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PSUG-Vegas 2013 COMMON CORE COMMON CONCERNS - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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  1. PSUG-Vegas 2013COMMON CORE COMMON CONCERNS Bob Cornacchioli DERO Technical Services CEO

  2. CEO - DERO Technical ServicesEvangelist/Process Lead- Level DataMarketing/ - ParkBench Software • Trainer • Director of Technology and Media Services – Shrewsbury Public Schools (16 yrs)PowerSchool Administrator ( 6 yrs) Bob Cornacchioli

  3. CURRICULUM/ADMIN & TECHNICAL DRAW A LINE IN THE SAND Collaborate and learn the constraints/desires

  4. When did this movement start? When: 2009 Where: Chicago Who: Governor's and State Superintendents Sanctioned by: Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO) and National Governors Association (NGA) CCSSO Contact: Margaret Reed Miller: Senior Programmer Ph: 202 -336-7032 eMail: Standards were not written federal dollar! Funded by public and private grants

  5. Why is this important? Currently, every state has its own set of academic standards*, meaning public education students in each state are learning to different levels All students must be prepared to compete with not only their American peers in the next state, but with students from around the world *CCSSO has not suggested a common rubric!

  6. When did your state adopted Common Core? States had a 90% compliance adoption policy.

  7. Let the Confusion Begin! Race to the Top: Schools must demonstrate College and Career Ready Standards Common Core: Preparing America’s Students for College and Career. • Race to the Top- Qualifying points • Developing and adopting common standards (from the Common Core State Standards Initiative (40 points) • Fed Gov – provided states with $$$$ to • create common assessment Don’t Think Just Adopt!

  8. District Struggle with… Communications to Stakeholders Curriculum Review/Changes New and Old Assessments Instructional Practices Grading Practices CCSS-Curriculum-Assessments and the number of on standard on each Report Cards

  9. Illinois Standards Task Force - 5 Steps to Success Kathy Dinger, Former Director of Curriculum and Instruction, Libertyville D70, Libertyville, Illinois

  10. Ohio | Department of Education

  11. Ohio DoE Transition Timeline • Transition: • Teacher development • Local curriculum revision • Assessment development • 2011 - 2014 State Board Adopted Standards June, 2010 State Board Adopted Model Curriculum March, 2011 Transition Complete June, 2014 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014

  12. Does Your State have a CC Roadmap? California


  14. What is your state saying/doing?

  15. SAMPLE May 3,2013 – Standards Finalized-uploaded to Google Docs May 8,2013 – Onsite development of preK-5 SBRC May 30, 2013 Onsite training of Vanguard Teachers

  16. Let’s Change to Standards… At every crossway on the road that leads to the future each progressive spirit is opposed by a thousand men appointed to guard the past - Maeterlinck

  17. Grading Practices Most districts sets the curriculum… but do teachers use the strategies for grading? Is achievement inflating or deflating grades due to behaviors?

  18. Ken O’Connor – aka The Grading Doctor! Have you addressed the proper techniques in determining a standards based grade?Ken’s Repair Kit for Grading would be excellent PD or Faculty Meeting discussions. PowerTeacher Gradebook has been designed with these principles.

  19. 15 FIXES for BROKEN GRADES If any of your teachers: They’d benefit from discussing this book! include student behavior in grades reduce marks for "work" submitted late give points for extra credit or use bonus points consider attendance in grade determination assign grades by comparing students to each other rely on evidence from poor-quality assessments rely simply on averages use the zero for missing evidence or punishment summarize evidence accumulated over time leave students out of the grading process

  20. GRADING PRACTICES Fix #14 – Tendency vs Average The most recent score for all is a 4! If at first you don’t succeed, skydiving may not be for you! Tendency Trends Average Mastery

  21. Setting Expectations Since CC didn’t tell us what to use, what will your district be using? What does a 4 or a C really mean? With K-5 teachers at each of your Grade Level With teachers at each of your Schools With teachers in the DistrictWhat does it mean for next placement? With teachers in your state/other states? Common Core doesn’t recommend performance indicators.

