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The Taiga Forest

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The Taiga Forest - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Taiga Forest. The Taiga / Boreal Forest Information .

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the taiga boreal forest information
The Taiga / Boreal Forest Information

A taiga, also called a boreal forest or northern coniferous forest, is a cold woodland or forest. This biome spans through the northern parts of North America, Europe, and Asia. The taiga regions are usually located south of tundras and north of temperate deciduous forests .

animals in the taiga
Animals in the Taiga

Animals in the Taiga include ermines, tigers, bears , lynx and others. Some of the animals in the Taiga adapt to their environment in many ways .

Some animals migrate south and some hibernate while others just tough it out and deal with the freezing temperatures.


This biome has a population of approximately 21,400 people, and 60% are aboriginal. Major communities are Inuvik Hay River, Fort Nelson, Fort Simpson, and Fort Smith. Fishing, hunting and trapping are common activities that take place in these communities. Also, tourism, mining, oil and gas extractions and forestry are main activities which occur in this biome. Many of these human activities affect the natural systems in this ecosystem.

The human impact on the Taiga is that when they pollute the waters the fish in then absorb the poisons and then die from being poisoned by the harmful chemicals of the people on land.

The chemicals from factories are evaporated into the air and thus the acid rain, which causes the trees to rot and the shrubs to become poisonous to the little creatures that eat from them and then the birds don’t have a place to live and the land animals are even more exposed…

Human impact on the Taiga

what you can do to help
What You can do to Help!!
  • Don’t litter.
  • Car pool or take the bus
  • Remember what you do effects other people and animals in many ways.
  • Plant tress and shrubs in your local park or even in your background to help create homes for birds and other animals.

In the taiga the climate is close to the climate of the Tundra however it’s warmer ,but not by much. The snowfall is only about 1o inches in the average difference. The taiga can also be called the better side of the tundra.