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The Swim Meet

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The Swim Meet

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  1. The Swim Meet A Training Class for North Texas Swimming Meet Directors, Computer Operations Personnel, Club Safety Marshals and Chairpersons, and Club Registration Chairpersons

  2. Agenda • Part I – All Participants • Meet Preparation • Meet Operations • Meet Results • Part II – Separate Group Sessions • Meet Directors • Computer Operations • Safety • Registration Chairpersons • Athlete • Non-Athlete

  3. Meet Preparation – The Essentials • Meet Information • Database Preparation • Meet Entries • Registration Validation • Unattached Swimmers • Foreign Swimmers • Relays

  4. Meet Information • Meet information is the legal description of the swim meet and its operations • Meet location • Order of events • Meet operations procedures • Scratch procedures • Safety policies and procedures • Consult meet referee for suggestions and approval before sanction submittal • Do Not provide too much detail such that it restricts the flexibility needed by the Meet Referee • Establish the schedule for the swim meet • Ensure the 4 hour rule is met (U.S.A. Swimming Rules and Regulations Paragraph 205.3.1F)

  5. Database Preparation • Establish legal description for swim meet • Define the publication order for printed hard copy results • Incorporate Time Standards and Records

  6. Meet Description • Title, as entered via Hy-Tek Meet Manager, shall include the following information • Meet Name • Date(s) of Meet • Location of Meet • Pool Length (SCY, SCM, LCM are acceptable) • Sanction Number • Example 100th Annual Nike Greater Southwest March 1-4, 2000 Loos Natatorium SCY Sanction NT00-001 • Provides easy verification of sanctioned meet to teams or other LSC officials using only hardcopy results (especially via the Internet)

  7. Publication Order • Results are Published with All Events for Girls Listed Together by Age Group Followed by All Events for Boys Listed Together by Age Group • Age Group Order • 10 & Under • 11 - 12 • 13 - 14 • 15 - 18 • Event Order • Free: 25, 50, 100, 200, 400/500, 800/1000, 1500/1650 • Back: 25, 50, 100, 200 • Breast: 25, 50, 100, 200 • Fly: 25, 50, 100, 200 • IM: 100, 200, 400 • Relays: Medley, Free (Include Names of Relay Swimmers with Cumulative Splits) • Also Include Names of Participating Swim Clubs with Abbreviations

  8. Time Standards and Records • Standards to be included for A Meets (and above - TAGS Q, TAGS, Zones) in the Time Standards/Records Designator Section of Meet Manager for Each Event A Time Standard TAGS Qualifying Time Standard Top 16 Qualifying Time Standard LSC Record NAG Record Sectional Championship Qualifying Time Standard National Championship Qualifying Time Standard • Standards to be included for BB Meets (and below) A Time Standard BB Time Standard B Time Standard TAGS Qualifying Time Standard • LSC, Meet, and Pool Records provide convenience to Coaches, Announcers, and Parents

  9. Meet Entries • Types • On-Time • Late • Eighty-Eight (88) Percent of 1999-2000 Meets had significant errors in the final results • Eighty-One (81) Percent of the errors can be traced to meet entries (90% are from late entries) • Typical errors were incorrect Swimmer ID, Incorrect Name Spellings, Transposed Digit on Birth Dates, and/or Incorrect Use of First, Middle or Preferred Names • Scott W. Newman [020784SCOWNEWM] is not a registered NT swimmer • Walter S. (Scott) Newmann [020784WALSNEWM] is a registered NT swimmer • Tori Whitehead [020589TOR*WHIT] is not a registered NT swimmer • Laurel V. Whitehead [020589LAUVWHIT] is a registered NT swimmer

  10. Registration Validation • Registration validation is a shared responsibility • Entering (or Home) team must ensure their Team database matches the official LSC Registration database • Request a Team database print for verification purposes • Meet Host Team must ensure all Late Entries agree with the LSC Registration database • Use a complete registration database print for verification purposes • Athlete Registration Chairperson – Jennifer Blevins • Final Responsibility Rests with the Host Team

  11. Unattached Swimmers • UN is the only valid team identifier for Unattached Swimmers • UCOPS, UMARS, .... Shall not be used • Host Team must change to UN if a team identifier other than UN is entered for an unattached swimmer • A separate UN team entry shall be made for each LSC with unattached swimmers participating in the meet • If ST, WT, MV, PV, and IA are participating in the meet with unattached swimmers, then there will be 5 UN entries for each LSC (Remember LSC Code in Meet Entry database) • Unattached swimmers cannot score Team points • UN should not appear in the Team Score listing of the Final Results

