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What is the Naplan test?

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What is the Naplan test? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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What is the Naplan test? . Nation wide test All year 7s and 9s (exceptions) Provides an idea of students’ levels and what skills are being developed Monday - Wednesday15-17 th May at school. What do you have to do? . Language Conventions (45 minutes) Monday

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what is the naplan test
What is the Naplan test?
  • Nation wide test
  • All year 7s and 9s (exceptions)
  • Provides an idea of students’ levels and what skills are being developed
  • Monday - Wednesday15-17th May at school
what do you have to do
What do you have to do?
  • Language Conventions (45 minutes) Monday
  • Writing (Persuasive) (40 minutes) Monday
  • Reading Tuesday (65 minutes)
grammar and language examples of questions
Grammar and Language Examples of questions


He won a prize at the feistival for singing..... Festival


Jane has ... The car she wants to buy

Saw see will see seen


Where should the apostophe (‘) in this sentence go?

George had to buy potatoes, carrots and todays newspaper

persuasive writing piece your aim
Persuasive writing pieceYour aim-

What is persuasive writing?

  • To convince the audience of your point of view
  • Be strong, be convincing
  • Aim for a page +
Time: 40 minutes

5 minutes brainstorm ideas

10 minutes intro

15 minutes body

5 minute conclusion

5 minutes read over and check



  • Homework should be banned
  • It is cruel to keep animals in cages
  • Reading books is better than watching TV

Make Your Contention Clear

  • You can outline arguments from both sides however you need to clearly come down on one side
  • Rebut arguments from the other side. Show why they don’t work.
  • Use ‘however”


A common claim is that homework gives students a safe, calming activity after school. HOWEVER there are plenty of other safe, calming activities that allow them to rest and build other skills


Brainstorming ideas

??? How do i come up with ideas???

I don’t HAVE any ideas on this topic

I don’t KNOW about this topic!


I don’t CARE about this topic!!!


5 pointers for coming up with ideas

Look at the pictures and words on the prompt. Everything on prompt sheet is there to give you ideas. Try and come up with one idea for each picture.

Think of different points of view – how might a range of people think about the issue? How would it affect them differently?

Logical reasons. Think about effects and consequences that may come out of the issue.

Emotional reasons. What are the emotional angles to this issue?

Ethical reasons. What is morally right or wrong with this issue? What are the possible effects on our whole community? Or other cultures?


Thinking of the bigger picture – values, the wider world...

Thank You For Smoking - Icecream


Ice cream is better than chocolate

What do you think? Do you agree or disagree? Write to convince a reader of your opinions.


Ice cream is better than chocolate

  • Excitement in choosing from the range of ice cream flavours (picture)
  • Chocolate is fattening. Could lead to overweight society - expensive on our health system (logical)
  • Ice cream equates to going to the movies or the beach (emotional)
  • Poor working conditions in developing countries who make chocolate (ethical)

Ice Cream is NOT better than chocolate

  • Chocolate is great when you want to cry. Comforter (picture)
  • Ice cream is messy and drips (logical)
  • Easter connection (emotional & picture)
  • If we eat ice cream instead of chocolate people in dev countries who make chocolate will be out of a job (ethical)

Map out your points

  • Be imaginative. Unusual ideas are great. Think outside the square
  • Rank your best points in order


Who are you in your writing?

Can adopt any voice you want…

What beliefs does that person have?

What experiences?

What language?

Who are you writing to?



Now choose a text type:

  • Letter to the editor
  • Persuasive essay

Letter to the editor

Audience: Writing to the Editor of a well known mag/ newspaper and unknown readers.

Voice: Can be a person with an interest in the issue, or affected by it, or just an interested member of the general public. Addressed to Editor and signed off at end

Tense: Present. It’s happening now, not in the past or future.

Personal language: “I think...”

Emotive expressions: “human stupidity...”

Persuasive essay

Audience: You as the expert are writing for unknown readers to convince them of your point of view

Voice: Strong, clear, persuasive

Tense: Present. It’s happening now, not in the past or future.

Emotive words: “stressed parents”


Basic structure:

Tell em what you’re going to do

Tell em

Tell em what you’ve told em


One idea per paragraph

Best idea first


Show a new paragraph by

Leaving a line

In the cold, nothing beats chocolate.

Another reason why chocolate is better...

