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TRAINING TOPICS - 2010. Bob Eslinger – PRTA Janelle Riedl - TRS. What’s New Unchanged provisions MeF TW SW Enhancements Publications. Training Guide Cod & HSA Extranet Training Certification Taking The Test Volunteer Portal. Training Outline. IRS In-scope Changes for VITA-TCE.

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Training topics 2010 l.jpg


Bob Eslinger – PRTA

Janelle Riedl - TRS

Training outline l.jpg

What’s New

Unchanged provisions


TW SW Enhancements


Training Guide

Cod & HSA

Extranet Training


Taking The Test

Volunteer Portal

Training Outline

Irs in scope changes for vita tce l.jpg
IRS In-scope Changes for VITA-TCE

  • Schedule C – up to $10,000 expenses – same rules as Schedule CEZ (no losses, no employees, no inventory)

  • Schedule K-1 - royalties

  • Two new “on-line” training modules and tests:

    • HSA – Health Savings Accounts

    • COD – Cancellation of Debt

Economic recovery payment l.jpg
Economic Recovery Payment

  • Some SS recipients will receive $250 ERP in 2010

    • If did not receive in 2009 when first eligible,

    • i.e. social security, ssi, railroad retirement, or veterans disability benefits in November 2008, December 2008, or January 2009

  • Any Making Work Pay Credit will be reduced in 2010 by this payment

Estate tax basis holding period l.jpg
Estate Tax, Basis & Holding Period

Economic Growth and Tax Relief Reconciliation Act of 2001 (EGTRRA) repealed estate tax after December 31, 2009 and before January 1, 2011

Basis of assets inherited from decedent dying in 2010 is the lesser of the decedent’s adjusted basis or fair market value

Basis is treated as a gift

Automatic “more than one year” or long term holding period does not apply

Date of acquisition will be same as decedents’

Arra provisions in 2010 l.jpg
ARRA Provisions in 2010

First time homebuyer credit extended closing on purchase of home to September 30, 2010, if purchased before April 30, 2010; eligible for up to $8,000 credit

First year for payback of 2008 FTHBC.

New motor vehicle purchased in 2009 (after Feb 16, 2009 and before Jan 1, 2010) but did not pay sales taxes until 2010 – are eligible to deduct the amount paid in 2010

New or unchanged provisions in 2010 l.jpg
New or Unchanged Provisions in 2010

Investment income for children remains at $1900;

Standard deduction for Head of Household increases to $8400 (from $8350) – all other standard deductions remain the same:

Single - $5,700

Joint - $11,400

HOH - $8,400

Exemption amount remains the same in 2010 - $3,650;

Standard Mileage Rates – for 2010

Business – 50 cents per mile

Medical and moving – 16.5 cents per mile

Charity – 14 cents per mile

Earned income credit l.jpg
Earned Income Credit

Amount of credit increases in 2010:

One qualifying child – maximum $3050

Two qualifying children – maximum $5036

Three qualifying children – maximum $5666

No qualifying children – maximum $457

Earned income amount increases in 2010:

$35,535 (joint $40,545) One qualifying child

$40,363 (joint $45,373) Two qualifying children

$43,352 (joint $48,362) Three qualifying children

$13,460 (joint $18,470) No qualifying children

Other changes or items l.jpg
Other changes or items

Refund options for purchase of Savings Bonds

For 2010, in addition to direct deposits can use refund to purchase savings bonds

Can purchase up to three I bonds registrations,

Purchase for themselves, beneficiaries, or co-owners, or other persons, other than themselves;

Use Form 8888

Expiring tax benefits subject to possible extenders l.jpg
Expiring Tax Benefits(subject to possible extenders)

Waiver of Minimum Required Distributions from IRAs’ and defined benefit plans;

Exclusion of $2400 of unemployment compensation from income;

Tax free distributions to charity from IRA;

Deduction of educator’s expenses;

Tuition and Fees Deduction from AGI;

Extra $3000 IRA contribution for bankrupt companies;

Increase of Standard Deduction for real estate taxes and disaster losses;

Increase in Itemized Deduction or Standard Deduction for sales taxes of purchase of new motor vehicle;

Increase in Itemized Deduction for state and local sales taxes;

Certain tax benefits for Midwestern disaster areas

What s is mef l.jpg
What’s Is MeF

MeF is a new system for the processing of efiles by the IRS.

TaxWise 2010 will begin phasing in Modernized eFile (MeF)in the 2011 filing season.

MeF is real time, individual return processing vs. batching the returns for processing.

Modernized efile mef l.jpg
Modernized eFile (MeF)

TaxWise 2010 will use both Modernized eFile (MeF) andlegacy processing in the 2011 filing season.

TW 2010 will automatically pick the processing system based on the forms used in each return.

Modernized efile mef19 l.jpg
Modernized eFile (MeF)

Forms that Modernized eFile (MeF) will process in the 2011

Returns with a Form not on this list will be processed by the legacy system

Modernized efile mef20 l.jpg
Modernized eFile (MeF)

Modernized eFile (MeF) uses a Submission ID that is created when the efile is created, rather than a DCN.

A new Submission ID when the new efile is created.

Either a Submission IDs or DCN will print on the Form 8879 when return is prepared.

