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Graduate School OnePurdue Update March 25, 2008 PowerPoint Presentation
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Graduate School OnePurdue Update March 25, 2008

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Graduate School OnePurdue Update March 25, 2008
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Graduate School OnePurdue Update March 25, 2008

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  1. Graduate School OnePurdue Update March 25, 2008

  2. SunGard Banner • HR and Finance will continue in SAP. • Two of our regional campuses (Calumet and IPFW) have successful installs of Banner. • Replace mainframe system – central repository for all official data of the university. • Registrar • Bursar • Admissions • Financial Aid • Conversion/Implementation is scheduled for July 4 weekend • Catalog and Summer 08, Fall 08 Schedule of Classes in June • Summer grades and degrees will be in legacy

  3. Purdue Purchased • SunGard’s Unified Digital Campus (UDC) Components • Banner Student & Financial Aid • Banner INB – Internet Native Banner • Self-service for Students, Faculty, and Advisors (SSB – Self Service Banner) • Luminis Portal • Workflow (looked at later this year) • Banner XtenderSolutions - Imaging • Integration Technologies and Integration for e-Learning • Operational Data Store (ODS) and Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) – for reporting • e~Print – replace Page Center • Ad Astra – event and room scheduling • Touchnet - Electronic Bill Presentment, Payment, & Cashiering Software • Cognos – reporting tool (replace Brio)

  4. Campus Terminology • Terminology to specify campus • PWL – West Lafayette • PUC – Calumet • PNC – North Central • PFW – Purdue Fort Wayne • IFW – IU Fort Wayne • PIU – IUPUI • Txx – Statewide tech sites • TCO, TDY, TKO, etc. • CEC – Continuing Education • Continuing Ed students will be considered PWL on their student records but course information will retain CEC code)

  5. PNC PWL PUC ODS ODS ODS Separate Campus Implementations OnePurdue project PFW ODS EDW

  6. PUC PFW PNC AY and GSDB Graduate School Database ApplyYourself Applicant Data PUID assignment GRE Scores Import / Export Data to support plan of study and fellowships. PWL Banner OSOR OSOR OSOR ODS

  7. Who will exist in Banner? • General Person – Banner term to identify person information in the system. • Each General Person record consists of basic demographic data, ID, and address information. • Each person in the database will have one unique General Person record • All current/past students for whom we have an electronic record. • All applicants for Summer 2008 and forward • Graduate – all campuses excluding IFW • Ugrad/Prof – PWL, TSW, CEC • All people employed by the university

  8. Who will exist in Banner cont • Subsequent applications from a person will result in the association of the same General Person record. • People with dual roles as an employee (teacher/advisor) and as a student will have only one General Person record. • As we move forward: • People who take one of the following tests and have them sent to PWL • GRE, TOEFL, ACT, SAT

  9. Identification • Banner ID – Assign to new General Person records. In our case new applicants. • PUID – Assigned to new applicants once they go through PUID system. • Will continue to be Purdue’s unique indicator for both HR and student. • Will continue to be system wide. • SSN – Will remain an optional field on the application. Will be protected in Banner. • Should no longer be maintained within any departmental database. • They will no longer be maintained in the Graduate School database. • SID 999 numbers – Will not continue to be generated. • 999 numbers are not in Banner

  10. Security in Banner and ODS • Security details are still in development. • Security in Banner based on user and the user’s role. • Banner and the ODS will have same security. • Baseline Banner • Access to a form you have access to everything on that form • For every student relevant to that form • Inquiry OR Insert/Update/Delete

  11. ApplyYourself • Following Banner implementation: • ApplyYourself will continue to be used to collect graduate prospects for West Lafayette and applicant data for Calumet, IPFW, PNC and West Lafayette. • All application review and decision making will be made in ApplyYourself. • Applicant data will be moved to Banner once the application fee has been satisfied. • Biographical data, Address, Previous College, Application program and term data. Data that we currently move to the mainframe today. • Admit decisions will be manually updated in Banner • Admission conditions tracking will be moved from GSDB to Banner • Prospect information will not be moved to Banner.

  12. Applicant data and GSDB • Following Banner implementation: • Official GRE and TOEFL scores, received from ETS, will be loaded in Banner. They will no longer be loaded to the Graduate School database (GSDB). • ISS dates (NOI Received, File Complete, COE Issued) will no longer be in the GSDB. • Only applicant data needed to support fellowships will be loaded to GSDB. • Admitted degree seeking applicants • Curriculum and term information • Applicant reporting currently done in the GSDB will be done from either AY or ODS.

  13. Graduate School database • Following Banner implementation functionality to be maintained in the GSDB: • Faculty appointment forms and approvals • Electronic plan of study forms and approvals • Exit Questionnaires for Master and Doctoral students • Fellowships • Scholarship Search • Professional Development • Reports supporting any of the above functions.

  14. Grad School Database Access • Students will access via their new portal • Intent is that their access will be similar as it is today in SSINFO • Faculty and staff will access via a link from their portal • Intent is that access and authorization will be in the background and people will not have to login separately

  15. Reporting from ODS / EDW • COGNOS - Reporting tool to replace Brio • ODS refreshed nightly • Report Author Class – 4 days, for those who do reporting as a main part of their job • Must understand relational database; know what a join is • If you are an active creator of queries in Brio this may be for you • Query Studio Class – 1 day, for those who will be running reports created by Authors. • Currently, do not expect there to be any fee for the license • Email Sarah Bauer and she will assign you a time • e~Print - Similar to Page Center today • Distribution of canned university reports (I.e. Degrees Awarded) • Ad–hoc reporting, against production data, will be extremely limited. Do not expect to have this.

