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Tegreen ® 97 Product Training. Tremendous positive press Top 20 in health food sales Thousands of studies worldwide -Including National Cancer Institute. Tea is HOT!. Green tea Second most popular beverage. Green Tea Camellia sinensis lightly steamed and dried Benefit of process

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Tegreen 97 product training l.jpg

Tegreen® 97

Product Training

Tea is hot l.jpg

Tea is HOT!

Green tea second most popular beverage l.jpg
Green teaSecond most popular beverage

Green tea vs black tea l.jpg

Green Tea

Camellia sinensis

lightly steamed and dried

Benefit of process

inactivates enzymes to preserve polyphenol content (chemistry similar to fresh leaves)

Black Tea

Camellia sinensis

withered, rolled, fermented and dried.

Benefit of process

flavor enhancing


Alters the spectrum of the polyphenols

Green tea vs. Black tea

Tegreen 97 l.jpg
Tegreen® 97

  • Standardized green tea extract

  • Provides a 97% concentration of pure polyphenols per capsule, 65% of which are catechins—the most important active compounds in green tea.

Tegreen 97 attributes l.jpg
Tegreen® 97 Attributes

  • Highest levels of polyphenols in industry

    • 97% polyphenols

    • Most competitors: 50-65% polyphenols

  • Each capsule of Tegreen

    • Equivalent to 7 cups of green tea beverage

  • Caffeine free

  • Clinically and scientifically proven

  • Proprietary processing

Proprietary processing l.jpg
Proprietary processing

  • Only finest leaf buds and young leaves used

  • Cultivated in Zhejiang province (number one tea-producing region in China)

  • Proprietary extraction process

    • Achieves 97% polyphenols

      • 65% Catechins

        • 38% EGCg

      • Eliminates virtually all the caffeine

Polyphenols l.jpg

  • Broad class of compounds including

    • proanthocyanidins

    • flavonoids

      • anthocyanidins

      • catechins

        • Epigallocatechingallate (EGCg)

        • others

Tegreen 97 research l.jpg
Tegreen 97 research

  • Epidemiological studies

    • Asian populations showed significant overall health maintenance even with “bad lifestyle habits”

  • More than 45 studies using Tegreen 97

    • Significant research on the antioxidant benefits

    • Protection of cellular components

    • Green tea polyphenols provide a broad spectrum of beneficial physiological functions related to general well-being.

Slide10 l.jpg

8 glasses of

grape juice

1 Tegreen


3 glasses of

red wine

7 cups of

green tea

Based on EGCg levels

4 glasses of

iced tea

In vitro DNA protection study

(Kansas University)

Tegreen 9711 l.jpg
Tegreen® 97

Who Should use this product?

Any adult concerned about long-term cell health and their antioxidant status should take Tegreen 97. Individuals with a hectic, busy, or stressful lifestyle, or those frequently exposed to pollution might also find benefits from Tegreen 97 supplementation.

Tegreen 97 key benefits l.jpg
Tegreen® 97 – key benefits

  • Provides potent antioxidant defense against cellular free radical impairment.

  • Supports healthy cell function while protecting cell structures including DNA.

  • Interferes with the t-NOX enzymes involved in the growth of unhealthy cells.

  • Increases the body’s metabolic rate through a thermogenic effect.

  • Helps promote healthy skin collagen and elastin integrity.

Usage recommendations l.jpg
Usage Recommendations:

  • Take two capsules daily (one capsule with morning and evening meals) for general health benefits.

  • Take four capsules daily (two capsules with morning and evening meals) for maximum benefit and increased metabolism.