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Spartans VS Athenians PowerPoint Presentation
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Spartans VS Athenians

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Spartans VS Athenians - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Spartans VS Athenians
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  1. Spartans VS Athenians Debate 2011

  2. Overview/Purpose Students will explore moral dilemmas faced by the people who lived in both Sparta and Athens regarding the upbringing, education, and military service of their young through the technique of the debate

  3. Objectives Compare and Contrast life in Athens and Sparta Identify their personal perspective and respect the perspective of other group members. Explain why their opinion should be followed. Provide facts and reasons in support of opinions

  4. Summary of Known Info Sparta was a great Greek city-state that had a culture that valued physical strength and military might. At age seven, Spartan boys left home to begin school. At age 12, they began military training. They ran, jumped, swam, and threw javelins to increase their strength. Boys also learned how to endure the hardships they would later face as soldiers. Spartan girls received similar physical training, and received training in how to run a household while the men were off at war.

  5. Summary of Known InfoCont. Athens was also a great city-state. Athens had a culture that valued—at least for boys– development of the mind as well as the body. Like Spartan boys, Athenian boys learned ho to run, jump, and fight, but they also learned other skills. Boys from wealthy families were taught how to read, write, and count, as well as how to sing and play musical instruments. Most Athenians girls did not receive a good education; they were usually taught only weaving, sewing, and how to keep house.

  6. Sample Prompt All schools should provide free lunches to students even when the school is underfunded and having to cut staff.

  7. Prompt #1 All boys should be trained at an early age to be soldiers.

  8. Prompt #2 Learning how to read and write is more important than learning how to fight.

  9. Prompt #3 Girls should be taught only household tasks like weaving and sewing

  10. Prompt #4 Girls should be taught how to wrestle, jump, and throw javelin