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Tate Brand

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Tate Brand

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  1. Tate Brand


  3. B&Q has teamed up with the art gallery group Tate to launch an exclusive paint range. "Tate" features four colour series, inspired by the four Tate galleries, and will be available at B&Q Warehouses from March 5, before being rolled out nationally from June

  4. At a time when the Tate has had a record year for acquisitions, bringing works valued at £63.1m into its collection, the UK's most important art institution is poised to push the power of its brand to new levels of domination. • Nor will it be limiting its reach to dry land. In a three-year deal with P&O, a scheme called Tate Cruises has recently been established, with passengers idling around the Mediterranean or the Baltic being lectured to by Tate experts. • "It is a good opportunity to develop new audiences," said the Tate's director of media, Will Gompertz, adding that the outreach programme was "also financially beneficial to Tate". • While the Guggenheim and the Louvre are building high-profile outposts in Abu Dhabi, the Tate is looking at a different approach to establishing a greater presence overseas and at home, by creating partnerships with existing institutions. • For the moment, though, the focus is national. "Our job is to serve people across the country," said Paul Myners, the Tate's chairman. "Tate Liverpool and Tate St Ives are manifestations of that ... over the next years we will see Tate increasingly active outside London and Liverpool. We are a national institution, and sometimes we must go to the customer."