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Welcome to Graduate Studies at McGill

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Welcome to Graduate Studies at McGill - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Welcome to Graduate Studies at McGill. ORIENTATION 2012 August 30th, 2:00 pm Prof. Martin Kreiswirth , Dean & Associate Provost, Graduate Education Prof. Arun K. Misra, Chair Dept. of Mechanical Engineering Prof. Luc Mongeau, Graduate Program Director Dept. of Mechanical Engineering.

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Welcome to Graduate Studies at McGill

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    1. Welcome to Graduate Studiesat McGill ORIENTATION 2012 August 30th, 2:00 pm Prof. Martin Kreiswirth, Dean & Associate Provost, Graduate Education Prof. Arun K. Misra, Chair Dept. of Mechanical Engineering Prof. Luc Mongeau, Graduate Program Director Dept. of Mechanical Engineering

    2. AGENDA • Chair’s Welcome Remarks – A.K. Misra (2:00 – 2:10) • Introduction to the Graduate Program A.K. Misra (2:10 – 2:25) • GPS Guidelines – A.K. Misra (2:25 – 2:30) • M.Eng. Aerospace Program – P. Hubert (2:30 – 2:45) • Fellowships and Awards – S. Nadarajah (2:45 – 3:05) • Schulich Library – Nikki Tummon(3:05 – 3:20) • CaPS – S. Molnar (3:20 – 3:35) • Graduate Student Association – G-P. Picher-Martel (3:35 – 3:50) • AGSEM – Mahdi Arian Nik(3:50 – 4:00) (Association of Grad Students Employed at McGill) • PGSS - Jonathan Mooney (4:00 – 4:10) • Question Period – Open (4:10 – 4:20) • Reception (4:30)

    3. Your Graduate Department • Graduate Program Director Prof. Luc Mongeau • Grad Admissions, Recruitment and FellowshipsChair Prof. Siva Nadarajah • Aerospace Program Chairman Prof. Pascal Hubert • Graduate Admissions, Fellowships & Recruitment Emily McHugh • Graduate Program Coordinator Joyce Nault

    4. Enrolment snapshot, F’12 University-wide: Faculty of Engineering: TOTAL: Over 37,835TOTAL: 966 • Masters: 3,053Masters:406 • Doctoral: 3,079 Doctoral: 560 Mechanical Engineering for Fall, 2012: TOTAL: 226 • PhD: 123 • MEng (Thesis): 50 • MEng (non-Thesis): 25 • MEng (Aero): 28 Total New students registered for Fall 2012*: 61 *As of August 29, 2012

    5. Administration of Graduate Studies at McGill You have 3 Deans: • Dean & Assoc. Provost, Graduate Education - Martin Kreiswirth • Interim Dean of Engineering - Andrew Kirk • Interim Dean of Students - Linda Jacobs Starkey Daily administration of graduate studies takes place in the department. Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies (GPS) is responsible for the central administration of graduate studies including: • Admissions, Registration, Fellowships, Theses, Graduation

    6. Housekeeping… • Desks are available for PhD and Masters Thesis students. See Joyce for more info • Please be sure to consult the Policies and Procedures handbook online for details on thesis submission, transfer credits, Master seminars and more… http://www.mcgill.ca/mecheng/grad/policies

    7. Associate Provost, G.E., (Martin Kreiswirth) Mech. Eng. Dept Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies (GPS) & Enrollment Services organization Academic issues Graduate Program Director, GPD (Luc Mongeau) Associate Deans, GPS (Shari Baum, Lisa deMena Travis, Mickie Guerrera) Director, GPS (Charlotte Légaré) Admin. issues Grad students and Supervisors Admissions (Laurens Verkade) Registration, Records and Thesis (Fiorella Lisi) Fellowships/ Awards (Ester Di Cori)

    8. GPS organization, cont’d. Dean, GPS: Martin Kreiswirth Director, Grad. Recruitment and Enrollment Management: Lissa Matyas Recruitment Strategist: Lauren Penney Marketing and Design Officer: Dallas Curow Many new workshops (on teaching, soft skill development, etc.) are being developed for grad students Graduate Education Officer: David Syncox

    9. Where is Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies (GPS)? Where is Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies (GPS)? GPS is now located within Service Point at 3415 McTavish • Service point is there to help you with: • document certification • Minerva issues • health insurance questions • study permit questions • ID cards • ordering official McGill transcripts • tuition and fees info

    10. Hierarchy of Help • Supervisor • (Advisory Committee) • Graduate Program Director • (Graduate Program Coordinator) • Department Chair • Associate Deans, GPS • Dean GPS • Other services • Ombudsperson for Students • Services for Students • Dean of Students Stay informed and deal with problems early... Don’t let them fester!

