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First in 2009: Progress Steps

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First in 2009: Progress Steps - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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First in 2009: Progress Steps. June 23, 2006 Presentation for Board of Trustees. First in 2009. A framework for promoting continuous improvement at Miami that focuses on eight broad goals Goal 1: A more highly qualified student body Goal 2: Greater academic support for faculty

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first in 2009 progress steps

First in 2009:Progress Steps

June 23, 2006

Presentation for Board of Trustees

first in 2009
First in 2009
  • A framework for promoting continuous improvement at Miami that focuses on eight broad goals
    • Goal 1: A more highly qualified student body
    • Goal 2: Greater academic support for faculty
    • Goal 3: Developing a curriculum for the 21st century
    • Goal 4: A richer intellectual and cultural life
    • Goal 5: Greater campus diversity
    • Goal 6: Enhanced facilities
    • Goal 7: A stronger revenue base
    • Goal 8: Embracing best practices
first in 2009 coordinating council
Debi Allison

Brad Bundy

Jose Bowen

Judith de Luce

Curtis Ellison

David Francko

Brenda Greene

Tim Greenlee

Carolyn Haynes, chair

Jeffrey Herbst

John Hughes

Phyllis Keating

David Keitges

Jan Kidd

Sally Lloyd

Peter Miller

Susan Mosley-Howard

Mufit Ozden

Abdoulaye Saine

Lee Sanders

Karen Schilling

Judith Sessions

Jeffrey Sommers

Michael Stevenson

Jerry Stonewater

Kari Taylor

Holly Wissing

Mary Woodworth

First in 2009 Coordinating Council
academic integrity

Academic Integrity

Findings & Recommendations

academic integrity1
Academic Integrity
  • Charge: Develop recommendations to advance academic integrity at MU.
  • Key Findings:
    • Forms of academic dishonesty exist.
    • Students and faculty sometimes ignore cheating.
    • Many students accept some forms of academic dishonesty.
    • Facilities, class size, type of tests may facilitate cheating.
academic integrity major recommendations
Academic Integrity Major Recommendations
  • Clearly communicate expectations to faculty and students (e.g., orientation, syllabi, assignments, honor statements).
  • Adopt a framework of supporting policies (e.g., professional development, software access, code of conduct, coordinating person or office).
academic leadership

Academic Leadership

Developing Administrative Leaders

academic leadership1
Academic Leadership
  • Charge: Develop recommendations for promoting effective and creative administrative leaders at Miami.
  • Key Findings:
    • Current leaders had little training.
    • Support staff are not well prepared to meet growing bureaucratic demands.
academic leadership major recommendations
Academic LeadershipMajor Recommendations
  • Offer greater mentoring, networking and training for leaders (e.g., workshops, readings, online handbook, professional development).
  • Hire additional senior level staff with state-of-the-art skills.
departmental governance

Departmental Governance

Developing a System

departmental governance1
Departmental Governance
  • Charge: Develop a template for departmental bylaws.
  • Key Findings:
    • Variation in size and content of documents exists.
    • Majority of departments have good to excellent documents.
    • A minority feature items that are outdated or at odds with MU policy.
departmental governance major recommendations
Departmental Governance Major Recommendations
  • Require departments in a timely & collegial manner to revise their documents using new template developed by the subcommittee.
  • Make sure documents are easily accessible on the MU website and reviewed & revised regularly.


Promoting Interdisciplinary Teaching & Scholarship

  • Charge: Develop recommendations for promoting interdisciplinary teaching and scholarship across the university .
  • Key Findings:
    • Promotion and tenure issues remain.
    • Trends suggest that more faculty will be involved in interdisciplinary work in the future.
interdisciplinarity major recommendations
InterdisciplinarityMajor Recommendations
  • Develop a new structure to oversee interdisciplinary work at Miami.
  • Create an academic affairs strategic plan that includes interdisciplinarity.
  • Institute a new system of rewards for interdisciplinary activity.
progress on previous reports
Progress on Previous Reports
  • Series of Faculty Workshops on Inclusion
  • Graduate Education Strategic Plan
  • New Forms of Support for Study Abroad (financial incentives, website, fair).
  • Voice of America Learning Center Plan
  • Strategies for Relocating Regional Campus Students to Oxford
other major 2005 06 initiatives

