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Animal Behavior

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Animal Behavior - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Animal Behavior. Behavior is. What an animal does and how it does it A response to a stimulus A stimulus is a signal. The most important thing for studying behavior is observation. Ruffs. Philomachus pugnax Migrate between Russia/Scandinavia and Southern Africa. Observations:.

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behavior is
Behavior is
  • What an animal does and how it does it
  • A response to a stimulus
      • A stimulus is a signal
  • Philomachuspugnax
  • Migrate between Russia/Scandinavia and Southern Africa
  • Jot down notes of anything interesting you see
  • Try to make good observations
  • Write down any questions you may have
sexual dimorphism
Sexual Dimorphism
  • Di = 2, Morph = Shape
  • Sexual Dimorphism = Males and females have different shapes
sexual selection
Sexual Selection
  • One sex (usually female) selects mates based upon appearance
  • Being showy leads to having more mates
  • Altruism is doing good, helping others at the expense of yourself
  • Can natural selection explain altruism?
the prisoner s dilemma
The Prisoner’s Dilemma
  • Two criminals have been arrested for bank robbery
  • The police do not have enough evidence for a bank robbery conviction, but do have enough for reckless endangerment
The criminals are split up and offered the following option:
    • If A and B both snitch, they each serve 2 years
    • If A snitches and B stays quiet, A goes free and B serves 3 years
    • If B snitches and A stays quiet, B goes free and A serves 3 years
    • If both remain silent both will serve 1 year for reckless endangerment