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Collection Building

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Octavo -- rare, priceless reproductions on CD-ROM, in PDF format or downloadable Walker Art Center -- ADA’WEB Whitney – CODeDOC -- John Klima Rhizome -- ARTBASE Xerox PARC -- Experiments in the Future of Reading DIA Center for the Arts -- Jorge Pardo Project

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collection building

Octavo--rare, priceless reproductions on CD-ROM, in PDF format or downloadable

  • Walker Art Center-- ADA’WEB
  • Whitney – CODeDOC--John Klima
  • Rhizome--ARTBASE
  • Xerox PARC-- Experiments in the Future of Reading
  • DIA Center for the Arts--Jorge Pardo Project
  • Turbulence-- NomadLingo
  • GAS-- Gas DVDs
  • Printed Matter-- bookstore
Collection Building

Developing Technologies Around the World United States

  • Microsoft
    • Tablet
  • Mac OS 10.2
    • Inkwell
  • LeapFrog
    • Writing Learning System
    • Literacy Center
    • Research Data
digital scrapbooking united states
Digital ScrapbookingUnited States

Digital Calligraphy by George Thomson

manuscript museum
Manuscript Museum

Visitors can review the electronic publications of the Manuscript Center, which were prepared using state-of-the-art digital technology, such as the Virtual Reality Browser that runs on touch-screen computers. This program enables the user to thoroughly review a given manuscript, browse its different pages, magnify the desired part, and listen to related commentary and explanation. The first collection of the Digital Manuscript Library - a project adopted by the Manuscript Center - is available for public display on four sets of the Virtual Reality Browser.



electronic calligraphy drawing software sho is japanese calligraphy shodo is the way of sho
electronic calligraphy drawing software. Sho is Japanese calligraphy, shodo is "the way of sho."

i.shodo is created by for the novel The Fourth Treasure, written by Todd Shimoda and illustrated by L.J.C. Shimoda, published by Nan A. Talese/Doubleday in April 2002. The software is also created to be used with L.J.C. Shimoda's visual journaling book Glyphix: Drawing Out the Words Within, published by Stone Bridge Press in April 2002.


Tablet based Chinese Calligraphy



Tablet based Chinese Calligraphy

coming soon
Coming Soon
  • PDAs & tablets – more multifunctional formats
  • Improved displays–sharper, flexible, 3D images
  • File formats – more PDF formats, etc.
  • More multimedia–in all electronic documents
  • Automatic readers & translators–that work!
  • MicroFuel cells–replacing current batteries
  • Holographic memory–100GB discs, longer life
  • Many new “players” –creators, distributors, lawyers
  • Paper & electronic easily co-existing

We wantYOU

to join the(e)Calligraphy


Harvest by FutureFarmers

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