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Adding Multimedia Elements PowerPoint Presentation
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Adding Multimedia Elements

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Adding Multimedia Elements
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Adding Multimedia Elements

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  1. Adding Multimedia Elements Hands-on Approach toCreating Multimedia Elements by Dr. Steve Broskoske

  2. Multimedia we will cover: • Download sounds. • Trigger animations. • Expand Clip Art. • Embed fonts. • Screen shots. • Slide transitions.

  3. Downloading Sounds toUse with Custom Animation • Using a search engine, search for sounds (.wav). • Custom animate a graphic (or other screen element) as usual. • Take the drop-down for the play-listed item, and select “effect options” to add a sound as usual. • Instead of selecting a standard sound, select “other sound.”

  4. Downloading Sounds TRY IT: Download a sound to accompany the following graphics. Animate the graphics with a sound.

  5. Downloading Sounds TRY IT: Custom animate the following graphic. Download an appropriate sound to accompany the animation.

  6. Downloading Sounds TRY IT: “Happy” and “sad” sounds can be used to give feedback to students. Custom animate the following graphics. Download appropriate sounds to accompany the animations.

  7. Make AnimationsPlay with a Trigger • Animate an object as usual. • Specify a trigger object. • Select the drop-down arrow from the play-listed item. Select timing. • Select trigger –start on click of an object. • Select trigger object. (Realize that clipart will be named as a numbered object.)

  8. Play on Trigger The cow jumped over the moon.

  9. Play on Trigger See the lady bug fly.

  10. Giving Feedback with Triggers The question would appear here. a) Incorrect response. b) Correct response. c) Incorrect response.

  11. Expanding Clip Art • Open the Clip Art pane in PowerPoint by opening the insert tab and selecting Clip Art from the illustrations group. • From the bottom of the pane, select Clip art on Office online. • At this online search engine, search out clips in various media as desired. When you download them, they will become part of your Clip Art gallery.

  12. Expanding Clip Art TRY IT: Expand Clip Art to illustrate a concept more effectively.

  13. Embedding Fonts • Fonts are housed on individual computers. • Some fonts are common to all computers (Arial or Times New Roman) • On other computers the font may not properly display!

  14. Embedding Fonts You can only read this text on the computer it was created. Christmas Lights Indoor You can only read this text on the computer it was created. Groovy Ghosties You can only read this text on the computer it was created. Candy Stripe Fonts downloaded from

  15. Embedding Fonts • To avoid this problem, do one of the following: • Embed fonts within the file. • Open the Office button. Select PowerPoint options on the bottom, and click on save on the left. Specify to embed TrueType fonts. • Use only universal fonts, such as Arial, Times New Roman, or Courier New.

  16. Capturing Screen Shots In Windows, you can capture an image of the screen, and insert it into any application as a graphic. This can be very handy in teaching computer techniques. • Press the “print screen” key to capture an image of the entire screen. (OR hold the “alt” key and press “print screen” to capture just the active window). • Then “paste” to insert the new graphic into any application.

  17. Capturing Screen Shots TRY IT: Take a screen shot of the previous slide. Paste it below.

  18. Graphic EditingUsing the Picture Toolbar TRY IT: Take a screen capture of this menu. Double-click the graphic to open the drawing tools format tab. Use the cropping tool to edit the graphic so that only the slide show menu shows. Add callouts as needed to explain information.

  19. Slide Transitions To create a professional touch, you can create slide transitions as the professionals do on television. Open the animations tab, and select effects from the transition to this slide group.

  20. Slide Transitions TRY IT: Try creating various slide transitions on different slides throughout this presentation.

  21. Review • Download sounds • Download .wav • Trigger animations • From effects, turn out & specify trigger. • Expand Clip Art • Select Clip Art online from Clip Art dialog

  22. Review • Embed Fonts • Select embed TrueType fonts in PowerPoint options OR use universal fonts. • Screen shots • Press print screen key and paste. • Slide transitions • Select effects from the transition to this slide group.