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Entire software allocations system entirehr

Entire Software Allocations System – entireHR

EntireHR allocations was designed to be a fully live always on cloud based shift booking and

rostering system. Using the power of the club entireHR bookings instantly syncs interactions

between as many users as required. Created specifically for the on-hire and Agency Industry, for

casual labour it doesn’t matter how many users access the system at once. This is thanks to the

cloud powered technology of the entireHR booking system.

entireHR bookings and allocations is all stored in the one, cloud web database, not on separate

servers or RDP connections. This means it is extremely fast, fluid and 100% accountable as every

single interaction can be tracked by any and all users making it extremely valuable in todays

requirements for constant accountability and transparency.

entireHR allocations uses incredibly powerful, unique and patented mobile apps as a core

component of the allocations process. Not just an add on to the bookings system, the Android and

Apple apps have been created to greatly assist any allocations or bookings team in instantly filling

personnel and staff into shifts. Other Agency and On-hire Rostering systems only allow your internal

staff to source bookings and fill shifts.

However with entireHR’s awesome Mobile Apps, both your clients and your external staff can also

search, view and accept shifts directly through their mobile devices or their Computer and Tablet

logins. These logins are extremely secure, can be used across multiple facilities and industries whilst

still ensuring that only the personnel properly qualified for that shift is ever able to be booked. Be

empowering your staff and your clients to confirm and accept shift bookings suddenly your

company’s ability to fill shifts quickly will sky rocket, giving you a huge competitive advantage in your


This makes entireHR a proactive bookings system, created to give Agency allocations staff powerful

tools to greatly increase their productivity. This focus on your staff’s efficiency means businesses

save money every single day in overheads. In addition to this, your personnel stock will improve, as

every external staff member can update their availability for an entire month in a matter of seconds.

This means your allocators never need to miss a call or lose the opportunity to fill a shift again, as

the phone will never get missed. This greatly improves your profits and you can double the amount

of shifts you fill, simply by knowing the true number of people and how is available to work a shift.

Case studies have shown the amazing ability of entireHR to transform a business, suddenly it is

possible to become a 100% paperless cloud booking agency. Fill shifts instantly without ever picking

up the phone, be paid for it and see your staff and clients thank you for making their lives easier. All

possible with the entireHR allocations and booking system.

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Entire Software Company in Australia provides Custom, Offshore, Mobile App and Web application

development services. Please contact entireHR-on hire hr software for recruitment process, to

booking shifts, payroll and invoicing.