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Craik Solar Fair 2008

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Craik Solar Fair 2008 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Craik Solar Fair 2008. Footprint Design. Vision Activities Past projects Current projects Future projects. Our Vision. Sustainability Energy Students Projects. Activities. Symposium Tours Movies Volunteer. Past Projects. Bicycle generator Biodiesel Vegetable oil Hydrogen.

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footprint design
Footprint Design



Past projects

Current projects

Future projects

our vision
Our Vision
  • Sustainability
    • Energy
    • Students
    • Projects
  • Symposium
  • Tours
  • Movies
  • Volunteer
past projects
Past Projects
  • Bicycle generator
  • Biodiesel
  • Vegetable oil
  • Hydrogen
current projects
Current Projects
  • Wind turbine
  • Photovoltaic cells
project goals
Project Goals
  • To completely hand build a wind turbine capable of producing 10 000 watts of electricity.
  • Show the world how cheap and easy it is to harness energy with zero emissions.
  • Make the U of S an example for sustainable technology
  • Take the knowledge we are learning in class and implementing it into all components of the wind turbine.
  • Produce about 8760 KWH annually enough to power one average house.
  • 70’ guyed tilt up tower.
  • Direct Drive Permanent Magnet Generator
  • Cost of materials $7000, installed with controllers and inverters ~20000$.
generator type
Axial flux permanent magnet direct drive generators.

They have 2 main components: A stator which contains wire coils and 2 rotors which contain the permanent magnets.

Generator Type


  • Each magnet produces 270 lb of force.
  • There are 32 magnets.
  • They will be held about 1” away
  • There will be 8640 lb of magnetic attracting force.
  • The coils have 220 wraps of 14 gauge wire.
  • There are 4 coils wired in series on each phase.
  • The 4/3 ratio magnets to coils gives a nice and easy 3 phase alternating current generator.
blade types
Blade Types

Laminated wood



Sheet metal


  • 10 feet long
  • 314 square foot sweep area
  • TSR (Tip Speed Ratio) of 5.5

The generator will put out wild AC power. This limits what you can do with the electricity.

power cont d
Battery Packs

Rectify to 12, 24, 48 volt dc.

You need a dump source once the batteries are full.

Can invert for use with household items.

Need controllers and batteries.

Sell to the Grid

Need inverters, and meters.

You buy electricity from SaskPowerfor 9 cents a kilowatt hour.

You get 9 cents a kWh for the electricity you produce.

Power Cont’d
economic benefits
Economic Benefits

If used properly this turbine can pay for itself in 10 years if running at 10% capacity. Turbines of this size cost $22000 to buy from a commercial dealer. We can build ours for under $7000 not including inverters.

Income= 1 KW Hr/Hr X 24 Hr/Day X 364 Days/ Year= 8736 Kw Hr/ Year X 9 cents/ Kw Hr = $786 /Year

ecological benefits
Ecological Benefits

Electricity Carbon Emission Factors 1.22 lbsCO2/kWh

Annual CO2 sequestration per forested acre 7333 lbCO2/kWh

Annual CO2 emissions for "average" passenger car 11560 lbsCO2/kWh

Saved CO2= 8736 kWh/ Year X 1.22lbs CO2/kWh=

10657.9 lbs CO2/Year

Life time CO2 Reduction is 106 tons

Equivalent to taking 18 cars off the road for a year or

Sequestration of 29 acres of forested land.

future projects
Future Projects
  • Solar heating
  • Biodigester
  • Electric vehicles
  • VRB
electric vehicles
Electric Vehicles
  • Electricity
  • Efficient
  • Independent / Distributed
  • Motorcycle
  • Small car
thank you
Thank You