Inclusiveness and intercultural services
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Inclusiveness and Intercultural Services. Student Center Suite 111 Texas Christian University. Our Mission. To advocate and promote diversity, inclusiveness, and cultural awareness throughout the TCU community. Diversity?. Contrary to Popular Belief, Diversity is NOT only:.

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Inclusiveness and intercultural services

Inclusiveness and Intercultural Services

Student Center Suite 111

Texas Christian University

Our mission
Our Mission

To advocate and promote diversity, inclusiveness, and cultural awareness throughout the TCU community.

Contrary to popular belief diversity is not only
Contrary to Popular Belief,Diversity is NOT only:

  • An extension of the Civil Rights Movement

  • The search of racial and social justice

  • Affirmative action and racial desegregation

  • Something that involves minorities and gender

  • A concept in which white males have no role



Refers to the differences, similarities, and related tensions that exist in any mixture. Diversity is not limited to issues of race, nor is it confined to the workforce.

Building on the Promise ofDiversity


Types According to the U.S Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC)

  • Age

  • Disability

  • Equal Pay

  • National Origin

  • Pregnancy

  • Race

  • Religion

  • Retaliation

  • Sex

  • Sexual Harassment

Lawsuit statistics 2001 through 2005
Lawsuit Statistics2001 Through 2005

South carolina january 2006
South Carolina, January 2006

Duke Energy has been hit with an age-discrimination and pension-law-violation lawsuit by a group of six former and current employees claiming that "older workers lost thousands of dollars in the value of their pensions after putting in decades of work" for the company.

Alabama august 2005
Alabama, August 2005

A lawsuit filed by 13 black employees declared that the plant they work at maintained a segregated bathroom and break room. A "whites only" sign and a padlock denied them access to the bathroom. Several white employees had keys to the facility.

Washington dc 2005
Washington DC, 2005

Women earn less than men. Jill Miller, CEO and president of Women Work! said, "A lot of people still think it’s OK for men to be considered the primary wage earners and for women to earn less." According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, by the end of 2004, men made 19% more than women: $704 versus $571 in median weekly pay.

Florida september 2004
Florida, September 2004

A lawsuit against AT&T Broadband claimed the company intentionally denied high-speed Internet access to communities of color and poor neighborhoods and overcharged other customers for services.

San francisco 2003
San Francisco, 2003

A lawsuitwas filed by Latino and Asian-American employees and applicants who charged that Abercrombie & Fitch hired only white sales force. According to the lawsuit, the company puts people of color in less-visible jobs, such as the stock room regardless of their qualifications.

Diversity and corporate success
Diversity and Corporate Success

To succeed, corporate diversity efforts must be led by line executives -- not endorsed or encouraged, but actively led by the same people who lead the company to other successes.

Harvard Business Review on Managing Diversity

Top 15 diversity companies
Top 15 Diversity Companies

















  • CEO commitment

  • Diversity metrics

  • Demographics of managers and top 10% highest-paid employees

  • Retention Initiatives

  • Breakdown of women by race/ethnicity

  • Levels of managers and supplier diversity

  • Multicultural marketing initiatives

Diversity opportunity
Diversity = Opportunity

We are surrounded by opportunities to learn more about diversity. Whether we benefit ourselves of these opportunities to develop our diversity consciousness, and whether we allow ourselves to be transformed, is up to us.

Diversity Consciousness

In january 2006 the texas higher education coordinating board reported
In January 2006, The Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board reported:

  • The number of Latinos completing undergraduate degree and certificate programs has grown 47% since 2000

  • Latinos represent the state's fastest-growing ethnic group

  • Women have accounted for two-thirds of the increase in bachelor's degrees at the state's public universities over the past five years

  • The largest jump in bachelor's degrees was made by black students, with a 33% increase

Pepsico 2003 campaign
PepsiCo, 2003 Campaign Board reported:

This advertising campaign attracted Latino customers with its Frito-Lay's Chile Limon and Doritos guacamole-flavored chips, which brought in $100 million in revenue.

Inclusiveness and intercultural services

Barbie Dolls, 2005 Board reported:

Multicultural dolls that reflect the diverse, mixed-race reality of children. Representing the changing world that no longer remains the "Barbie-doll standard" of beauty. This innovation generated a profit of $20.9 million.

2006 film academy awards nominees
2006 Film Academy Awards Nominees Board reported:

Crash (6 nominations), racial differences

Brokeback Mountain (8), homosexuality

Transamerica (2), transsexual issues

Inclusiveness and intercultural services

Toyota, 2006 Super Bowl Commercial Board reported:

The new 2007 Toyota Camry Hybrid was introduced in two languages in a 30-second commercial spot costing up to $2.5 million. It highlighted a Latino father in bilingual conversation with his young son during a car ride. When the son asks why his father uses both languages, the father responds, “for your future.”

Inclusiveness and intercultural services

We must create an environment where no one is advantaged or disadvantaged, an environment where “we” is everyone.

Harvard Business Review on Managing Diversity

Sources disadvantaged, an environment where “we” is everyone.

  • Bucher, Richard D.

    Diversity Consciousness: opening our minds to people,

    cultures, and opportunities. Second Edition.


  • Harvard Business Review on Managing Diversity.

  • Thomas, R. Roosevelt

    Building on the Promise of diversity: how we can move

    to the next level in our workplaces, our communities,

    and our society.