Alcohol Prevention



Capital Campaign

Grading Practices

MUDEC Strategic Plan

University Multicultural Council

Other Major 2005-06 Initiatives
measuring our success

Measuring Our Success

2000-2006 Major Achievements

first in 2009 goal 1

First in 2009Goal 1

A stronger student body

goal 1 students
Goal 1: Students
  • Tuition & Scholarship Plan
  • Enrollment Management Planning
  • Honors & Scholars Program
  • Strategic Plan for Graduate Education
  • Data & Technology Driven Recruitment
  • Record Number of Student Awards
first in 2009 goal 2

First in 2009Goal 2

A More Qualified and Supported Faculty

goal 2 faculty
Goal 2: Faculty
  • 50 New Faculty Lines
  • Domestic Partner Benefits
  • Increase in Grants and Research
  • Revised Promotion & Tenure Guidelines
  • Award-Winning Faculty Development Program
  • Center for Writing Excellence
  • 10X Post-Doctoral Fellowship Program
first in 2009 goal 3

First in 2009Goal 3

A 21st Century Curriculum

goal 3 curriculum
Goal 3: Curriculum
  • Expanded School of Engineering & Applied Science
  • New College of Arts & Science Majors & Programs
  • New MBA Program
  • First-Year Seminars
  • Havighurst Center for Russian & Post-Soviet Studies
  • Center for Interactive Media Studies
  • New Efforts for Study Abroad
  • MUDEC Strategic Plan
  • China Business Program
first in 2009 goal 4

First in 2009Goal 4

Stronger Standards and Enriched Campus Life

goal 4 standards campus life
Goal 4: Standards & Campus Life
  • New Leadership Centers
  • New Community Engagement Offices
  • Grading Practices Study
  • Alcohol Abuse Prevention Study
  • Academic Integrity Study
  • New Advising Efforts
  • University Calendar of Events
first in 2009 goal 5

First in 2009Goal 5

A More Diverse Community

goal 5 diversity
Goal 5: Diversity
  • Increased Faculty Diversity
  • Center for American & World Cultures
  • Annual Climate Surveys
  • U.S. Cultures Requirement
  • University Diversity Statement
  • STRIVE Campus Conversations
  • UMC White Papers & Open Forums
first in 2009 goal 6

First in 2009Goal 6

Better Facilities and Systems

goal 6 facilities systems
Goal 6: Facilities & Systems
  • Exterior Campus Master Plan
  • Strategic Plan for University Libraries
  • Strategic Plan for Information Technology
  • New & Renovated Buildings
  • Wireless Capabilities Across Campus
  • Voice of America Learning Center Plans
first in 2009 goal 7

First in 2009Goal 7

A Robust Revenue Base

goal 7 revenue
Goal 7: Revenue
  • Capital Campaign with Annual Record-Setting Figures
  • Major Gifts Ranging from $1 to $30 Million
  • New Regional Development Campaigns
  • New Financial Structure for Continuing Education & Summer School
first in 2009 goal 8

First in 2009Goal 8

Ongoing Benchmarking and Assessment

goal 8 assessment
Goal 8: Assessment
  • University-Wide Benchmarking Exercise
  • Revised Program Review Process and Content
  • New Assessment Initiatives, Including Outcomes in the Major, Diversity Outcomes and Critical Thinking Project
  • Regular Assessment Briefs
  • Director of Institutional Research
more to come

More to come…

Efforts in Progress

planned or in progress efforts
Planned or In Progress Efforts
  • Prioritizing of This Year’s Reports
  • Continued Implementation of Earlier Reports
  • Bicentennial Planning
  • Revision of MU Mission Statement
  • Study of Ways to Use Technology in the Classroom to Enrich Learning