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ePIXnet and the Industry

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ePIXnet and the Industry - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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ePIXnet and the Industry Mike Wale Chairman of the Industrial Board and Adviser to the ePIXnet SC mike.wale@bookham.com Industrial Participants in ePIXnet Strong industrial presence 26 industrial participants

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ePIXnet and the Industry

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epixnet and the industry

ePIXnet and the Industry

Mike Wale

Chairman of the Industrial Board and Adviser to the ePIXnet SC


industrial participants in epixnet
Industrial Participants in ePIXnet
  • Strong industrial presence
  • 26 industrial participants
  • Industrial participation has increased significantly: at the beginning there were 7 partners and 5 affiliates
  • New industrial partners/affiliates associated with platforms
  • By engaging a wide industrial base, ePIXnet is providing a framework not only for the development of the research community but also for European industry, by stimulating plans for future European foundry networks
what kind of companies are involved
What kind of companies are involved?
  • All aspects of photonic integration are covered
    • Device manufacturers
    • System manufacturers incorporating PICs in their products
    • Manufacturers of semiconductor manufacturing equipment
    • Software companies supporting photonic IC design, modelling and simulation
    • System users
  • Industrial partners are playing a key role in the development of the integration platforms
industrial participants in epixnet4
Full partners

Alcatel Thales III-V Lab






Vistec (formerly Leica)

Welcome to all industrial participants at this meeting!

Industrial participants in ePIXnet
  • Affiliates
  • VanderHoek CSEM - CSEM- CH
  • Intense Photonics
  • Teem Photonics S.A
  • ASML
  • 3S Photonics
  • Filtronic
  • LioniX
  • OptiSense
  • Ericsson
  • u2t
  • Photon Design
  • Nokia Siemens Networks
  • Phoenix BV
  • Photonix Ltd
  • Oxford IPT
an invitation to industry
An invitation to industry

ePIXnet welcomes the widest possible participation of industrial companies with interests in photonic integration

  • Affiliate membership offers an informal route to participation in the Network and engagement with Network partners
  • Affiliate companies are invited to send a delegate to the annual Meeting and contribute to all activities
  • Affililates do not receive funding, but nor is there any fee
  • Affiliates may participate in joint research and platform activities under NDA
industry board
Industry Board
  • Membership includes all industrial partners and affiliates
  • Advise the Steering Committee and Research Integration Board on industrial relevance of the Network activities and on aspects that are particularly important for industry (e.g. business aspects, intellectual property)
    • Chairman of Industry Board attends all SC meetings
  • Stimulate innovation within the Network, both technically and organizationally
  • Set up an effective interaction with as many industrial actors as possible who are relevant to the aims of ePIXnet
  • Promote the ePIXnet message in appropriate industrial contexts and forums
  • Strong relationship with European Photonics Industry Consortium (EPIC)

ePIXnet policy from 2006

Group joint research around

3 Integration Technology Platforms (ITP)

  • InP-based photonic integration
  • Silicon photonics (CMOS-compatible)
  • Nanostructuring technologies for photonic integration

and 3 supporting platforms

  • High speed characterisation platform
  • Modelling platform
  • Packaging platform

The platforms support a wide range of joint research actitivies (JRAs) within ePIXnet

