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INOX. Vandal-proof INOX Slim metal keypad Illuminated metal keys IP67. MULLION PERIPHERAL KEYPAD IN VANDAL PROOF HOUSING. host (controller). communication. INOX99. Standalone vandal-proof keypad. Same model...different version Independent functioning. Inox99. Inox.

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  1. INOX • Vandal-proof INOX • Slim metal keypad • Illuminated metal keys • IP67 MULLION PERIPHERAL KEYPAD IN VANDAL PROOF HOUSING host (controller) communication

  2. INOX99 Standalone vandal-proof keypad • Same model...different version • Independent functioning Inox99 Inox

  3. INOX FEATURES • Multi protocol peripheral unit (WEIGAND 26-bit/30-bit, DATA/CLOCK, CODIX) • Powered from the Master unit itself Host (controller) command Powersupply WEIGAND communication CODIX communication INOX command Entering code 1 to 8 digits

  4. INOX99 FEATURES • Standalone vandal-proof keypad with backlit metallic keys • Output 1: Relay 2A Output 2: transistor 250mA - pulse (01 to 99 sec) or - latch (00 sec) • Exit button • 99 user memory - codes 1 to 8 digits • EEPROM • (3-wire) CODIX bus Finger touch opens door command open door INOX 99 Output 1 Output 2 Command1-code open door Command2-code activate alarm

  5. Start Enter ‘Master Code’ OR ‘000’ (if first time use) Programming Block diagram Validate by pressing (B) NO Validation OK? Multiple small beeps + Yellow LED blinks rapidly YES 1 small beep + 1 long beep + Yellow LED is ‘On’ Assign a user code Press (0) + Memory position from 01 to 99 Change Master code Press (0) + Memory Position (00) Assign Output Press (3) + Memory position from (01 to 99) + Press (1) for relay OR Press (2) for transistor OR Press (12) for both Set output timer Pulsed Mode (01 to 99 sec) Relay (2A): Press (1) + (from 01 to 99) Transistor: Press (2) + (from 01 to 99) OR Latch Mode (ON/OFF) Press (1) or (2) and (00) Delete Single Code Press (9) + Memory position from (01 to 99) Delete All Codes Press (8) + (99) Proximity reader Keypad reader Enter new code (1 to 8 digits) Press A to validate Present Card/Tag before the Reader NO Validation OK? YES NO Quit programming YES Press B ( yellow LED is ‘OFF’ ) End

  6. COMMON FEATURES Sound (buzzer) indication • Indoor/outdoor installation • 2x6 matrix keyboard • Resin potted • Vandal-resistant • Dust and water-proof • Invalid code lockout feature • Tamper protected • Backlit keys with automatic illumination control (photo sensor) • Yellow LED and buzzer for programming and status indication • 2 Free tension LED’s (Green and Red) Command 2 (activate alarm) Command (open door) programming

  7. PRODUCT PREFERENCES INOX/INOX99 available in (colors): • INOX-B powder coated white • INOX-C gray • INOX-G matt chrome INOX-B INOX-C INOX-G

  8. WHERE CAN INOX BE USED? • Homes • Buildings • Various business environments • Hospitals • Hotels and warehouses • Restaurants • … Inox in slim and narrow housing is suitable for doorframe mounting

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