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Unit 3

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Unit 3. Unit3 vocabulary. 一 . 要求 1.  将生活及文中的名胜和交通方式结合运用 . 2.  单词 1. maple 2. leaf ---- leaves 3. beauty 词组 1. maple leaves 2 take a look at …

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unit 3

Unit 3

Unit3 vocabulary



  • 1. 将生活及文中的名胜和交通方式结合运用.
  • 2. 

单词1. maple 2. leaf ---- leaves 3. beauty

词组1. maple leaves 2 take a look at …

  • 3. in the past 4 the beauty of the old park 5 .go by bus = take a bus 6 go by underground = take the underground 7 go by taxi = take a taxi 8 go by bike = ride a bike / bicycle

句子1. It takes more than an hour.

  • 2. Learn more about old Beijing.
  • 3. Take a look at the things people used in the past.
how can we get there
How can we get there?

We can ______________ there

take a bus/taxi

  • Milu deer Reservation
  • It lies in the south of Yancheng.
  • The air here is clean

because of less pollution

  • Many visitors visit here

every year

how can we get there1
How can we get there?

by bus/taxi.

We can go there __________

  • Da Zhonghu Tower
  • It lies in the west of Yancheng
  • You can enjoy the beautiful senerary
how can we get to
How can we get to …?
  • We can get to the city center by bike/on foot.
  • We can go to school by bike /on foot.

1.Granny is ill, we’d better take her to the hospital by _____2. Most of people go to work by _______ because it’s cheap , But sometimes there are so many people on it .3.Mr Jones’ company is on the other side of the river , so he has to go to work by _______.6. We often go to other cities nearby by ______ on the highway.7. My aunt lives in Australia . She will come to see us by________/_____ next week.








Laoshe Tea House
  • Drink special Beijing tea
  • Enjoy Beijing opera
the fragrant hills
The Fragrant Hills
  • Hike the hills
  • Enjoy the red maple leaves in autumn
the palace museum
The Palace Museum
  • It shows many great things people used in the past
  • It has many wonderful pictures (Qingming shanghe)
the summer palace
The Summer Palace
  • The emperors spent time there in summer
  • You can enjoy the beauty of kunming Lake
tian anmen square
Tian’anmen square
  • It’s the greatest square in China
  • The monument to people’s heroes is in the center of the square.
wangfujing street
Wangfujing street
  • It’s a famous street in Beijing
  • It has many shops and hotels
finish part a
Finish Part A

How can we get to these places from Yancheng?

  • It will cost too much money to fly to Beijing.
  • But it will take less time.

We can get there by air/ train

How can Linda and Kitty get to these places?Finish Part B


By underground

by coach

  • 1.A: They will visit the Palace Museum this afternoon.

B: How will they get there? _______________ (乘地铁)?

A: No, They will go there __________ ( 乘旅游汽车).

2.A: let’s go and see the Monument to the People’s heroes, shall we?

B: That sounds great .Shall we go there ______ (坐出租车)?

A: I think we can __________________ ( 乘地铁).If we ___________( 坐出租车) there, that will cost us a lot.

3. A: It’s Sunday tomorrow. I will stay at home and do some reading. What about you ?

B: I am going to the Fragrant Hill with my parents to see ________________(红色枫叶)

A: What a great fun day!

B: You may go with us if you like . My father will _______________(开车去)

by taxi

take the underground

take a taxi

red maple leaves

go there by car


Thank you for

joining us!