2. Indenting on the next line

In the cold, nothing beats chocolate.

Another reason why chocolate is better...

3. If you forget, add in a “NP”

In the cold, nothing beats chocolate. NP. Another reason why chocolate is better...



Address the editor

To the Editor

Recently, members of our community have compared chocolate and ice-cream. As a passionate chocolate lover, I believe chocolate is one of the purest pleasures in life and will always win such competitions. It’s an emotional comforter and is linked with one of the year’s most important celebrations. Moreover, supporting chocolate gives jobs to people in poorer countries.

Outline the issue

Your relationship with the issue

State your contention

Outline your reasons


Body Paragraphs 1-3

Discuss one point in each paragraph

Chocolate is also integral to one of the biggest celebrations of our year. Who could imagine Easter without chocolate? The Easter Bunny just couldn’t deliver using ice-cream instead of eggs.

Use topic sentences

Explain points with evidence

2+ persuasive devices each paragraph


Here in our suburb most of us are employed and able to feed and support ourselves. But in many countries where chocolate is made people aren’t so lucky. Picking cocoa beans and working to make chocolate is one of the most important industries in these countries. Only the hard hearted would not want to support these people by choosing to buy chocolate.



Separate paragraph

In today’s hectic world, it’s important to stop and give credit to simple pleasures that keep us going. My guess is all your readers turn to chocolate for comfort, enjoy it at Easter and would appreciate that it keeps poor economies going. There is no substitute for chocolate!

Yours sincerely,

M. Taylor

Personal language

Be sure and strong. Be convincing

Snappy ending are great. Think of ads.

Sign off with a name


Text Type: Persuasive Essay:


Ice cream is one of the greatest pleasures. Anyone eating it will relish its creamy flavour and cool texture. It’s fun and exciting, more ethical and a healthier option. It’s streaks ahead of chocolate.

Separate paragraph for introduction

Outline the issue

State your contention

Outline reasons (no detail)


Body Paragraphs 1-3

Ice cream goes hand in hand with some of the greatest pleasures in our lives. It is the perfect accompaniment to going to the movies. And who doesn’t want to eat ice-cream when they are enjoying a day at the beach? While chocolate would just make a melty mess, ice-cream cools and satisfies on a hot day. Therefore it is a much better choice.

Topic sentence

Explanation and evidence

2+ persuasive techniques

Connecting words


Body Paragraphs 1—3

We are learning more about the conditions in developing countries who make chocolate. Everyday people work in terrible conditions and receive very little money, while the big brands reap the benefits. In comparison, ice cream is often lovingly made by the very people who sell it in their shops. Even the commercial products are made in factories which satisfy all working conditions. Therefore, choosing ice cream instead of chocolate shows you care about how people are treated in their workplaces.

Topic sentence

Explanation and evidence

2 + persuasive techniques

Connecting words



Separate paragraph for conclusion

Ice cream is quite simply delicious. It is a healthier and more ethical choice than chocolate. It’s exactly what we all crave to go with other joys in life, like the beach and movies. To imagine a life without ice cream is to imagine a life half-lived!

Be strong and sure

Outline again your reasons

A dramatic or funny final sentence is fabulous


Using emotive words

Many animals live in cages

Canteens sell unhealthy food

School uniforms are all the same


Persuasive writing is passionate. Even if you’re not, pretend you are!!! Exciting dramatic writing. Take risks. Be creative.

This is a good introduction –

I think that TV is better than books because of Idea a)... Idea b)... Idea c)...

Be happy if you can do this.

But this is an excellent, exciting paragraph-

On trains and planes, by pools and in schools, look around you. Books are in the hands of so many people. Do you see a TV? I don't think so – because books rule! Books feed brains, foster imagination, build writing and vocabulary skills and allow quiet time.

Be rapt if you can do this.


Remember 5 minutes at the end to read over.

  • Check
  • Full stops and capital letters
  • Spelling
  • Use fabulous synonyms – replace fabulous words with the same fabulous meaning so you don’t say the same fabulous word over and over again
  • Paragraphs. Use NP if you need to add one in
  • Joining words. However, although, another reason, firstly, finally…
  • A great last sentence to finish with

Obama to students- http://www.whitehouse.gov/video/President-Obamas-Message-for-Americas-Students

Obama Grant Park - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3K8GWCl7P7U

Braveheart - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gr_OpFxCx-A