    11. How to Get Information? • Be sure to consult GPS website: www.mcgill.ca/gps • On it you will find a list of all relevant personnel, policies, rules and guidebooksfilled with information, tips and advice to help you have a productive time at McGill. • Also check the Department’s web site: www.mcgill.ca/mecheng/grad/

    12. www.mcgill.ca/gps

    13. GPS Policies and Procedures Note: The university is audited and can be fined by the Quebec education ministry for infractions (e.g., retroactive changes to a student’s status, etc.)

    14. More information… …can be found on the Department’s web site: www.mcgill.ca/mecheng/grad

    15. Departmental policies and procedures Notes: Time limitation (3 yrs for M.Eng.; 6 yrs for PhD) is now strictly enforced by GPS For new PhD students: Ask your advisor about a Thesis Advisory Committee New courses: MECH 700 Literature survey (due end 2nd term), MECH 701 Research Proposal (due end 3rd term), MECH 702 Preliminary Oral Exam (taken in 4th term) All messages sent to McGill email: firstname.lastname@mail.mcgill.ca Course Registration deadline: September 18th, 2012 Travel Registry required for international travel related to academic/research activities

    16. Get to know the other Professors in the Department by visiting our website at:http://www.mcgill.ca/mecheng/staff Department of Mechanical Engineering Departmental Professors

    17. Be Informed: Our Guidebooks • Go to the websitewww.mcgill.ca/gps • Departmental Graduate Handbook (found inside your Orientation package, as well as online http://www.mcgill.ca/mecheng/grad/policies)

    18. Improve your English (and French) • McGill has special courses on spoken and written English and French for graduate students: • Watch for email announcements • Sign up early • Call the English and FrenchLanguage Centre at 398-4172

    19. Intellectual Property (IP) • If your research (at McGill or with a non-university partner, NUP), could result in an invention, learn about your intellectual property rights by discussing with your supervisor and reading the guide below. • In cases where IP may result with a NUP, students should sign an NUP agreement with that partner. http://www.mcgill.ca/files/ott/studentIPguide-v9.pdf

    20. Stay Honest!Academic and Research Integrity • McGill is dedicated to academic integrity • Follow the McGill Engineering code of ethics “the Blueprint”: http://www.mcgill.ca/engineering/faculty/ethics/ • Be sure you know what plagiarism is - find a definition on the web at: www.mcgill.ca/integrity/studentguide Help McGill have the highest standards for the conduct of research! The Blueprint

    21. Graduate Funding • See the new guidebook on the GPS websitewww.mcgill.ca/gps/ • Canadians should apply in the Fall for provincial and federal funding. • Watch for email announcements:NSERC, FQRNT, VANIER, PBEEE, GREAT Award etc. • Prof. Siva Nadarajah (Graduate Scholarships)will inform you of upcoming information sessions • See“Summary of Awards Available in the Department of Mechanical Engineering”which can be found in your Orientation package • Note that Grad fellowships and stipends (work related to thesis) are tax exempt in Quebec, but RA salaries (work not related to thesis) are taxable.

    22. STUDENT ASSOCIATIONS • Graduate Association of Mechanical Engineering Students(GAMES) A great society to help you!! • Post-Graduate Student Society(PGSS) • Thomson House, the country’s best graduate student facility – ENJOY IT! Help represent graduate and postdoctoral issues on the university’s highest academic bodies

    23. CAREER PLANNING SERVICE • CaPS has grad career advisors Susan Molnar will inform you of their service - Departmental activities - Individual consultation - Workshops on careers in and outside academia • Contact CaPS at 398-3304 • McGill Ombudsperson can help with problem solving

    24. Master’s in Aerospace August 2012

    25. Commercial Aircraft Fleet Forecast Source: The Boeing Company

    26. Business Jets Production Forecast Source: Bombardier Aerospace

    27. Quebec Aerospace Industry Source: MDEIE, 2006

    28. Quebec Aerospace Industry • 60% of total Canadian production. • 70% of Canadian R&D. • 80% of production is exported. • Sales account for 2% of Quebec GDP.

