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Henry David Thoreau

Henry David Thoreau.

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Henry David Thoreau

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  1. Henry David Thoreau A man receives only what he is ready to receive . . . We hear and apprehend only what we already half know . . . Every man thus tracks himself through life, in all his hearing and reading and observation and traveling. His observations make a chain. The phenomenon or fact that cannot in any [way] be linked with the rest of what he has observed, he does not observe. By and by we may be ready to receive what we cannot receive now.


  3. Reading your book • Put the highlighter away FIRST TIME: Just relax and read 2ND TIME: Start with summary; read through text, stopping for unfamiliar words – understand details 3RD TIME: read for complete understanding; relate details to major points in summary (use highlighter now)

  4. Taking notes in class DON’T WRITE THIS DOWN – THINK ABOUT IT FEELING IT IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN WRITING IT Write down main ideas in complete phrases – complete sentences after class if possible.

  5. We are MEAT, not magnetic media MEAT learns through EMOTION S.E.E.? Significant Emotional Experience Forgetting is an integral part of learning

  6. 3 ways to learn to remember something Think about it, feel about it, think about your feelings Think about specific cues that lead back to what you are trying to learn & remember Beware of false confidence

  7. Don’t confuse FAMILIARITY with KNOWLEDGE

  8. It used to occur and indeed still happens to me that a work of fine art displeases me at first sight, because I have not grown towards it; however, let me once suspect it of any merit, and I will seek to gain access to it, finding then no lack of the most gratifying discoveries; I become aware of new properties in things and of new faculties in myself. Goethe, “Maxims and Reflections”

  9. A key component of general INTELLIGENCE is the capability to distinguish KEY POINTS from SUPPORTING DETAILS




  13. We learn through a. Repetition & emotional experience b. storing information in our computer-like memories. Studies show that college students forget 50-80% of factual course material within a. one week b. one month c. one yeard. ten years.

  14. 10% of the final grade for this class, an entire letter grade, depends on your trip report about going to an art museum. This is because the professor believes that a. computer and slide projections are pathetic representations of works of art. b. illustrations in the textbook are far too small and are also pathetic representations of works of art. c. the best place to experience art is not in the classroom. d. there is no substitute for being in the presence of the actual object. e. All of the above.

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