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35 AC Registration

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35 AC Registration - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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In India, registration of company is regulated by Company Act India; various law offices, company solicitors and company agents are working in term of providing company services to those business clients who want an establishment in particular region.

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35AC Registration - A fundraising tool for NGOs

Section 35 AC of the Income Tax Act, 1961, is one of the key provision which is relevant for

raising funds and resources for NGO’s if understood and used effectively.

The objective of Section 35 AC is to encourage business organizations to contribute more in

social and economic welfare and upliftment of general public. With the increased emphasis on

the corporate social responsibility in the corporate sector and ostentatious display of charity by

people like Bill Gates and Warren Buffet, the contribution in the monetary term by the corporate

sector in India towards socially relevant project cannot be undermined.

NGO’s involved in eligible projects notified by the Central Government for promoting the social

and economic welfare can raise resources for eligible project from corporate sector and fulfil

their objective of development.

Corporates simultaneously can fulfil their corporate social responsibility aspect of the business

by contributing towards the eligible projects and gain by availing deduction under Section 35

AC. Thus Section 35 AC can be used as an effective tool of fund raising by the NGO’s. It can

also lead to a mutually beneficial relationship between NGOs and the Corporate Sector.


Section 35 AC provides that where a person or company incurs any expenditure by way of

payments of any sum to :

 A public sector company or;

 A local authority or;

 To an association or institution approved by the National Committee

For carrying out any eligible project or scheme for promoting the social and economic welfare of

the public as the Central Government may specify, then the amount so paid shall be allowed as

deduction from the business income of the assessee/contributor of such amount. In view of

W-86, Classic House, GK-II, New Delhi-110048

T: +91 11 40573261 Email:


NGO’s, the approved association or institution by National Committee can raise funds for their

approved from the eligible persons and donors can avail the benefits of tax deductions

Eligible persons to make contributions

Persons eligible to make contributions include:

 An individual;

 A Hindu Undivided Family;

 A Company;

 A Firm;

 An Association of persons or Body of Individuals, whether incorporated or not;

 A Local authority;

 Every artificial juridical person not falling within any of the preceding sub-clauses.

The Section 35AC of the Income Tax Act, 1961 allows deduction from the income of the

assessee on payments made to eligible organizations and the donors will get this benefit. To

avail deduction under Section 35AC, all assessee other than companies should make payment

to outside agencies only, whereas companies have the option of either making payment to

outside agencies or they can incur expenditure themselves.

Procedure for making an application for approval of a project or scheme by the National


In case an applicant wishes to include a project or scheme for promoting the social and

economic welfare of public or uplift of the public as ‘Eligible Project or Scheme’, then an

application has to be made to National Committee which should contain the following particulars

and be accompanied with relevant documents:

 Title of project or scheme, date of commencement, duration and likely date of


W-86, Classic House, GK-II, New Delhi-110048

T: +91 11 40573261 Email:


 Estimated cost of project or scheme duly supported by a copy of the resolution of the

Managing Committee of the applicant;

 Classes of persons who are likely to be benefited from the project or scheme;

 Affirmation that no benefit from the project or scheme, other than remuneration or

honorarium for whole time or part-time work done or for reimbursement of actual

expenses related to the project will accrue to the persons managing the affairs of the

association or institution

The eligible projects include:


Family Welfare and immunization


Tree plantation


Social Forestry


Development of Irrigation Resources


Rural Sanitation - Construction of low cost latrines


Medical camps in rural areas


Rural Health Programs


Land development and recovering of waste land with special concern on ecological



Soil and water conservation including harvesting of run off water


Non formal education and literacy, especially for children and women


Rural and non farm activities.


Creation of employment opportunities for urban and rural population living below the

poverty line.

W-86, Classic House, GK-II, New Delhi-110048

T: +91 11 40573261 Email:



Supportive services for women to engage in productive work (Children care of working



Leprosy eradication


Promotion of sports


Construction of dwelling units for the economically weaker sections


Construction of school building for children belonging to the economically weaker

sections of the society


Establishment and running of non-conventional and renewable sources of energy


Any other program for uplift of the rural poor or the urban slum dwellers.

Working structure for approval of 35 AC registration

W-86, Classic House, GK-II, New Delhi-110048

T: +91 11 40573261 Email:


Documents requisite:

a. Bye Laws of NGO

b. Copy of Registration Certificate;

c. Copy of resolution with date & seal of the NGO, passed by the Board to

undertake the work under S.35 AC of the IT Act;

d. A brief note on Proposed Project;

e. Brief note on past activities & credentials of Management with details of

experience in activities similar to the object of proposed project;


Information regarding availability of land/infrastructure to execute the project

/land documents to be enclosed;

g. Expenditure incurred as on date on the proposed project;

h. Blue prints along with professional cost estimates in support of construction



Income criteria for selection of beneficiaries/services to poor/weaker section of

the society;


Information regarding recognition of school/training etc. from the concerned

education/technical board;

k. Details









accomplishments/achievements etc.;


Annual Reports & Audited Balance Sheets for last 3 financial years;

m. Activity Reports of last 3 years;

n. Approval under Section 12 A & 80G of IT Act;

W-86, Classic House, GK-II, New Delhi-110048

T: +91 11 40573261 Email:


o. Approval under FCRA, if any


Our article is based on the laws of India as on date. The laws and Rules mentioned herein are

subject to changes from time to time and any such changes may affect the article. We have no

responsibility to update our note for events and circumstances occurring after the date of this

memorandum, unless specifically requested for.

We do not, in giving this article, accept or assume responsibility for any other purpose or to any

other person to whom this memorandum is shown or in whose hands it may come unless

expressly agreed by us in writing.

W-86, Classic House, GK-II, New Delhi-110048

T: +91 11 40573261 Email: