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  2. An American pilot mistakenly caused panic on his plane by wishing a colleague’s mother (who was on the flight) a happy birthday. The unnamed pilot picked up the intercom to tell passengers he had a “Mom on board” – but many heard “Bomb on board”. Although they were swiftly reassured by the cabin crew, several have issued formal complaints. (57 words)

  3. A pilot frightened his passengers when they misheard ‘Mom on board’ as ‘Bomb on board’ on the intercom. Many passengers have since complained. (23 words)

  4. An unemployed Austrian was so anxious to avoid work that he cut off his own foot. Hans Url, 56, told job centre staff that he was medically unfit. When invited to a medical to prove it, he used a mechanical saw to slice off his foot, which he threw into his oven. Although he lost a lot of blood, Mr. Url survived, but his foot was too burnt to be reattached. A job-centre spokesman described the case as ‘tragic’, but insisted Mr. Url still had to be assessed, “…and we can see what work we can find for him”. (100 words)

  5. An Austrian man sawed his foot off to avoid having to work. He then cooked it in the oven, so it couldn’t be attached. The job centre are trying to find him a job. (34 words)

  6. A jilted dentist is facing three years in jail for pulling out all her ex-boyfriend’s teeth. Anna Mackowiak, 34, said she was stunned when MarekOlszewski turned up at her surgery in Warsaw, Poland, complaining of toothache, just days after he dumped her. “I tried to be professional, and detach myself from my emotions,” she said. “But when I saw him lying there I thought ‘you bastard’.” She sedated her victim, then removed his teeth before bandaging his head. When he woke up she told him there had been complications, and advised him to see a specialist. He has since been dumped by his new girlfrield, who said she didn’t want to go out with a toothless man. (114 words)

  7. A dentist was imprisoned for removing all her ex-boyfriend’s teeth. He arrived at her surgery a day after they broke up, so she decided to take revenge. His present girl friend has dumped him because she doesn’t want an ugly boyfriend. (42 words)

  8. Mourners in China were shocked when a 95year-old woman climbed out of her coffin, six days after she had apparently died. Li XiuFeng was laid in her coffin after being found lifeless in bed by a neighbour. But when visitors came to the house the day before her funeral, they found the box empty – and Li in her kitchen, making herself a snack. “I slept for a long time,” she said. “After waking up, I felt so hungry and wanted something to eat. I pushed the lid for a long time to climb out.” (97 words)

  9. A Chinese woman got out of her coffin the day before her ‘funeral’. She said she felt hungry after a 6-day sleep. Mourners were shocked to find her making a snack in the kitchen. (34 words)