    29. Aerospace Jobs in Quebec Source: CAMAQ

    30. Contact Info • Administration • Joyce Nault (joyce.nault@mcgill.ca) • Structures & Materials, Virtual Environment • Pascal Hubert (pascal.hubert@mcgill.ca) • Aeronautics & Space Engineering • Tim Lee (tim.lee@mcgill.ca) • Avionics & Control • Jozsef Kovecses (jozsef.kovecses@mcgill.ca) • Web • http://www.mcgill.ca/mecheng/grad/info/mastera/

    31. Additional Info • Case studies: • Fall 2012 • Esterline CMC Électronique at ÉTS • Rolls Royce at Polytechnique • Winter 2013 • Rolls Royce at Concordia • Bombardier at Polytechnique • Stages managed by MIAE http://www.mcgill.ca/miae/ • AIAA Student Chapter at McGill

    32. FELLOWSHIPS OVERVIEW Most Deadlines: Fall 2012

    33. Primary Sources of Funding A scholarships information session where these scholarships will be discussed in more detail is to be held shortly. All graduate students will receive an announcement once the date is set. • NSERC PGS-M and PGS-D (CGS-M, CGS-D) Awards See: http://www.nserc.ca/ - Eligibility restrictions exist • NSERC Vanier (CGS) Fellowship http://www.nserc-crsng.gc.ca/Students-Etudiants/PG-CS/VanierCGS-VanierBESC_eng.asp - Less eligibility restrictions - Highly competitive • FQRNT/NATEQ (formerly FCAR) Bourses de Maîtrise / Doctorat (B1 / B2) en Recherche See: http://www.fqrnt.gouv.qc.ca/ - Eligibility restrictions exist • PBEEE See: http://www.fqrnt.gouv.qc.ca/bourses/Fiches_programmes/index_V1_1B_1C_1I_1M_1W.htm - Doctoral international students • Some other funding programs exist through NSERC and FQRNT/NATEQ. These are often programs directed to a specific field (e.g., aerospace)

    34. Other Sources of Funding • MEDA – McGill Engineering Doctoral Award - Recruitment Awards - Ph.D. Students (No citizenship restriction) - Leveraged Awards - Direct Awards • MEITA – McGill Engineering International Tuition Award - Recruitment Awards - INT’L PhD Students - Packaged with stipend from supervisor • Graduate Excellence Fellowship - Recruitment Awards - Master’s Students (International) - Master’s Tri-Council Top-up (Domestic) - Amount variable • Master’s to PhD Fast-Track Award - Recruitment Awards - Mainly for Domestic Students - 1 year funding for M.Eng followed by MEDA • GREAT Travel Award/GTFP Non-Conference Award - Funding for conference presentations and non-conference related travel (outside of Canada) - Application submitted in conjunction with your supervisor - No citizenship restriction

    35. Further Details • See Graduate Fellowships and Awards Calendar at: http://www.mcgill.ca/gps/students/fellowships/ • For a list of information sessions and workshops see: http://www.mcgill.ca/gps/students/fellowships/resources/ • See Summary List of Awardsin your orientation package

    36. CONTACT PERSON Emily McHugh (grad.mecheng@mcgill.ca)


    38. McGill Library. Everything You Need. 38

    39. The Library Website www.mcgill.ca/library 2 39

    40. Library Orientation 40

    41. Finding Schulich Library Macdonald Engineering Building 41

    42. Connecting to Resources is EZ! Off-campus? No problem! 42

    43. Everything You Need. Just Ask! 43

    44. 44

    45. 45

    46. Graduate Association of Mechanical Engineering Students • GAMES-McGill 46

    47. Background • Established in 2004. • Recognized by PGSS in 2006. • Elected executive.

    48. Purpose • Hold events • Outdoor • Academic • Sports • Social • Represent graduate students • Within and outside the department (PGSS) • Encourage community spirit and fun!

    49. Outdoor events • Camping • Horseback riding • Skiing • La Ronde • Biking • Go-karting • Curling • ...

    50. Academic events • Seminars • Invited professors • Industry professionals • Lab tours for new andvisiting students • Next one: Thursday, Sept 6th