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Women Help Women (WHW) Project PowerPoint Presentation
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Women Help Women (WHW) Project

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Women Help Women (WHW) Project - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Women Help Women (WHW) Project. Proposal for sustainable job creation for women in Tohoku disaster area. Global Summit of Women 2012 Doing Good and Doing Well: Social Entrepreneurship June 2, 2012 WHW Initiative Japan Haruko Nishida. 14:46 March 11, 2011 …. 14:46 March 11, 2011 ….

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Women Help Women (WHW) Project

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    1. Women Help Women (WHW) Project Proposal for sustainable job creation for women in Tohoku disaster area Global Summit of Women 2012 Doing Good and Doing Well: Social Entrepreneurship June 2, 2012 WHW Initiative Japan Haruko Nishida

    2. 14:46 March 11, 2011 …

    3. 14:46 March 11, 2011 …

    4. Women Help Women (WHW) Genesis Women Help Women (WHW)was created by GSW related Korean and Japanese women groups in order to help women and children in Tohoku disaster areas • Women Help Women Korea led by Mrs. Sung-joo Kim visited Japan last July to provide immediate relief • Women entrepreneurs of GSW Japan led by Mrs. Ann Sado formed the WHW Japan to work together • WHW Initial plan • Immediate relief: donation of 100,000 US dollars and 150,000 US dollars worth of goods • Five-year long term support with strategic planning dedicated to the recovery of Japan, especially for those women affected

    5. 2011 Women Help Women (WHW) Activity • Series of support efforts with the help of various partners • Selection of donation recipients and ensuring donation • Support of local women entrepreneurs’ recovery efforts : • With limited resource, focusing on a role model creation, WHW Japan has started to work with Oikawa Denim’s President, Hideko Oikawa and asked Mrs. Oikawa for public speeches and appear at recovery related events • Sales of WHW T-Shirts • Creation of WHW Japan web sites and communication of WHW activity to the public

    6. WHW 2011 July

    7. WHW 2011 July July July September

    8. WHW 2011 October September November October

    9. WHW web page and facebook page

    10. Next stage: long term support • Need to ensure WHW Fund to develop projects for empowering women entrepreneurs in Tohoku affected areas (especially Fukushima) • With help of global fund raising, it would be possible to create sustainable jobs for women • Initial Project scheme: • Community based job skill training program for single mothers • Micro finance fund for business start ups • Supply and sales channel creation for sustainable operation

    11. WHW Fund and Micro finance project scheme GSW group WHW Korea WHW Sweden and others WHW Japan Fund Overseas and Domestic donators, investors WHW Japan Participating organization Microfinance offering Support operation Support operation Government Subsidy Community based Job Skill Training Program for single mothers Oikawa Denim Local sewing business association WOMEN HELP WOMEN

    12. WHW Project detail Phase 1: Community based job skill training Offering 1 year job skill training with help of Oikawa Denim and a sewing business association • Oikawa Denim and a sewing business association will provide sewing skill training for single mothers • During 1 year job skill training, training recipients will be offered subsidy from a local government

    13. WHW Project detail- continued Phase 2: Business model creation Pilot business model creation by WHW • Pilot business image: • Made to order designed hospital robes creation and sales • Design competition by young designers • Procurement of cotton textiles: fair trade from Bangladesh and other developing countries • Sales strategy: domestic and overseas sales through cause marketing and utilizing GSW network’s sales channels (both online and real market places)

    14. WHW Project detail - continued Phase 3: Trainee will get micro finance fund • After completion of 1 year training, trainee would get micro finance fund to purchase a sewing machine and other necessary equipment for sewing business startup • When business starts, after a certain period of stable operation, interest and principal payment scheme would be negotiated and collection will start

    15. Global collaboration for future of women Women Help Women If the WHW project model will be successful, it will be highly likely that this scheme would be applicable to other places If we collaborate, we could transform current WHW initiative to women led global funding and business support movement

    16. Thank you. Web site: http://www.women4women.asia/ Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/womenhelpwomen#!/womenhelpwomen Contact: info@women4women.asia