monday october 28 th 2013 n.
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Monday October 28 th , 2013 PowerPoint Presentation
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Monday October 28 th , 2013

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Monday October 28 th , 2013 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Monday October 28 th , 2013. Morning Work. Get your Morning W ork notebook Write the following math word problem : Paul, Aaron, Kaleb , Eric, and Noah:

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morning work
Morning Work
  • Get your Morning Work notebook
  • Write the following math word problem:
  • Paul, Aaron, Kaleb, Eric, and Noah:
    • Aaron went trick or treating on Halloween. He went to 16 houses. He got 4 pieces of candy at each house, how many pieces of candy did Aaron get?
  • Rachel, Maddie and Sariah-
    • Aaron went trick or treating on Halloween. He went to 6 houses. He got a total of 41 pieces of candy. At the first house he got 4 pieces, the second house he got 12, the third he got 13, fourth house he got 10 pieces, and at the sixth house he got 2. How many pieces did Aaron get at the fifth house?
1 st hour b reading groups

Green Station: Abraham Lincoln

1st Hour B: Reading Groups

Blue Station: Informational Text

Gold Station: Grocery Words

  • Objective (Alt.): reading informational text and determining relevant information.
2 nd hour math groups

Green Station: Simple Word Problems

2nd Hour: Math Groups

Blue Station B: Grocery Math

Gold Station: Percentages

Objective (CCS): Using proportional relationships to solve multi-step ratios and problems.

Examples: interest, sales tax, gratuities, markups/downs, and commissions.

  • Objective (Alt.): Work no reading dollar amounts, adding them and find amounts based on a given ad.
3 rd hour l a a groups

Computer Station: Edmark Software

3rd Hour L.A. A Groups

Green Station: Edmark Reading

Gold Station: Story Creation- Halloween

  • Objective (CCS): create a story based on the visual prompt.
  • Objective (Alt.): learn new words and apply them in various comprehension exercises.
3 rd hour l a b groups
3rd Hour L.A. B Groups

Green and Computer Station: Edmark Reading Level ____

Gold Station: Vocab 4-4 Pre-Test

  • Objective (Alt.): learn new words and apply them in various comprehension exercises.
  • Objective: apply listening skills to determine blends, sentence structure and phonemic awareness.
this week s class captain is
This week’s class captain is _____________________.
  • Day of the week: _______________________
  • Month we are in: ______________________
  • Number day: _______
  • Year: __________ 180
  • # of days in school: ___________ -_______
  • # of days left of school: ____________
  • Complete the countdowns
4 th hour b spelling groups

Gold Station: Homophones

4th Hour B: Spelling Groups

Blue Station: Homophones

Green Station: Homophones

  • Objective (Alt.): learn new words and apply them in various comprehension exercises.

Choir w/ Miss Erin- EricTeam Sports w/ Miss Lorena- Harrison, Aaron, Paul, &KalebLifetime Fitness w/ Miss Sheree- Maddie & JaredDance- RachelSocial Studies w/ Miss Caitlin- Sariah

6 th hour science land formations
6th Hour Science-Land Formations
  • Objective (Alt): learn the different land formations across the Earth and label them appropriately.