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Case Study. The Strangers Trailer

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Case study

The Strangers Trailer

This trailer starts with the element of something positive to look forward to for the main protagonists, this helps leaves the audience with a feeling of false security and lets the negative down fall of protagonists seem far worse as you see what they have to lose. Another key aspect that we enjoyed about this trailer is the use of subtlety to put fear into the audience. This is done by the use of eerie noises and to keep the audience and protagonists nerves on edge. Whilst watching and hearing these eerie scenes and noises we see that the protagonists believe that everything will be fine yet, this works as dramatic irony as the audience knows that the protagonists are in danger. We notice from the middle of the trailer on woods that the antagonists have no real reasoning nor do they have much on an identity, this gives the impression that the invasion of the protagonists house is an emotionless attack and shows no sympathy nor empathy, this also leaves the audience with an inability to relate to the antagonists. The presence of these main antagonists just being in the house is enough to produce a fear factor, as we see when the female protagonists is standing in the kitchen smoking whilst the audience sees a man in a mask just standing there not doing anything and its that subtlety that gives the audience an eerie feeling.

Case study

Snowtown murders trailer

​The main emotion and feeling this trailer is trying to provoke is different from other horror films as its try to produces a disturbing feeling rather then just a fear factor. Rather then a build up of furious tension to an expected scare this trailer try's to make us watch the slow but sure build of manipulation and change in the main protagonists, and how they become evil and cruel. So therefore this trailer shows the story is told from the side of the killers rather than the victims. We see two characters in the trailer who from the very start are shown to have a building relationship, almost like father and son and this makes it all the more sinister. We have been inspired by how this horror/thriller trailer is very different from others in the sense that it's not very fast paced and doesn't rely on sudden scares but however it does rely on subtle yet raw disturbances. The sound of the trailer is revolved around disturbing and distorted sounds that would make the audience feel uncomfortable and keeping in the mind frame that something is wrong and twisted. ​A key element of this trailer is realism, as we see in most horror trailers that there is some kind of very cinematic and “Hollywood” approach however in the snow town trailer we see short sections of scenes in which there is a perfect amount of realistic acting and conversion between each character is shown to be simplistic even we know that there is something more dark and chilling about to happen. A section of the trailer which I found intriguing was the use of a reoccurring snake.

Case study

Evil Dead TrailerThe Evil dead trailer has many different elements from the two previous trailers the story line of the film is based around satanic possession and evil beings taking control of the mind and soul of the protagonists. This I'd shown well in the trailer as the audience will soon realise that unlike the other two trailers the protagonists have no control over what happens to them. We see in the trailer that The scenery and design is very well done and fitting to the type of horror it is as it looks mystic and unnerving. The victims in the trailer are shown to be trapped by this evil being. This is important for a trailer to have as it will provoke emotions within the audience as this is a feeling in which we are naturally fearful of.

Case study

Our trailer is going to be based around the idea of a missing boy being which leads to much danger for the ones who go looking for him. by expressing this not only in our trailer but In our magazine poster it allows the certain target audience to gain more of a relationship with the message as the boy missing and the protagonists that follow are all young adults or teenagers (our target audience).

each one of the previous trailers we have spoken about has some sort of relation with the audience through very real situations. The Strangers for instance have the aspect of a happy couple about to get married and looking forward to life ahead, a certain target audience would relate to this and therefore feel more empathetic towards the characters. Snow town murders is able to gain that effect just because it is based on a true story and an almost paternal relationship that has been manipulated. like our trailer Evil dead has rather a young cast and they are away from in a place in which they don't much about. This could easily relate with the young audience but at the same show the naivety and stupidity of young as they have been caught up in this situation by their own accord.

missing boy picture that will be used in both trailer and posture.