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TechMate International The Industry Standard

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TechMate International The Industry Standard - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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TechMate International The Industry Standard. Why TechMate. TechMate has… Been in business since 1989 3500 customers and installations in 40+ countries

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TechMate International The Industry Standard

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why techmate
Why TechMate

TechMate has… Been in business since 1989 3500 customers and installations in 40+ countries

A proven track record of success Offices in CA, NJ and a separate development office Multiple Product lines to facilitate sales, estimation and inventories Become the largest software vendor to the Moving industry in the world

“Why trust your business to anyone else?”

managing the sales process
Managing the Sales Process

TechMate has built a process designed to manage the relocation process from the point of initial contact….

1) Initial contact is made with prospect. Phone survey is completed and emailed from FirstMate OR on-site estimate is scheduled and assigned to a salesperson.

2) Salesperson completes on-site survey and prints out detailed cube sheet and estimate for prospective shipper.

3) Full visibility allows for changes to be accessed by a customer service representative and emailed directly to the shipper from within the application.

4) Detailed management reporting on everything from lead sources to individual sales performance allows managers to make more informed decisions.

current product offerings
Current Product Offerings

FirstMateis the hub system of the TechMate product suite. FirstMate combines Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools with fully-featured survey and estimation capabilities. The system streamlines the sales process by providing a data repository for all shipments, an interface to the mobile sales and inventory applications, integrated email functionality and detailed reporting capacity.

Pocket SalesMate/Tablet SalesMaterecords customer information, surveys, calculates tariff charges, and allows users to print a Table of Measurements and an Estimate/Order for Service directly at residence. SalesMate improves productivity by empowering salespeople to provide accurate estimates, offering a more professional presentation, eliminating redundant data entry and, most importantly, by improving closing ratios.

LoadMate empowers drivers to wirelessly print or email inventories directly from residence. The system’s easy-to-use features mirror the existing pen-and-paper process to minimize the learning curve for new users. Completed Inventories can be printed in standard English or coded format. Listed inventory items are fully customizable to match a driver’s particular style. Faster, cleaner inventories in less time are the hallmarks of this application.

mobile sales platforms
Mobile Sales Platforms

In order to capitalize on the ever-changing technology landscape, TechMate offers several mobile options:


Ø Cost: $400-$500 (New) / Suggested Manufacturer: HP / Screen: 3.5" (Corner-to-Corner)

Ø  Weight: 4-7 ounces / Operating System: Windows Mobile 5  or Windows Mobile 6


Ø      Cost: 199-$499 (New) / Suggested Manufacturer: Speak with your cell phone provider

Ø      Screen: 3" (Corner-to-Corner) / Weight: 4-7 ounces

Ø      Operating System: Windows Mobile 5 / WM 5.2 / WM 6.0

Ø      Built-in wireless functionality with purchase of data plan from cell provider


Ø      Cost: $800 (Refurbished) - $1500 (New)

Ø      Suggested Specs: 9"-12" Screen, Extended battery life, Bluetooth

Ø      Operating System: Windows XP Pro (Tablet Edition) / Vista / Weight: 2.5-5 lbs

Ø      This is a fully functional Laptop


Ø      Cost: $800 -$1100 (New) /Suggested Specs: 5.5"-7" Screen, Extended battery life

Ø      Operating System: Windows XP Pro (Tablet Edition) / Vista / Weight: 1-2.5lbs

Ø      This is a fully functional Laptop /”middle-ground" between the Pocket PC and a Tablet

wireless connectivity
Wireless Connectivity







detailed surveys
Detailed Surveys

FirstMate’s dynamic survey leverages almost 20 years of experience and has become the industry standard. The items are 100% customizable, supporting multiple languages, multi-modal shipments, HHG and O&I. Completed Surveys can be emailed from directly within the application.


FirstMate’s scheduling system was designed specifically to serve the needs of our relocation clientele.

> Instantly access customers from the schedule screen

> Set availability for each salesperson

> Option to set “non-reporting” appointments such as “Dentist”, which will not impact closing ratios

> View daily or weekly schedules

> Eliminates need for scheduling book

reporting tools
Reporting Tools

FirstMate incorporates detailed management reporting on: Closing Ratios, Lead Sources, Bookings, Move Types, and Financial Data. These can be created in a PDF format or exported into an Excel Worksheet.


TechMate has always maintained the philosophy that our customers are buying a solution; not just a product.

> Support hours from 8am to 8pm East Coast Time

> Ten dedicated support personnel (most in the industry)

> Extensive Training videos across

all product lines

> LiveChat on the website for

instant access to a technician

> LiveChat Integrated into our

software applications

> Offices on the East and West



Perhaps the reason that TechMate is the largest moving software vendor in the world, is that we actually listen to our clients…..

  • The attached survey does not tell us that our 3500 customers are all 100% happy…but it does tell you that:
  • We listen
  • We learn
  • We are always getting better

* 89% of our clients in 2007 said they were Satisfied or Extremely Satisfied with TechMate

the future
The Future

TechMate has made numerous changes over the past year and has lots of new and exciting developments in the pipeline.

Whether you are an existing customer, or have never worked with us, we look forward to hearing from you.

Contact us at today at: