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Delaware River Port Authority PowerPoint Presentation
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Delaware River Port Authority

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Delaware River Port Authority - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Delaware River Port Authority. Functional Fiefdom. Overview. What is a fiefdom? What is a functional fiefdom? Problems with fiefdoms History of DRPA History of PATCO Recent DPRA news Questions. Fiefdoms.

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Delaware River Port Authority

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  • What is a fiefdom?
  • What is a functional fiefdom?
  • Problems with fiefdoms
  • History of DRPA
  • History of PATCO
  • Recent DPRA news
  • Questions

Fiefdom- land which was granted by a lord to a group or vassal in exchange for allegiance and income; could be military or financial allegiance; also known as a fief, feud, feoff or fee; medieval origin

functional fiefdoms
Functional Fiefdoms
  • functional fiefdom - operates under governmental guidelines
  • each fiefdom oversees a public activity.
  • Interest groups and the government benefit from each other just like the lord and vassal in the middle ages.
  • Accomplishments harder to achieve when governmental interest involved
  • interaction between fiefdoms becomes awkward
  • government tends to lean toward interest groups and not necessarily the people
the fiefdom syndrome
“The Fiefdom Syndrome”
  • Robert J. Herbold (former Microsoft executive) wrote an article called “The Fiefdom Syndrome.”.
  • He explains the problem with fiefdoms very well in one quote:

“Microsoft wasn't unique. Many large companies suffer the ravages of fiefdoms, turf wars and bureaucracy. It's a problem that begins when individuals, groups or divisions try to protect their turfs, reshaping their environments to gain as much control as possible.”

history of delaware river port authority drpa
History of Delaware River Port Authority (DRPA)
  • been in existence for over 80 years
  • 1818 – first time resident of Delaware Valley began discussing the idea of building a bridge across the Delaware River
  • 1919 - both state legislatures approve creation of the Delaware River Bridge Joint Commission
  • July 17th, 1951 – President Truman signs a bill creating Delaware River Port Authority successor to Delaware River Bridge Joint Commission
history of drpa con t
History of DRPA con’t.
  • DRPA is self-sustaining, operating without tax support; funded by tolls and public bonds
  • administered by a 16-member Board of Commissioners, eight from each state
  • appointed by their respective governors, except the auditor-general and treasurer of Pennsylvania who are ex-officio members
  • all commissioners serve without compensation
  • oversee the protection, funding and operations of the DRPA
board of commissioners
Board of Commissioners
  • Honorable Edward G. Rendell(Chairman)Governor, State of PennsylvaniaAppointed 2003
  • Robert W. BoglePublisher
  • Frank DiCiccoCity Council
  • John J. Dougherty Union Business Manager I.B.E.W.
  • John M. PerzelPA House of RepresentativesSpeaker Emeritus
  • Kenneth I. TrujilloAttorney
  • Jack WagnerPA Auditor General
  • Rob McCordPA Treasurer

Jeffrey L. Nash(Vice Chairman)Camden County Freeholder

  • Vincent J. DeVitoUnion President
  • E. Frank DiAntonioUnion President & Business Manager
  • Charles Fentress
  • Albert F. FrattaliUnion Business Manager & Financial Secretary Treasurer
  • Walter A. Lacey Attorney
  • Jacquelyn Love
  • Ricardo V. Taylor, Jr.

School Administrator

the bridges history
The Bridges: History
  • DRPA oversees the operation of four bridges in the Philadelphia/NJ:
    • Betsy Ross Bridge
    • Walt Whitman Bridge
    • Benjamin Franklin Bridge
    • Commodore Barry Bridge
  • Desire for a bridge over the Delaware River was held by both Philadelphians and NJ farmers
  • Many plans were shot down before the Joint Commission appointed Rudolphe Modjeski, the chief engineer who oversaw the completion of the Manhattan Bridge, as chief bridge engineer for the Benjamin Franklin Bridge
the bridges history con t
The Bridges: History con’t.
  • Benjamin Franklin Bridge opens July 1, 1926
    • After opening ceremony over 100,000 people walked across the bridge including an 87-year-old Civil War veteran in full uniform
  • Walt Whitman Bridge opens May 15th, 1957
    • Connects South Philadelphia and Gloucester City, NJ
    • Named after the “Good Gray Poets” who lived in Camden for many years
    • First major bridge named after a poet
  • Commodore Barry Bridge opens February 1st , 1974
    • Connects Chester, PA and Bridgeport, NJ
    • Named after American Revolutionary war hero and “father of the American Navy”
    • Barry was an Irish immigrant who lived in Philadelphia
  • Betsy Ross Bridge opens April 30th, 1976
    • Links northeast Philadelphia with Pennsauken, NJ
    • First U.S. bridge named after a woman

In 1931, the Delaware River Bridge Commission was reorganized as the Delaware River Joint Commission (DRJC), and was given the authority to construct a high-speed transit line connecting Philadelphia and Camden. Today, more than 38,000 people rely on the hi-speedline to get them to work, school, sporting events, shopping and anywhere else they need to go-quickly, easily and without the hassles of driving.

patco con t
PATCO con’t.

PATCO has grown and so has the region. Homes, apartment buildings and businesses were all developed along the PATCO Speedline, creating tremendous economic and population growth.

recent news
Recent News
  • January 23rd, 2009 – DRPA approves $11 million in grants
  • Philadelphia will get $6 mill for 2 projects
    • Restaurant at bottom of Ben Franklin Bridge/Lights of Liberty
    • Washington/Adams exhibit
  • Camden will receive $5 mill for 3 projects
    • Demolition/park space
    • acquisition/classroom space
    • Improvements/office park
more news
More News
  • Dedicated $10 mill to soccer stadium on Chester waterfront
  • DRPA raised toll from $3 to $4 in September to help with bridge repairs
    • Claims this is not where the money comes from
    • Prior bond proceeds/special economic developmental funds
  • DRPA in debt…
  • Debt expected to increase to $1 billion by 2010
  • Do you think fiefdoms are positive? Why or why not?
  • The DRPA is currently in debt. Many of us are affected by the DRPA or something similar to it. Would you expect the DRPA (or your local equivalent of the DRPA) to establish such programs (i.e. Lights of Liberty & the soccer stadium) if you were aware of their debt?
  • Why do you think public transportation is important in helping a city grow?