solar car lift hinge and wheel alignment project n.
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Solar Car Lift, Hinge, and Wheel Alignment Project PowerPoint Presentation
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Solar Car Lift, Hinge, and Wheel Alignment Project

Solar Car Lift, Hinge, and Wheel Alignment Project

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Solar Car Lift, Hinge, and Wheel Alignment Project

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  1. Solar Car Lift, Hinge, and Wheel Alignment Project Team Leader: Robert Krukoski Matthew Wilkinson Acie Hager David Shahan Ryan Hoffman

  2. Solar Car Racing • 1987 --- Solar car racing began with World Solar Challenge (WSC) across Australian Outback. • 1990 --- Solar car racing came to U.S. through General Motors sponsored Sunrayce. • 2001 --- Sunrayce was replaced by the American Solar Challenge (ASC). • July 2003 --- UK participated in its first ASC race.

  3. UK Solar Car Team Trials • UK participated after 3 years of design and construction • Competed in Qualifying Race • After “scrutineering” for while, they realized they needed gadgets for their car • ME 412 Team was assigned three critical parts that are needed for success

  4. ME 412Areas of Design • Hinge • Wheel Alignment System • Lifting Mechanism

  5. Hinge Design By: Ryan Hoffman

  6. Current Approach for Shell Removal • Shell must be lifted off the car by 3 or 4 team members • The shell is then placed on supports separate from the car

  7. Problems with Current Shell Removal • Requires several people to accomplish task • Requires moving or disconnecting wiring and cables going from car to shell • Risk of shell sustaining damage while in transport to the supports • No adjustability of shell angle once placed on stands

  8. Design Requirements of Hinge • Must maintain contact of the shell and car • Must allow access to the components of the car underneath the shell • Allow driver to get to his seat • Must allow the shell to be adjusted to the optimum angle for the solar array to gain the most amount of available sunlight • Must be lightweight because it will be a part of the car yet strong to support the 200 lbs. weight of the shell

  9. Hinge Design • L-shaped center piece made of aluminum • Angle iron with slide fastened to shell supports on the shell to allow the shell to be lifted vertically then tilted to clear the lip of the shell • Pins fastened in slide with thumbscrews to allow adjustment of the shell angle with respect to the sun

  10. Analysis of Hinge • When loaded with a 100 lbs. load at the location of the pin, the bracket develops a stress of approximately 6 ksi.

  11. Hinge Analysis • When loaded with a 100 lbs load, the L-shaped component develops a stress of approximately 2 ksi.

  12. Final Design

  13. Wheel Alignment By: Robert Krukoski

  14. Wheel Alignment Requirements • Be able to have all four wheels aligned • Have the tolerance within a couple thousandths of an inch • Need to be aligned with the car on the ground, and person in drivers seat

  15. Wheel AlignmentSelection Process • Four Major Designs • Laser Guided Alignment • Connecting Bars • Independent 5 Point Alignment • Slots on Ramp for Alignment

  16. Design of Wheel Alignment • Decided to go with Smaller Lift • Independent Lifting best Design • Aligning the wheels to the frame

  17. Design of Wheel Alignment cont. • Have brackets going around the wheel • Attach to Plate, Magnets • Adjustable leg in front (Three Point Stand) • Bubbles to align Wheels

  18. Design of Wheel Alignment cont. • What to use for actualCalibration? • Calibrated Pins • Micrometers • Dial Indicators

  19. Final Design

  20. Solar Car Lift / Jack By: Matthew Wilkinson

  21. Frame Design Selection Process • Two Major Concepts • Roll under car frame • Ramp Style – car will roll onto frame • We Decided on Roll under car frame design.

  22. Lift Jack Requirements and Geometries Six Designs were Created • Goals • Design a frame that was structurally strong (2000 lb capacity) • Total height under 9 in. • We also tried to reduce weight

  23. Results of Structural Analysis

  24. Frame Stress Analysis Description of physical system

  25. Lift: Wheel Selection • The whole lift apparatus and car must be mobile in order to make working on the car easy • To do this, wheels must be designed to mount on the frame that will hold the weight of the car and lift which is approximately 1500 lbs. • The wheels must facilitate motion in any direction. • Rather than design them from scratch, we found a pre-designed caster that would work for this application.

  26. Lift: Wheel Specifications • The caster has a 360o swivel mount, with an optional brake • Each caster has a 500 lbs. capacity. One at each corner gives a total capacity of 2000 lbs. • Low cost at $17.09 per wheel • Phenolic Resin construction for durability

  27. Lift: Air Bag Lifting Mechanism • Simplex Air Bags • Price: $694 • Rating: 7.6 tons • Max Height: 7 in. • Min Height: 0.6 in. • Dim: 12in. x 12in. x 0.6in. • Weight: 6 lbs.

  28. Lift: Air Bag Lifting Mechanism • Matjack Air Bags • Price: $625 • Rating: 13 tons • Max Height: 7.5 in. • Min Height: 1 in. • Dim: 15in. x 15in. x 1in. • Weight: 12 lbs.

  29. Lift: Air Bag Lifting Mechanism • Power Team Air Bags • Price: $478 • Rating: 7 tons • Max Height: 6.3 in. • Min Height: 1 in. • Dim: 12in. x 12in. x 1in. • Weight: 4 lbs.

  30. Lift: Air Bag Comparison Power Team air bags meet our requirements, especially minimum height. The only drawback is the obvious high price. However we believe that our budget can handle the purchase of two bags.

  31. Final Design

  32. Conclusion

  33. Design Review:Hinge • Able to tilt solar car lid any desired angle • Strong enough to hold the lid and not fail under certain loading conditions • Simple to operate

  34. Design Review:Wheel Alignment • Able to be aligned at anytime • Simple to read, and operate • Able to get all four wheels straight relative to the frame of the car

  35. Design Review:Lift / Jack • Slide under Car • Able to lift car and any additional load if needed • Air Bags have quick response • Total Weight of lift is approximately 155 lbs.

  36. Final Thoughts • Meet the requirements set by our advisors • Helps the performance of the UK Solar Car Team • Given Helpful insight to our project • Total Cost: • Approximately $1300.00

  37. Any Questions?