On What Basis Tax Depreciation Amount Calculated by Quantity
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On What Basis Tax Depreciation Amount Calculated by Quantity Surveyor ? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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On what basis tax depreciation amount calculated by quantity surveyor

On What Basis Tax Depreciation Amount Calculated by Quantity

Surveyor ?

The main function which is carried out by the quantity surveyor is to calculate the

amount at which tax depreciation benefit is to be gain by the tax payer. Various

type of standard is decided by the Australian tax office which is applicable to the

all to accept it and follow it. So quantity surveyor make use of standard method

for calculation of amount at which tax benefit can be gain by the tax payer.

Report is to be made by the quantity surveyor for the tax depreciation and given

to the tax payer. In very clear language report is been made up so that it can be

understand by the tax payer without any sort of confusion.

Tax depreciation schedule is useful to the tax payer for reduction in the price of

tax amount. In the report of tax depreciation, each and every matter is to be

described in the detail with necessary calculation work. Explanation is to be given

for the for the important calculation work which make easy for the tax payer to

clear out the concept. Several type of legal matter is involved in the process of tax

depreciation process which is essential and compulsory to followed by all. In legal

manner tax payer can able to achieve the benefit of deduction in the amount of

tax payment. The burden of tension gets reduce and satisfaction is to be felt by

the tax payer due to the reliable and trustworthy outcomes of tax depreciation