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homeopathy treatment for bronchitis n.
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homeopathy for bronchits PowerPoint Presentation
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homeopathy for bronchits

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homeopathy for bronchits
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homeopathy for bronchits

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  1. Homeopathy treatment for Bronchitis

  2. Keep Bronchitis at Bay the Homeopathy Way Bronchitis is a condition where bronchial passages – part of the respiratory system leading to the lungs – are inflamed. The inflammation could be caused by a bacteria or a virus and is called acute bronchitis. It usually appears after a respiratory infection. Or, it could be caused by an irritation to the bronchial tubes over a period of time in which case it is called chronic bronchitis. Sometimes acute bronchitis may become chronic if not adequately treated or other maintaining factors are present. Symptoms of Acute Bronchitis During bouts of cold or flu the symptoms begin to appear. Firstly in the upper airways: discharge of mucus from the sinuses, burning in the throat, a general feeling of ill health and a slight rise in body temperature. A dry cough may kick off bronchitis and may be followed in a few hours or days by the production of small amounts of white or even yellow sputum. There may be discomfort in the main airways as well – trachea and long bronchi accompanied by more coughing or wheezing. Symptoms of Chronic Bronchitis For chronic bronchitis symptoms are not immediately obvious. They include: chronic cough producing mucus which grows stronger and more frequent, shortness of breath especially during exercise and chest pain. Treatment Conventionally acute bronchitis is usually treated with antibiotics and chronic bronchitis often by cough suppressants, expectorants, bronchodilators, antihistamines and steroids.