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IRIS - International Railway Industry Standard

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IRIS - International Railway Industry Standard The global Quality Standard for the Railway Industry Florence – 15 May 2008 IRIS History 1/2

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iris international railway industry standard
AICQ Seminar 15_05_2008IRIS -International Railway Industry Standard

The global Quality Standard for the

Railway Industry

Florence – 15 May 2008

iris history 1 2
IRIS History 1/2
  • 1999: During the UITP General Assembly in Hong Kong, Operators have complained about poor product quality and bad reliability of some Rolling Stock and requested to improve the quality of the Supply Chain.
  • 2000: In Germany most of the railway equipment manufacturers complained about the number of different requirements and audits from system integrators and operators and requested rationalization.
  • 2000 – 2004: two different Working Groups set by Alstom and Siemens-Bombardier worked independently to find solutions.
  • April 2004: Alstom, Bombardier and Siemens started cooperation.
  • 2004: birth of the RIC (Railway Industry Cooperation) with the objective to develop a system to increase the quality of processes and products in the railway supply chain. As soon as a draft of the standard was developed the name was changed into IRIS (International Railway Industry Standard) in early 2005.

AICQ Seminar 15_05_2008

iris history 2 2
IRIS History 2/2
  • May 2005: UNIFE General Assembly accepted the integration of IRIS Group.
  • July 2005: Constitution of IRIS Group with participation of system integrators and equipment manufacturers.
  • Sept-Oct. 2005: Validation phase of the IRIS System (pilot audits).
  • March 2006: The IRIS Management Centre was fully staffed and the system was fine tuned according to the feedbacks from the validation phase.
  • May 2006: IRIS Rev00 was officially launched on the UNIFE General Assembly in Geneva.
  • November 2007: IRIS Rev01 was launched on the market (incl. Signalling).

AICQ Seminar 15_05_2008


IRIS aims to continue to develop and implement a common global systemfor the evaluation of Business Management Systems specific to the railway industry, comprising:

  • an international standard based on the principles of ISO 9001 for the business management systems requirements in the railway industry
  • derived from the standard a questionnaire,
  • anevaluation process with an assessment guideline to be performed by approved certification bodies,
  • a web-based IRIS Portal (database) and Audit-Tool (Software).

AICQ Seminar 15_05_2008


Industry trends





AICQ Seminar 15_05_2008

the organization

IRIS ManagementCentre (UNIFE)

Auditor Validation

Committee (AVC)

Framework Agreement

Approval & Contract

Approval, Validation & Follow up

Certification Body 1 *

Certification Body x *

Auditors tied up with CBs



Client 2

Client 3

Client 1

Client n

Request for Certification

System Integrators

Equipment Manufacturers

UNIFE Presiding Board

The Organization

Nomination Agreement


Nomination Agreement


Nomination Agreement

IRIS Steering Committee

Rules of Procedure

IRIS Technical

Forum For



or ad hoc

IRIS Working


IRIS Advisory

Board (IAB)

Operators and IRIS

Steering Committee


AICQ Seminar 15_05_2008

what makes the difference to iso
What makes the difference to ISO?

AICQ Seminar 15_05_2008

what makes the difference to iso8
What makes the difference to ISO?

1. An adequate level of formalization :

  • 14 procedures to be documented (ISO 9001: 6)
  • 19 processesrequired (ISO 9001: 3)

2. A pre-requisite before starting the audit :

  • Readiness review
  • 12 KO questions

3. Specific rules controlling:

  • Actors (CB – global presence, railway experience, targets to meet, auditors – auditing and railway experience, training and exams conduct by IMC, case study renewal... )
  • Certification process (remote functions, auditor evaluation, compensative and rewarding approach, software support...)
  • Assessment guideline (readiness review, CARs and IARs, questionnaire and maturity levels...)

AICQ Seminar 15_05_2008

iris rev00 rev01 main differences
IRIS Rev00 – Rev01 main differences
  • Standard applicable to Rolling Stock AND Signalling
  • Company activities in manufacturing AND/OR design
  • Remote Functions rules improved
  • IRIS auditor time chart improved
  • Reduction scheme available for Companies upgrading from other standards
  • 12 K.O. questions
  • The Audit-tool Version 2 with new features, from now on it is the only source for the IRIS questionnaire
  • Audit-tool Version 2 for companies with reduced costs (250 EUR per license) and special price to buy together the Audit-tool and the booklet (300 EUR)
  • Database extension: more documents can be uploaded and managed by Certification Bodies and Members
  • New IRIS Portal structure to facilitate and improve the usability

AICQ Seminar 15_05_2008

some current data about iris

4 languages questionnaire now!!!

Some current data about IRIS
  • 67 certificates issued,
  • 222 auditors trained and approved,
    • Italian speaking: 58 !!
    • scopes covered: ALL
  • 1231 booklets Rev 01 and 263 Audit-tool sold by end of April,
  • 13 global Certification Bodies approved,
  • 250 companies active in the IRIS Portal,

AICQ Seminar 15_05_2008

it s a global standard
It’s a global standard!
  • 4 official languages (EN, FR, GE, IT) :
    • Additional translations will be performed under National associations responsibility (signed for Russian and Spanish)
  • A powerful Audit-tool :
    • We push for internal assessment by the companies
  • A dedicated website-database :
    • Different access areas are existing (Public area, Members, Certification Bodies, Auditors)
    • Facilitating solutions: training schedule, advisories…

AICQ Seminar 15_05_2008

where are we going
Where are we going?

AICQ Seminar 15_05_2008

next steps
Next steps
  • Communication actions:
    • IRIS Conference (Bruxelles, Belgium) - May 21st – 22nd, 2008
    • InnoTrans (Berlin, Germany) - Sept. 23th- 26th, 2008
    • Rail Tech Asia (New Dehli, India) - Dec. 3rd – 5th, 2008
  • Maintenance as a scope of activity by mid of 2008
  • Operators are working to improve the current Standard for the benefit of all Railway stakeholders => rev 02 in 2009
  • Spanish and Russian translation available soon.

AICQ Seminar 15_05_2008

your contacts

UNIFE – IRIS Management Centre

Your contacts

Avenue Louise, 2211050 BruxellesBelgium

Bernard Kaufmann

Giuseppe Greco

Nevena Petrova

Tel: +32 2 642 23 36

Fax: +32 2 626 12 61

AICQ Seminar 15_05_2008

thank you for your attention see you soon on the iris website on the certified companies list
Thank you for your attentionSee you soon on the IRIS website on the certified companies list….

AICQ Seminar 15_05_2008