  16. Conversion • Summer will be a trailer in the academic year. • Term codes will be 6 characters : • Fall 2008-09 (Aug 2008 – Dec 2008 ) = 200910 • Spring 2008-09 (Jan 2009 – May 2009) = 200920 • Summer 2008-09 (May 2009 – Aug 2009) = 200930 • The above semesters will be considered the 2009 academic year. • Legacy classifications (A,C, D, M, B, etc) will not be carried forward in Banner • You will be able to get this information via degree info and “non academic course” work • Course numbers will be 5 characters. Just add 00 on the end. • Numbers will not be reused in Banner • There will be no more alpha courses.

  17. Conversion cont. • Campus, Department, School/College • I.E. legacy: West Lafayette, Mechanical Engineering, Master of Science • Banner has curriculums • Level: will always be GR • College: GP for DNP and DAUD; all others GR • Campus: PWL, PUC, PNC, PFW, IFW, PIU • Degree: MS, MSE, MBA, MFA, MSECE, etc. • Does not distinguish between thesis and non-thesis • Major: MECH, CHEM, ENGL, etc. • Program: MECH-MS, BIOLOGY-MS, etc.

  18. Fast Facts: Research Courses • Converting of Research Courses (698 and 699) • In July, only those sections of 698 and 699 with a person registered will be converted. • A process will be in place to request a new section for a course. • Paper form completed and signed by instructor or dept designee • Registrar will create section and register student for the course • “Designator Required” now become “Permission Required” • Students will not be able to register themselves. • “Over rides” must be done by the instructor or designee • Who those designees are still being determined • Get your students registered before mid June. • Very important for research courses! • Other registrations are strongly encouraged. • Registration freeze TBD.

  19. Fast Facts: Online Registration • Students not registered, for fall 08, by conversion weekend will register themselves online. • Only restriction is that they were eligible to register in legacy • All drops/adds, for fall 08, after conversion will be done by the student online • All students will register themselves for spring classes • Students will use an “Alternate PIN” to register. • Open issue concerning if all graduate students will use the “Alternate Pin” approach to registration. • Alternate PINs will be distributed by advisor or someone in the department • Online registration will be driven by priority. • Graduate students will be 1 of the first groups to register for classes • Grad students registering for lower level courses will need to register early. • Department contacts/faculty will not register a student for classes. • Exceptions are “Permission Required” courses

  20. Fast Facts: +/- Grades and GPA • Plus / Minus grades will be effective for fall 08 courses. • GPA’s available in Banner • Semester • Cumulative • GPA’s will restart when you move levels (as we do today)

  21. Fast Facts: Transfer Courses • All transfer courses will have the subject of “GRTR” • Original institutions subject, course number, title will be the course title • Credit hours will be maintained • No grade will be posted • Banner allows for attendance periods on transfer credit, we hope to utilize this in the future.

  22. Fast Facts – Course Pre-reqs • Graduate students registering for undergraduate courses 100-400, who do not meet pre-requisites, will need over ride approval. • Unless the grad student went to Purdue as an undergrad and has the pre-req courses in their academic history. • Pre-req approval over rides will be done by – as yet undecided • Generally they are done by the instructor or academic advisor • Grad students will not be required to have the specified pre-reqs for 500 or 600 level courses. • The system will allow entry of all 500 & 600 but the student should consult with the instructor to ensure they have the necessary qualifications.

  23. Fast Facts – Misc • Current class “P” students are non-degree in Banner and are not eligible for financial aid. • Plan of study submission, thesis information, doctoral prelim information will be maintained in Banner’s Qualifying Paper and Non-Academic course data • No specific decisions have been made about maintaining (or not maintaining) advisory committee info in Banner. • CAPP (Curriculum Audit and Program Planning) – Banner’s degree auditing program will not be available for graduate programs. Estimated time for using this is unknown. Degree auditing at the graduate level is still an unknown. • Use of CAND courses will still be used to indicate degree candidacy. Students will not sign themselves up for this course. Departments will provide the Graduate School with lists and they will register the student.

  24. Fast Facts – Misc • When an incomplete grade is replaced with a completion grade, the completion grade will be recorded in the original semester rather than when the student completed the work. • There will be no more wait listing.

  25. What changes will I see? The amount of change you will see will depend on what your duties are? If you work mainly in the GSDB and ApplyYourself, the changes you will experience, will have more to do with the new terms codes, majors, etc. If you have extended duties, such as schedule deputy, advising students, you will see more extensive changes. If the duty/task currently resides in the mainframe it will change.

  26. Banner INB Main Menu

  27. Banner INB – General Person

  28. Banner INB – Test Scores

  29. Banner INB - Application

  30. Banner INB – Qualifying paper

  31. Student SSB – Main Tabs

  32. Student SSB – Registration Status

  33. Training • Still in development • Faculty – Mostly online short courses. Help pages for SSB. I.E. Look ups, Print class rosters, submitting grades. • Expect sometime in June and/or after go-live • Advisors – some advisors will use SSB and some will use INB. • Those using SSB will have mainly online short courses • Those using INB will have classroom training • Expect in June and after go-live • Graduate Contacts – still trying to figure out where they fit. • Presentation to PACADA - • Online Banner navigation available May/June

  34. Conclusion OnePurdue Newsletter: Comments and Questions to: Coleen Karle – SunGard