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Genius Hour…

Genius Hour…. Mr. Rieger – Deshaye Catholic. Brace Yourselves. You may want to sit down for this!. What If…. You could learn about anything that interested you?. Welcome to Genius Hour!. What is Genius Hour?. The world needs you. Stop being boring!. Boring is easy. It’s time to

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Genius Hour…

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  1. Genius Hour… Mr. Rieger– Deshaye Catholic

  2. Brace Yourselves

  3. You may want to sit down for this!

  4. What If…

  5. You could learn about anything that interested you?

  6. Welcome to Genius Hour!

  7. What is Genius Hour? The world needs you. Stop being boring! Boring is easy. It’s time to DO SOMETHIN’ • We were made to be awesome.

  8. What is Genius Hour? • Genius Hour is a time for you to learn about what interests YOU! • How will you Inspire others?

  9. Find Your Passion!

  10. Ask Yourself… • What do I want to learn more about? • What am I passionate about? • What makes me wonder?

  11. How does it work? • You can learn about anything you want! Any topic, any subject, any area. You Choose! • You will select something you are passionate about or want to learn about. • Formulate a question….ex. How to throw like a NFL quarterback, How does coding work? How can I create my own website?, How does technology affect the human body? • Your project needs to “have legs” – Cannot be something that can be answered by a quick google search. Needs to involve research, experiments, effort!

  12. How does it work? • You will have one period each week to work on your Genius Hour Project. • To keep me and your peers informed on your progress, you will also be tasked with writing a detailed blog post on your progress every second Monday. • Sometime in early December, you will share what you learned about your topic with our class.

  13. Okay Sounds G…Wait Sharing??? • Yes! You have to share. You will share your project with others. You will present what you have learned or created with your peers at the beginning of December. • What your sharing looks like will be up to you ex. Ted Talks, Power Point, Videos, Collage, Demonstration, Model etc.

  14. Wait…Say that again…How long do we have? • You will be starting your project next week and will have one class period each week to work on it. • You may choose to work on your project out of class as well, which is awesome! • We will be shooting for an early December end date for this project. • Don’t be sad! If this goes well, we will definitely be doing it again after Christmas!

  15. How will I be marked? • The whole focus of Genius Hour is on your personal journey of learning. You control your educational learning! This means that the end product will not be graded • Instead, you will be marked on your daily effort and your progress through your bi-weekly Blog Posts • You will also be given a mark each class based on your on-task behaviour in class. • All the responsibility is on you…

  16. So really…There is only one question left…

  17. What will YOU do that will make the world AWESOME?

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