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CIS 890

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CIS 890 . Independent Study of Ontologies. Basic Goals. Study basic concepts in Ontologies Implementing out an Ontology on a tool for Ontologies To cover the vast breadth of topics influenced by Ontologies. Purpose of Learning Ontologies.

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cis 890

CIS 890

Independent Study of Ontologies

basic goals
Basic Goals
  • Study basic concepts in Ontologies
  • Implementing out an Ontology on a tool for Ontologies
  • To cover the vast breadth of topics influenced by Ontologies
purpose of learning ontologies
Purpose of Learning Ontologies
  • Share an understanding of the structure of information among people and software.
  • Enable reuse of knowledge.
  • Formal analysis of the terms and the domain as a whole.
  • Make explicit domain assumptions underlying an implementation
  • Differentiate between domain knowledge and operational knowledge using any domain ontology
formal definition of ontologies
Formal Definition of Ontologies
  • General
    • Ontology is the study of a concept in reality and the nature of any being.
ontology basics
Ontology Basics
  • Individuals
  • Classes (concepts)
  • Partitions
  • Attributes
  • Relationships
ontology tools
Ontology Tools
  • Protégé
  • Loom
  • OOP’s Ontology in Protégé

-- Understanding Software Engineering

-- Understanding the usability of Ontology Tools( Protégé Specifically )

-- Understanding the various objects in Ontologies and Ontology tools ( specifically Protégé)

ontologies in software engineering
Ontologies in Software Engineering
  • Basic Purpose
    • Investigate the relationship between UML diagrams and Ontologies in Software Development.
    • Investigate the existence of any Software model describing framework to transform Ontology grammar to UML
ontologies as software artifacts
Ontologies as Software Artifacts
  • Basic Purpose
    • Study the use of Ontologies as Software Artifacts at development time for the analysis, design, verification, validation of software
cost complexity of ontologies
Cost & Complexity of Ontologies
  • Basic Purpose
    • Investigate different cost models
      • Check if there are similarities in the Cost models presently available
    • Investigate any complexity rules for Ontologies
      • Check if there are similarities and differences in complexity model presently available
impact of modern ai on ontologies
Impact of Modern AI on Ontologies
  • Basic Purpose
    • Learn more about Ontology Agents
      • Check to see how they are related to Aritificial Intelligence
  • Ontology Agent Technologies include:
    • ontology-based semantic webs
    • ontology-based information retrieval systems
    • adaptive and ontology-based expert systems and expert agents
  • Different Ontology Agent tools
    • OntoSeek
    • Text-To-Onto
ontologies in data mining
Ontologies in Data Mining
  • Basic Purpose
    • Focus on learning the use of Ontologies in the field of Data Mining
    • Looked at some example projects to check the work flow of the use of Ontologies for Data Mining
ontologies in specific fields
Ontologies in Specific fields
  • Bio-informatics
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Life Sciences
  • Food Science
  • Strengthened the understanding of basic concept of Ontologies.
  • Ventured into unknown territory to read more about application of Ontologies in Software engineering and to undertsand cost and complexity models.
  • Learnt the work flow in the use of Ontologies for Data Mining.