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DASE Content Authoring System TVPLUSi™ Station

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DASE Content Authoring System TVPLUSi™ Station - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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DASE Content Authoring System TVPLUSi™ Station. Deok-jung Kim Aircode djkim@aircode.com. Contents. DASE Application vs. Internet Application What’s possible with DASE Dynamic Content: The Real World Set-Top-Box: the other half Resource needed for DASE Applications Cost Effectiveness

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Presentation Transcript
dase content authoring system tvplusi station

DASE ContentAuthoring SystemTVPLUSi™ Station

Deok-jung Kim



  • DASE Application vs. Internet Application
  • What’s possible withDASE
  • Dynamic Content: The Real World
  • Set-Top-Box: the other half
  • Resource needed for DASE Applications
  • Cost Effectiveness
  • DASE Experience

CDTV: ATSC Seminar

itv dase vs internet
iTV (DASE) vs. Internet
  • TV is relax media but PC is intensive media
  • Internet always online, TV is broadcast defined
  • Internet (PC) Application runs on more powerful H/W then DTV
  • DASE: 1 page browser, Internet: scrollable.

CDTV: ATSC Seminar

what s possible with dase
What’s possible with DASE
  • Program dependent data service:
    • Contents and applications selected to maximize relevancy and compelling complement to A/V content
    • Example: Music, Drama

CDTV: ATSC Seminar

what s possible with dase1
What’s possible with DASE
  • Program dependent data service :
    • Example: Quiz, Sports

CDTV: ATSC Seminar

what s possible with dase2
What’s possible with DASE
  • Program independent data service with A/V
    • Normal DTV program will include data services.
    • Weather Service, Stock Service, etc.

CDTV: ATSC Seminar

what s possible with dase3
What’s possible with DASE
  • Data-only Virtual Channel without A/V
    • Low cost ; no A/V
    • Needs to be highly attractive and useful
    • Example: Education, Game

CDTV: ATSC Seminar

what s possible with dase4
What’s possible with DASE
  • Data-only Virtual Channel with out A/V
    • Example: Game, Weather, Traffic, etc.

CDTV: ATSC Seminar

dynamic content the real world
Dynamic Content: The Real World
  • Dynamic data delivery protocol in DASE Specification
    • Addressable section
    • Carousel update
    • Stream event
  • Application must be able to handle dynamic data
  • Dynamic data pushing system
  • Data Gathering from 3rd data source
    • Various database formats
  • Testing/Verifying System and Environment

CDTV: ATSC Seminar

consideration of set top box
Consideration of Set-Top-Box
  • Environment Limitations
    • CPU power: 200MIPS – Pentium, 100Mhz; Memory
    • Middleware optimization
  • Font - unpredictable layout concerns
    • Metrics
    • Screen resolution (DPI): 72DPI – 1:1 Pixel/pt, optimized resolution
    • Outline font
  • Content Size
    • Images and Text data
    • STB available memory
    • Bandwidth: range 1Mbps ~ 500kbps
  • Color depth and color palette: safe zone: 256. Compelling content need > 16bit color
  • Remote control
    • Color button order
    • Navigation: Direction Key , Pointing device (mouse type)
  • Overlap policy of translucent with AWT Graphic and Image

CDTV: ATSC Seminar

resources for dase application
Resources for DASE Application
  • Human resources
    • Content producer
    • XDML Programmer, Java Programmer
    • Designer
    • DB Engineer
    • System Engineer
  • Equipments
    • Graphic tool
    • Programming tool
    • Head-end Server System (PSIP,MUX,REMUX,Modulator…etc. )
  • Content Providers
    • Various DBMS and DB Schema
    • DB or System Engineer

CDTV: ATSC Seminar

typical head end system
Typical Head-end system

KBS Head-end System

CDTV: ATSC Seminar

cost effectiveness
Cost Effectiveness
  • Authoring tool
    • For Non-engineers: Designers, non Java/XDML programming ability
    • Re-usability
    • Quick to make DASE Application
    • No education cost. For DASE and Java, XML…
  • Testing Head-end System: verifier
    • Simple : low cost broadcasting equipment
    • Easy to use : no system engineer
    • Immediately inject data and cast to STB for reduce testing time and effort.
  • Dynamic content connection with Content Provider : DCS
    • Universal dynamic content server
    • XML, DB, Text format data input
    • Various DB connectivity
    • Easy to use : no system engineer need.

CDTV: ATSC Seminar

tvplusi station
TVPLUSi™ Station

CDTV: ATSC Seminar

tvplusi author
TVPLUSi™ Author
  • Designed for designers
  • Market tested in rigors of actual deployment
  • Support for real-time content: Key benefit in World Cup, Asian Game
  • Features
    • Easy-to-use graphics user interface (GUI)
    • Import images created by popular 3rd party tools
    • Color preview simulation allows view of content’s color as it will appear on client STB
    • ‘master page’ that can lessen workload
    • ‘widget’ makes modifying contents easier than ever
    • Convenient TV resizing to place Audio Visual anywhere

CDTV: ATSC Seminar

tvplusi author1
TVPLUSi™ Author
  • Default library of images
  • Preview simulator
  • Code generation
    • output format : source code, not only byte code
  • Optimization: Code, graphic, palette
  • Automatic ‘same image scan’ optimize content size
  • Automatic AWT graphic generation reduces graphic size
  • In-house vector drawing graphic engine
  • Automatic control of MPEG2 i-frame
  • Hardware Abstract Layer ( different STB H/W)
  • Built-in real-time data encapsulation
    • Real time application data update interoperate with Aircode’s dynamic content server

CDTV: ATSC Seminar

tvplusi verifier
TVPLUSi™ Verifier
  • Portable all-in-one system capable of transmission and STB interoperability testing of iTV contents that integrate data broadcasting system and digital broadcasting system
  • Proven in market as indispensably effective tool to verify content before live broadcast
  • Features(in case of ATSC-DASE)
    • Generate PSIP/SDF
    • Inject data carousel, addressable section encoded data into Mux or ReMux
    • Pump MPEG-2 SPTS, MPTS
    • Embedded DASE data encoder
    • SMPTE-310M TS output
    • Digital Video Storage: > 20GB Ultra DMA
    • PCI type 8VSB Modulator

CDTV: ATSC Seminar

tvplusi dcs
  • Real-time application server
  • Provides input gathering and editing interface for multi content provider’s data
  • Provides dynamic contents transformation through synchronizing with various external format(DB,XML,Text…)
  • Provides minimized and practical real-time service situation by enhancing with TVPLUS i ™ Verifier
  • Input format
    • DB(Oracle, Sybase,..ODBC), Text file, XML, AAT(TVPLUS i™ Author)
  • Output format: text, XML
  • Output : TVPLUS i™ Verifier, TVPLUS i™ Server

CDTV: ATSC Seminar

dase experience
DASE Experience
  • 2002 World Cup

Background image

AV area

Contents area

Navigation Menu

  • Top menu
  • Full screen
  • Exit

Service Menu


World Cup news



Data broadcast Info.

Kid’s game


CDTV: ATSC Seminar

dase experience1
DASE Experience
  • 2002 Asian Game




Menu: Today schedule, Ranking, Asian Game Info., News

using color button.

CDTV: ATSC Seminar

dase experience2
DASE Experience
  • SBS weather, news, stock, traffic service



Sub menu:

Local Selection

Date & Clock

Main Manu : National weather, local weather, Laser weather, top menu

CDTV: ATSC Seminar

thank you
Thank you
  • Questions?
    • Contact: DeokJung Kim
    • Email: djkim@aircode.com

CDTV: ATSC Seminar