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Always Green. Always Growing. Paper Engineering as a Career PowerPoint Presentation
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Always Green. Always Growing. Paper Engineering as a Career

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Always Green. Always Growing. Paper Engineering as a Career - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Always Green. Always Growing. Paper Engineering as a Career. Developed by. “Hey, why would I want to be in the paper and packaging industry anyway?”. Developed by TAPPI • Developed by TAPPI • Just to Start….

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Always Green. Always Growing.

Paper Engineering as a Career

Developed by

hey why would i want to be in the paper and packaging industry anyway
“Hey, why would I want to be in the paper and packaging industry anyway?”

Developed by TAPPI •

Developed by TAPPI •

just to start
Just to Start…
  • A Green industry: a renewable, sustainable industry with products that are very hard to do without
  • Employment opportunities: a shortage of engineers to the tune of 3,000 per year
  • Expect multiple job offers as an engineer in the industry
  • High starting salaries
  • Pick the state where you want to work
  • You can hit the ground running!

Developed by TAPPI •

a green industry
A Green Industry

Our Industry was Green and sustainable before it was cool.

Forestry, paper & packaging are the most sustainable industries in existence according to Price Waterhouse Coopers.

For every tree logged in managed forests, three to four are replanted.

The industry has eight representatives in the UN’s list of the world’s 100 most sustainable companies. (More than any other industry)

Reading a newspaper emits 20% less carbon than reading news online. (NAPM)

Developed by TAPPI •

can you name 5 products made from paper
Can you name 5 products made from paper?

(We can give you 5,000! Ok, we won’t name all of them but you get the picture).

Developed by TAPPI •

Developed by TAPPI •

paper it s a piece of our lives
Paper. It's a piece of our lives!

Where would we be without it? In the U.S., most paper is made from trees, and because wood is a renewable resource which is wisely managed by U.S. timber companies, we will always have plenty of trees - and paper - for future generations to enjoy.

Here are just a few of the many important products made from paper, and the wood chemicals derived from the papermaking process:

Developed by TAPPI •

ok we couldn t resist showing you a few more
Ok, we couldn’t resist showing you a few more.

laminate for desks, counters & table tops

fabric softener*

bank checks

medical charts

shaving cream*

Coveralls for nuclear power workers

Drinking straws


paint & varnish*

*These products are made from cellulose, oils, and resins, the natural wood chemicals which are byproducts of the papermaking process.

Developed by TAPPI •

Developed by TAPPI •

employment opportunities
Employment Opportunities
  • More than 40 states in the US have Paper mills.
  • About 4,000 companies manufacture paper products in the US with combined annual product revenue of $160 billion (yes billion)
  • 3000 skilled jobs per year are opening up due to retirements.
  • Actually More: Does not include flexible or corrugated packaging or folding carton plants.
  • In the next 11 months 27% of ALL engineers in the U.S. will be eligible for retirement.

Developed by TAPPI •

Developed by TAPPI • Source:

a few more reasons
A Few More Reasons
  • Employs more that 1 million people across the U.S. – and is a top 10 manufacturer in over 40 states
  • About 400 pulp, paper and board mills
  • Producing 170,000 tons of pulp, paper and paperboard products
  • Accounts for 6% of GNP (Gross National Product)
  • Equal to automotive and plastic industries
  • Value of all U.S. sales: >$200 Billion

Developed by TAPPI •

Developed by TAPPI •

where do you want to live
Where do you want to live?

Developed by TAPPI •

Developed by TAPPI •

Developed by TAPPI •

preparation for the jobs today and over the next 5 years survey says
Preparation for the jobs today and over the next 5 years Survey says:

While in HS take as much math & science as possible. (AP) After HS enroll in the Paper Engineering, Chemical Engineering or Imaging departments at fine institutions such as GT.

Join TAPPI as a student member to gain unparalleled Knowledge & Networking opportunities.

Major in Chemical, Electrical, Mechanical, and Paper Science engineering. As well as Business Administration, Supply Chain Management, and Finance.

We also want employees to have interpersonal savvy, adaptability, problem solving skills and the ability to learn on the fly.

According to several surveys the employment needs of the Paper Industry in the U.S. alone are approximately 3,000 people per year.

Developed by TAPPI •


“There are lots of positions in the industry. Let’s look at Engineering”

Developed by TAPPI •





Developed by TAPPI •

10 people
10. People

If you like analytical, creative problem-solvers who are good in math and science, think on their feet and work well in a team – um, never mind. If you’re still reading, you are one.

Developed by TAPPI •

9 impact
9. Impact

The US paper industry is about the size of the US auto or plastics industries – but cleaner, greener and a lot more efficient.

Developed by TAPPI •

8 career
8. Career

Within 10 years, a third of the paper and pulp industry management will retire (Yeah, we could’ve planned better). They’ll be replaced by young people who are smart enough to start training now.

Developed by TAPPI •

7 earth
7. Earth

Make your career in an industry operating fully sustainable and with renewable manufacturing processes. For every tree we use, we plant 3 to 4.

Developed by TAPPI •

6 security
6. Security

As societies become more civilized, they usemore paper. Oddly enough, as internet use rises, so does the demand for paper. It’s approximately 2000+ years old and here to stay.

Developed by TAPPI •

5 opportunity
5. Opportunity

Want to work overseas? Do R&D in hot new fields like biofuels & nanotechnology? This is where to write your own ticket (on paper).

Developed by TAPPI •

4 demand
4. Demand

Expect 3 to 5 solid offers when you graduate. More if you’re really good. Many more if you go after them.

Developed by TAPPI •

3 power
3. Power

The biggest machines in the world make paper at up to 70 mph with temperatures and pressures to match. Sound like fun?

Developed by TAPPI •

2 scholarships
2. Scholarships

Kiss tuition goodbye; we want you and we’ll pay to educate you. Paid summer internships for hands-on experience are standard, too. You will work hard. You will not be bored.

Developed by TAPPI •

1 money
1. Money

Starting salaries for a paper-related grad –paper science & engineering or chemical engineering with a paper concentration – are stratospheric compared to your friends in business or even Information Technology (IT).

Developed by TAPPI •


This is just your top 10. For more, hit

Developed by TAPPI •



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Developed by TAPPI •