They represent true structural change and will survive ePIXnet

advantages to industry
Advantages to industry
  • Convergence of technology eases implementation and exploitation at all stages from prototyping to high volume
  • Facilitates exploitation of university research, shorter time to market
  • Makes InP PIC technology available to smaller companies
  • Stimulates circuit level innovation
    • Important step to PICs becoming similar to ICs
    • Allows emphasis on application and circuit level aspects
  • Provides proving ground for advanced equipment, technology and software
  • Opportunity to establish standards for all aspects of technology, equipment and design tools
challenges for industry
Challenges for Industry
  • Developing the technology pipeline from university through prototyping to high volume manufacture
  • Funding
    • Infrastructure
    • Platforms of choice for European PIC projects (national, EC or commercial)
    • Discussions with funding agencies underway, FP7 proposals in preparation
  • Legal and IP considerations
    • Complex but not insuperable
    • ePIXnet CA being developed for wider participation
  • Establishing a new model for InP circuit R&D
  • Develop platforms beyond ePIXnet and become a key European facility for the next decade and beyond
  • Changing the paradigm for photonic circuit R&D!
industry and the silicon platform
Industry and the Silicon Platform
  • The coordinators of the Silicon Platform have many contacts with the relevant industrial partners
  • Good and advantageous collaboration with suppliers such as SOITEC (wafer supplier) and ASML (tool supplier).
  • Talks with IHP (Germany) and preliminary contacts with European and Non-European players in the field of electronics, such as UMC and TSMC, with regard to foundry developments
  • Currently two industrial partners make use of the platform's service: Genalyte, Genexis
  • The mission of both research institutes IMEC and CEA-Leti forces these two platform partners to have very strong ties with  the industry.
    • IMEC's staff of more than 1500 people includes over 500 industrial residents
    • CEA founded 97 new companies during the last 25 years.
industry in the jeppix platform
Industry in the JePPIX platform
  • Amongst the organizations making up the JePPIX platform, industrial partners are in the majority
  • Many European device companies are involved in planning the evolution of the platform (Bookham, Cedova, CIP, CST, 3-5 Lab, 3S Photonics, Svedice, …), as well as key software companies (Phoenix BV, Photon Design) and equipment manufacturers (ASML, Aixtron, Oxford Plasma Tech)
  • Industrial partners are making major contributions to the vision of the foundry-based model of integrated photonics
  • Partners fully engaged with the academic and research institute partners in inventing new commercial, legal, organizational and technical frameworks
  • JePPIX will continue after ePIXnet
  • Industry partners are taking significant steps towards an industrial-scale European foundry, operating generic processes with open design rules, to widen access to photonic integration for equipment manufacturers (SMEs as well as large companies), in addition to researchers
industrial participation in the jeppix symposium eindhoven november 2006
Industrial participation in the JePPIX symposium, Eindhoven, November 2006
  • Photonic CAD / Ir. Arjen Bakker (Phoenix, Enschede, NL)
  • Foundry Service / Dr. John Reid (Cedova, Eindhoven, NL), Dr. Michael Robertson (Centre for Integrated Photonics (CIP), Ipswich, UK)
  • Photonic Integrated Circuit Applications / Dr. Mike Wale (Bookham, Caswell, UK)
  • PICs for Fibre-to-the-Home / Dr. Gerlas van den Hoven (Genexis, Eindhoven, NL)
  • PICs for Sensor Readout / Ir. Mar van der Hoek (VanderHoekPhotonics, Vlaardingen, NL)
  • PICs for high speed communications / Andreas Umbach, Dirk Trommer (u2t Photonics, Berlin, D)
industry and policy
Industry and policy
  • The ePIXnet steering committee has developed a vision paper containing strong industrial input, entitled “Towards a foundry model for micro- and nanophotonic ICs: A vision for Europe”.
  • This document will provide an important input to the forthcoming Photonics21 workshop in October, with the aim of defining the updated Strategic Research Agenda for FP7.
  • Industrial partners in ePIXnet are working closely with academic and research institute colleagues to make the vision described in this paper a reality.
  • ePIXnet is seeking fundamental change in the way in which photonics R&D is conducted, in order to ensure a leadership position for European industry
  • Industrial participation is key to success
  • Strong industrial partnership is in place and is driving a vision which extends beyond R&D
  • During the remaining year of the ePIXnet programme, this vision will be elaborated and set on the path to full realization
  • Some significant challenges to be overcome but the prize is well worth the effort
  • We aim to be inclusive: we want to hear from all technology providers, manufacturers and users
  • We welcome your inputs!


Leader in Photonic Integration