  22. Common Core Common Concerns • Has your DOE told you what… • standards to use? • scale to use on assessments? • to report to parents? • they will want from your district?

  23. SOME OR ALL of these ELA Standards

  24. SOME OR ALL of these MA Standards After ELA and Math- what are we doing for all other subjects?

  25. Collaborative Cherry Picking √ √ √ √ √

  26. Download Common Core ID 65502

  27. PowerSource Common Core StandardsID 7337 Identifiers- Your Courses, Your Conversion Scales

  28. Consider a user friendly schema for standard identifiers Removing a,b,c will save time- import template and report cards

  29. Other “Standards” Sites! VISUAL ARTS SCIENCE WORLD LANGUAGE Are we using those that you created last year? What about Specials?

  30. Anticipate these questions???? #1 - What does a “3” look like for my average student? #2 – How do I grade my special needs students who are working to capacity but don’t meet the descriptor of a “3”? #3 – Do “Gifted” students use the same scale? #4 – WOW, comments took me forever to write, do you have any strategies to save me time? (based on your 4,3,2,1 scale) Does your state have a recommended scale?

  31. What are other districts doing? Essential Questions: • What is (or will) YOUR DOE require you to report? • If you aren’t using all CC standards… • Consider Anchor Headings (Language of CC ) • Teachers “cherry pick” list** • ** Consider limiting #’s of standards by Grade Level Clustering K-2, 3-5 (two templates) • Standards for other subjects • Standards for Specialists – if yes – set limit (3-5) • Standards for Essential Skills for Learning/Habits of Mind (21st Century Effort)

  32. Technical Gradebook Settings School Usage Settings • Assignments with Standards • Enabling Push Assignment Scores to Standards • (Grade and Conversion Scale settings) • Auto-Calculate Higher Standards (List Parents) • Standards Calculations • Mean* (Average), Median, Mode, Highest, Most Recent, None (*by default last 3 scores)

  33. What’s Next… Common Core Standards Common Assessments

  34. Common Assessment 2014-2015 • RACE to the TOP - $360 Million to create national common assessments that will replace state testing. • 50% of the state are aligned with each organization with National Online Exams (ELA/MATH) coming soon! • 3 other organizations received $$$$ to create assessments

  35. National Testing • ELA – strong emphasis on ability to read complex texts, conduct electronic searches, evaluate sources, draw evidence from them and craft well supported written arguments. • MATH – reduce number of topics taught, promote greater depth and mastery of core skills, solid foundation of algebra, geometry, statistics and modeling while applying skills in solving complex real-world problems.

  36. What will online – national assessments mean for you? • Devices and School Surveys • Organizations and User Accounts • Batch Imports

  37. During your transition… Let teachers and parents know that there are more similarities with CC and your curriculum than differences! Implement a balanced instructional program as it will support the transition Continue to use quality assessments to inform and drive effective instruction Provide opportunities for teachers to collaborate and plan THINK – PAIR – SHARE

  38. Compare your existing standards to Common Core

  39. Upcoming Summits: 10/2-4/13 Schnecksville, PA Ifyoudidn‘tattend a PSU! three-day, regional workshop for 2* Administrator track - technical folks Curriculum track – PD & best practice $300 per day - $2400 Go to PowerSource to secure seats! If those schools can host one, why can’t you!

  40. Recommended Next Steps Common Core are guidelines and should be partnered with your curriculum Consider attending Pearson’s Common Core Summit Reflect on today and share with other administrators Draft an Implementation Plan including communication to all stakeholders, professional development & budget Decide to what extent you will involve staff? Select your ELA/Math Standards. Create draft of the SBRC before summer.

  41. Questions & Comments Bob CornacchioliDERO Technical Services