Salesman, citing at least 5 critical sources.
  • Student has been assigned a 5-minute class presentation on aspects of Chinua Achebe’s life that are pertinent to his writings.
  • Public library patron has just discovered Manda Scott’s Boudica series & wants to know which books, what order, and some background on series & author.
thank you for your attention
Thank you for your attention!

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