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Climate and people

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Climate and people - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Climate and people. -A conceptual framework for a sustainable future. Takuro Kobashi Scripps Institution of Oceanography. Sustainability. You have to return as much as you get!. Issues surrounding climate changes.

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Climate and people

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climate and people

Climate and people

-A conceptual framework for a sustainable future

Takuro Kobashi

Scripps Institution of Oceanography


You have to return as much as you get!

issues surrounding climate changes
Issues surrounding climate changes
  • Increasing greenhouse gasses by burning fossil fuel warm atmosphere = Need to reduce emission
  • Large part of human society still needs to use much more energy
  • Fossil fuel is a major driver of current human society
  • Sustainable society asks us for a major change


world still suffers in inequality
World still suffers in inequality
  • Recent rises of China and India (1/3 of human population) significantly improved the situation
  • However, still many people in the world live without the basic needs
  • Future climate changes likely impact those with less capacity or less energy intense life (positively, negatively)
  • Sustainability will impact all of us, but likely more people with intense energy use
energy distribution in the world
Energy distribution in the world

Basic needs

Quality of life



Geographical variation

world energy use in time
World energy use in time

Energy intensive

Sustainability threshold



key to future sustainability
Key to future sustainability
  • The changes in world value system needs to happen
  • China and India may hold the key for the change with their sheer size
  • From like-USA (energy intensive life) to like-China or India (less energy intensive life) or like-somewhere else 
key for the sustainable future
Key for the sustainable future
  • The key for sustainability lives in nature and in our mind
  • The sense of equity need to be extended beyond human society
  • Other parts of natural system are as important as human society
  • Sustainable human society = sustainable natural system
our perception of nature and human society
Our perception of nature and human society

Human society

Human society



Reality and sustainable future

Current distorted view

  • Climate change issues are intricately related with sustainability issues
  • First, we need to accomplish equality in human society
  • Second, we need to extend the sense of equality toward nature
  • I believe that human society will make this change