Every employee every community 2005
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Every Employee Every Community 2005 . Best Corporate Citizen.

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Every employee every community 2005

Every Employee Every Community 2005

Best Corporate Citizen

"What distinguishes the 100 Best Corporate Citizens from their peers is a commitment to higher standards," said Marjorie Kelly, Editor of Business Ethics Magazine.  "The list represents the top 10 percent of Russell 1000 firms when it comes to corporate social responsibility - those that perform to a higher standard in serving a variety of stakeholders with excellence and integrity."

- Business Ethics Magazine

“There is always more work to be done as we strive for continuous improvement in serving all of our stakeholders, but being named the top corporate citizen by Business Ethics is a wonderful recognition of our employees’ efforts, and one of which we are very proud.”

- Tim Solso

Program objectives
Program Objectives

  • Celebrate Cummins #1 ranking by Business Ethics Magazine.

  • Give every Cummins employee the opportunity to spend a half-day of company time to serve and improve his/her community.

  • Schedule Community Service Projects anytime between the months of May and August to provide flexibility for each site to manage around customer, employee and production schedules.

  • Provide company structured opportunities for Cummins employees to participate in living our corporate responsibility value of serving and improving the communities in which we live.


  • Total hours spent serving and improving Cummins communities: 8000

  • Total Cummins communities world wide who participated in the EE/EC initiative: 42

  • Total Cummins number of employees who participated in local EE/EC projects: 2000

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Beyond the measures
Beyond the Measures

  • “There were benefits from the Every Employee Every Community that we did not anticipate. I met people for the first time that had been my coworker for years. I got a chance to problem solve and be a leader”

  • - Evelyn, Cummins Technical Center

  • “This initiative came at a time when we were just about to role out team based work plans, the timing was perfect”

    - Horace, Jamestown Engine Plant

  • “I love to volunteer. As a parent with two small children, I never have the time anymore. This program let me do something I love that I no longer have time to do. I am proud to work for a company that really cares about it’s community and it’s employees.”

  • - Beth, Cummins Mid Range Engine Plant


Cummins Korea

Cummins Russia

And improving
And Improving

Cummins Singapore

Our communities
Our Communities

Cummins Darlington, UK

Best practices cummins china
Best PracticesCummins China

  • 1,920 hrs of EEEC projects were completed by 480 Cummins China employees in the EEEC activities during May, June, July and August 2005.

  • Cummins China is the number one in community service hours.

Best practices cummins technical center
Best PracticesCummins Technical Center

  • 1,481 hrs of EEEC projects were completed by 357 CTC employees in the EEEC activities during May, June & July 2005.

  • Great effort on the part of the team captains and participants.

Capacity Building

At Cummins Mechlen in Belgium a program already existed where an employee could have so many hours of paid time a month to do community service.

Of the hundred or so employees at location, only 5 took advantage of the program.

Mechlen’s participation rate for the Every Employee Every Community Initiative increased to 70%.