  12. Foreign Swimmers • Paragraphs 202.6.1A and 203.9 of U.S.A. Swimming Rules and Regulations govern the participation of foreign swimmers at meets within the United States • All international competitions within the United States must be sanctioned through the LSC for and on behalf of U.S.A. Swimming. All invitations to foreign athletes to compete in the United States must be extended by U.S.A. Swimming • A swimmer who is a member of another Federation may compete in U.S.A. Swimming sanctioned competition of his/her Federation to do so • Texas enjoys a open border for competition • Must ensure foreign swimmer is member of foreign Federation just like you must ensure U.S.A. swimmer is a member of U.S.A. Swimming • Registration Chairperson can assist with this coordination

  13. Relays • All Relay entries must include the names of each participating and alternate swimmers • Final Results must show these names

  14. Meet OperationsImportant Considerations • Schedule • Warm-Up Procedures • Safety

  15. Meet Schedule • A meet schedule must conform to the principle of U.S.A. Swimming Rules and Regulation paragraph 205.3.1F (4-hour rule) • Early Days – COPS hosted Pentathlon at PAC in two sessions (13 & Over [AM], 12 & Under [PM]) – No Problem other than size of pool and not estimating start time of second session accurately • Now – Moved to LOOS, but did not change order of event from an Age Group perspective • Section 7 of NTS Policies and Procedures Manual provides essential information that must be taken into consideration when establishing a meet schedule • Allow time for equipment reconfigurations or people movement • Use previous meet results to estimate size of this year’s meet • Be aware of size of first session in multi-session (per day) meets • Prelim-Finals meets require at least two hours to elapse between the end of the last preliminary heat and the start of the first race in the finals on any one day • Pool must be available for warm-up during this 2-hour period

  16. Warm-Up Procedures • Section 7 of NTS Policies and Procedures Manual provides essential information that must be taken into consideration for warm-ups • Safety Marshals must be present and visible, especially during Warm-ups • One Safety Marshal for every two lanes in the pool (LOOS counts as 2 pools in a SC configuration) • At Loos and similar pools, at least 1 Safety Marshal shall be stationed at the “warm-up” pool (area between the bulkheads at Loos) at all times • Use Common Sense

  17. Safety Considerations • Section 7 of NTS Policies and Procedures Manual provides essential information that must be taken into consideration from a safety perspective • Appoint a full-time Head Safety Marshal and crew for the entire meet • Safety Marshals must be present and visible at all times • One Safety Marshal for every two lanes in the pool (LOOS counts as 2 pools in a SC configuration) • Spectators must be asked to leave the pool deck immediately • Host team is responsible for all safety and security within the meet venue (pool, parking lot, ...) • Use Common Sense

  18. Meet Results • Results Publication • Results Submittal • Results Validation

  19. Results Publication • Final Results are distributed within 10 Days of the Last Day of the Meet • Treasurer’s copy postmark date for hardcopy • Top 16 Tabulator’s copy postmark or electronic signature date for softcopy • Both Hardcopy and Softcopy Version are Submitted • Hardcopy is Printed via Hy-Tek Meet Manager • Softcopy is a DOS Copy of Hy-Tek Meet Manager Files (should be ZIPped if e-mailed) • Softcopy is NOT a “Print to File” Version Through Hy-Tek Meet Manager • Printed Results Will Follow a Standard Format • Makes Job Easier for Records Chairperson • Results Should NOT be Published in Numerical Sequence of Events • Print Sequence (or commonly referred to as Publication Order) is Established in Meet Manager • Be Sure to Audit Results

  20. Results Submittal • Printed Hardcopy Results (via postal service) • Participating Teams • LSC Treasurer • LSC Records Chair • LSC Top 16 Tabulator • Softcopy Results (via e-mail or IBM PC formatted 1.44 MB disk) • LSC Top 16 Tabulator (Tabulator or Records Chair will forward approved results to WebMaster) • LSC Records Chair • Participating Teams (if requested or appropriate media supplied)

  21. Results Validation • Host Team responsibility to ensure the accuracy of the results and associated data • Check for anomalies – 10 & Under Girl 100 Back :26.75 • Compare against TAGS Standards, National Standards, Top 16, LSC Records, and NAG Records • Report any potential NAG Records to Meet Referee and LSC Records Chair immediately • Ten (10) days to report through a multi-hop process