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BFF. B looming F lower F airies. The Gentle Rosellamia Princess of the Meadow. Beautiful Kind Loving Caring. She is in charge of making sure all fairies are born safe.

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the gentle rosellamia princess of the meadow
The Gentle RosellamiaPrincess of the Meadow
  • Beautiful
  • Kind
  • Loving
  • Caring

She is in charge of making sure all fairies are born safe.

  • When ever you pick a flower from the ground, tree or a bush you are dishonoring her. Whenever you water a plant or water the flowers in the meadow

She might be nice but she is always

ready to get back at her sister.

the gentle rosellamia
The Gentle Rosellamia

when you see a flower you shall think about The Gentle Rosellamia

la nina de la noche
La Nina de la Noche
  • Beautiful
  • Evil
  • Dislikes the Meadow
  • Raised by her aunt

She tries to destroy her sister so her mom can give her the birthright to become the Princess of the Meadow.

When see a dead flower you shall think about La Nina de la Noche.

The reason why she never wins a fight,

is because she has a heart for her sister.

Even though she is evil.

la nina de la noche1
La Nina De La Noche

When see a dead flower you shall think about La Nina de la Noche

la hermosa mariposa queen of the meadow
La Hermosa MariposaQueen of the Meadow
  • Gorgeous
  • Trust worthy
  • People rely on her
  • Mother of La Nina de la Noche and The Gentle Roseallamia

She is the Queen of the Meadow. She was in charge of all fairies until her daughter Rosellamia became princess.

  • Aunt of Rosellamia and Nina de la Noche.
  • Sister of Mariposa
  • Evil
  • Raised La Nina de la Noche

Catalina declared La Nina de la Noche was hers. She took her from the kingdom and raised her as her own child.

the meadow
The Meadow

This is where they live.

This is the fairies home where they are born. And taken care of by The Gentle Rosellamia

fairies blooming from flowers
Fairies Blooming from flowers

This is how the process works. When a fairy is ready The Gentle Rosellamia helps them bloom safely. She proceeds them into farther instructions. To declare what type of fairy they are.

we guarantee
  • We guarantee your flowers will last forever but you have to believe. And we promise that Rosellamia will watch over your plants and protect them. And is you really believe, when you see a rose bloom you get one free wish.
find more information
Find more information…
  • Come visit us @
  • Ask us any questions at

(creators of the religion)

Come visit us at the Mary Immaculate, Father Luciano Hall

10390 Remick Ave., Pacoima, CA 91331

Where we will be talking about the new religion. Explaining all the importance about it.