boeing employees softball association besa managers meeting l.
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Boeing Employees Softball Association (BESA) Managers Meeting PowerPoint Presentation
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Boeing Employees Softball Association (BESA) Managers Meeting

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Boeing Employees Softball Association (BESA) Managers Meeting - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Boeing Employees Softball Association (BESA) Managers Meeting Monday March 29, 2010 3:30 PM Agenda Introductions: BESA Board Members (Jon) Self Supporting Organization (Jon) Parking Security (Scott) Financial Report (Ed) Leagues: Fun and Competitive (Scott)

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Boeing Employees Softball Association (BESA) Managers Meeting

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Presentation Transcript
  • Introductions: BESA Board Members (Jon)
  • Self Supporting Organization (Jon)
  • Parking Security (Scott)
  • Financial Report (Ed)
  • Leagues: Fun and Competitive (Scott)
  • Team Fees (Scott)
  • Playoffs (Scott)
  • Umpires (Jon)
  • Team Conduct (Jon)
  • Release and Indemnity Agreement (Jon)
  • Softballs & Scorebooks (Jon)
  • Practice and Schedule (Jon)
  • Other Questions / Wrap up
besa board members jon
BESA Board Members – Jon

BESA Board Members

  • President Curt McGuire (2009-2010)
  • Vice-President & Webmaster Jon Tuvey (2010-11)
  • Treasurer Ed Burgi (2009-2010)
  • Secretary Scott Fetterly (2010-11)
  • Umpire in Chief Les Gee (not a Board Member)

Members serve a 2-year term, non-compensated position

Next Election Terms:

  • Sept 2010: President and Treasurer Term 2011-12

BESA Website:

self supporting organization jon
Self Supporting Organization – Jon
  • BESA is a recognized club of The Boeing Company under Boeing Recreation
  • Recreation directive – move clubs to "self sufficiency" (aka "no company funding")
  • BESA given five year plan to "self sufficiency"
  • BESA 100% funded and operated by Team Registration Fees
  • Goal to keep team fees at a level to cover expenses
parking security scott
Parking Security – Scott
  • Will continue in 2010
  • Team managers voted to raise league fees to fund this position
  • Security is comprised of one individual that works from 4:45 pm until the last game is over
  • Objective to provide a visible presence in the parking lot
  • Spend approximately $3,200 per year
  • No break-ins since instituting security
  • Average of one per week prior
playoffs scott
Playoffs – Scott
  • We will continue to have playoffs again this year – weather permitting
  • First Season – June 14th – 25th
  • Built 2 week window to allow for make-ups
  • Will consist of 4 mixed and 4 men’s competitive teams
  • Top 4 from Tuesday night league will qualify
  • Mixed and Men’s will not be played on the same nights
  • Champions – Mixed and Men’s will receive T-shirts
  • Cost approximately $2,100
Umpires – Jon
  • Les Gee – Umpire Supervisor
  • Assign all umpires based on availability
  • Les is responsible for all issues and questions associated with the umpiring staff
  • Protests or questions must be in writing and submitted to:

Team Managers are responsible for the conduct of your team

  • See BESA Rules, Sec 2: PLAYER CONDUCT
  • Abusive language, profanity WILL NOT be tolerated
  • Families & children are present at fields, your team is representing the Boeing company as employees
  • If a player is ejected from a game:
    • Any player ejected from a game will also be suspended at least one game starting with their next scheduled game for their team
    • If it is a flagrant act, the suspension will remain in effect until final disposition has been determined by the BESA Board

Team Conduct – Jon

release and indemnity agreement ria jon
Release and Indemnity Agreement (RIA) – Jon
  • RIA is required to be signed and dated each year by qualified members
  • Associate members are those who are a relative of a member but not a dependant of the member
  • Associate members must sign both pages of the Associate Member form as well as the RIA
  • The BESA can not have more than 10% Associate Members in the club
  • New Member form can be used if they were not able to sign the RIA after it has been submitted. Member must send a copy to his team manager and the Vice President.
  • All forms are located at:
practice and schedule jon
Practice and Schedule – Jon
  • Practice is available March 29th – April 2nd
  • Can sign up for two practice games after March 26th
  • Open slots after March 29th will be available to first team at field – no scheduling will occur after March 29th
  • Schedules will be available by March 29th
  • Schedules can be viewed at the Umpires page until all leagues have been finalized. Printing of the schedule will not be available until March 29th
other questions wrap up
Other Questions / Wrap up
  • Gate Lock is: 0-7-8-7
  • Last team of the night who lost their game must lock gate
  • If a key lock is on the chain with combo lock, make sure to lock gate by latching the end of the chain that has no lock with the other key lock latch; not the chain