multi agent systems in medicine n.
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Multi-agent Systems in Medicine

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Multi-agent Systems in Medicine - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Multi-agent Systems in Medicine
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  1. Multi-agent Systems in Medicine Štěpán Urban

  2. Content • Introduction to Multi-agent Systems (MAS) • What is an Agent? • Architecture of Agent • MAS Platforms • MAS in Medicine • System for Semantic Search in Medicine • Management of Organ Transplants • Simulation of Mitochondrial Metabolism using Multi-agents System

  3. What is an Agent? • An agent [1] is: an encapsulated computational (or physical, even human) system, that is situated in some environment, and that is capable of flexible, autonomous behaviour in order to meet its design objective.

  4. Architecture of an Agent

  5. MAS Platforms

  6. MAS Platforms • JADE - Java Agent DEvelopment Framework

  7. MAS Platforms • A-Globe

  8. Agent System forSemantic Search in Medicine • An Example of a Query given by a User

  9. OnSSA (Ontology-based SemanticSearch Agent) • An ontology-based information retrieval agent system in medicine through bio-related literature database MEDLINE • Automates systematic retrieval ofliterature in medicine by utilizingtheSemantic Web languages. • Ontology part is implemented with DAML+OIL languageand OilEd editor is used partly. • The abstracts, author, title, journal, and dateinformation of document are extracted into XML -based input file in order to evaluatethe relevancy of documents to a query given. In addition to the Semantic Weblanguages, the rest of implementation is done in Java.

  10. OnSSA – System Overview

  11. Biomedical Ontology and SearchEngines

  12. The Process of InformationRetrieval

  13. Management of Organ Transplants • Multi-agent system to help to manage the process of organtransplantswithin Spain. • Agents: • Emergency Coordinator(EC), which is the national coordinatorof the 0-emergency cases. This is the name given to those patients that arewaiting for an organ and have reached a very critical condition, in which their lifeis at high risk if the transplant is not performed in a very short period of time. • Historical Agent(HA), which receives the data of all transplantsmade in Spain. With this information it can keep historical files, elaboratestatistics, apply data mining techniques in order to gain useful knowledge, etc.

  14. Steps in the Search for an Appropriate Recipient.

  15. Simulation of Mitochondrial Metabolism using Multi-agents System • Metabolic pathways describe chains of enzymatic reactions.Their modelling is a key point to understand living systems. An enzymatic reaction is an interaction between one or several metabolites(substrates) and an enzyme (simple protein or enzymatic complex buildof several subunits) • Many ordinary differential equation models are available in the literature.They well fit experimental results on flux values inside the metabolicpathways, but many parameters are difficult to transcribe with suchmodels: localization of enzymes, rules about the reactions scheduler, etcMoreover, a model of a significant part of mitochondrial metabolismcould become very complex and contain more than 50 equations. • In this context, the multi-agents systems appear as an alternative tomodel the metabolic pathways.

  16. Mitochondria

  17. Potentials Deformations Applied to a Simple Molecule

  18. Simulation of Mitochondrial Metabolism using Multi-agents System • A: abstracted 3D structure. • B: application to a phospholipid.

  19. References • [1] Definition of an agent by Prof. Michael Wooldridge. • JADE: Java Agent Development Framework. • A-Globe: A-Globe Agent Platform. • Jung-Jin Yang, An Ontology-Based Intelligent Agent System forSemantic Search in Medicine • Antonio Moreno, Medical Applications of Multi-Agent Systems • Charles Lales, Nicolas Parisey, Jean-Pierre Mazatand MarieBeurton-Aimar • Mitochondriafrom