There will be a new eFile Submission Report that will list both Submission IDs and DCNs

Mef advantages l.jpg
MeF Advantages

Faster acknowledgements

From the IRS - 5 to 10 minutes

From TaxWise when processing is completed usually within an hour

Specific explanation of errors (rejected returns)

MeF allows attachments in pdf

Mef advantages22 l.jpg
MeF Advantages

Prior year returns

MeF will eventually accept returns from two prior year, but not this season.

Amended Returns

Will accept amended returns next season Tax Year 2011.

Ability to eFile State returns when a Fed Return is not required

Taxwise 2010 enhancements l.jpg
TaxWise 2010 Enhancements

Three additional Preparer Use Fields are added to the Main Information Sheet in both Desktop and TWO. #14 will be used for our national reporting of QR.

Override can be disabled at preparer level

Interactive Interview. The preparer can toggle back and forth between the Interview and the Tax Forms.

CCH claims the Modem Communication problems are resolved.

Desktop Changes

Taxwise 2010 enhancements24 l.jpg
TaxWise 2010 Enhancements

Contact Sensitive Help will be available

Time-out Reminder 5 min. before shut down

New User Roles added - Reviewer, E-file Manager

New Hot Keys for…

Move Curser to next Entry

Insert & Remove Rows - Statements & Worksheets

User defined Printing of State Forms

Custom Templates for tax form Defaults

TWO Changes

Intake sheet quality review pays off l.jpg
Intake Sheet/Quality Review Pays Off

  • 85% accuracy when correct intake process was used

  • 86% accuracy when correct quality review form and process used

Quality l.jpg

Form 13614-C Intake/Interview and Review Sheet Updated

  • Added an IRS email address and toll free number if problems are identified at the site.

  • Volunteers will check only one box on the Quality Review Checklist (Section C).

  • Section B is not required if Part II, Question 2 is blank

  • A column for taxpayers to check “unsure” in Parts III, IV, and V

  • Form numbers added where applicable

Training publications l.jpg
Training Publications

Tax Year 2010 Training Products updated by SPEC/Partner Teams:

  • Testing Materials - Printed and Link & Learn Taxes version - Publication 4189 & Form 6744

  • Student Workbook - Comprehensive Problems & Exercises Workbook - Publication 4491-W e-file Administrator & the Volunteer Resource Guides - Publications 3189 and 4012 (TaxWise Yellow & Blue Tabs)

  • Training Products Quality Review – Publications 4491 and 4012 (Tax Law White Tabs)

  • “Optional” Online Module Training and Certification Test – Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) and Cancellation of Debt (COD)

Hsas and cods l.jpg

HSAs and CODs

An Introduction to

Health Savings Accounts and Cancellation of Debt

New this year l.jpg

This year new online courses on HSAs and/or CODs are available.

The courses are available online at Link & Learn and are optional. It is not required, and is not referenced in the Basic, Intermediate or Advanced tests.

Certification l.jpg

Volunteers who are interested in being certified or qualified to do a HSA and/or a COD returns will be allowed to go on-line to take the course.

DCs or LCs will determine if there is a need for counselors at their site to be certified in HSA or COD returns.

A minimum of two counselors per site will be required.

Counselor certification l.jpg
Counselor Certification

  • Counselors required to complete Basic, Intermediate & Advanced with 80% accuracy

  • All volunteers must attend portion of training on Policies and Procedures

  • Volunteer Agreement F-13645 must be filled in and signed by volunteer

  • Recommend counselors complete at least 4 problems from Pub 4491W

Background l.jpg

  • It is recommended that Practice Lab, TWO or TW Desktop be used to prepare test returns as needed

  • 2010 L&L, Practice Lab and the test are currently on-line

  • Access to a computer with Internet Explorer, high speed internet connection and print capability

  • Public computers (such as library computers) are acceptable

Benefits l.jpg

  • A certificate of completion of applicable test segments (Basic, Intermediate & Advanced and optionally for COD and HSA) and the Volunteer Agreement can be printed and given to their instructor

  • L&L modules can be used to learn the new tax law or brush up

  • Using Practice Lab will provide experience with TaxWise 2010 for federal returns

Link learn login http www irs gov l.jpg
Link & Learn Login

  • You must use Internet Explorer for Link & Learn and Practice Lab

  • Log on to L&L - or

    search Link & Learn.

  • It is suggested that login to L&L be saved as a Favorite or as a desktop icon for easy access at a later time.

Http learn wetechteam com login aspx returnurl 2fdefault aspx l.jpg

Select course take test l.jpg
Select Course & Take Test

Http learn wetechteam com login aspx returnurl 2fdefault aspx58 l.jpg

Direct login www voltaxprep com l.jpg
Direct Login


Create icon for this site l.jpg
Create Icon for This Site

Slide65 l.jpg

AARP Tax-Aide Volunteer Portal

AARP Tax-Aide


Slide66 l.jpg

AARP Tax-Aide Volunteer Portal

A web-based and centralized access point that provides:

  • Single access to All AARP Tax-Aide Information, Applications, Databases and Reporting

  • Easy accessibility to information, applications, databases and reporting based on volunteer title and other requirements

  • Simplification and consistent presentation of the forms, tools and interfaces used for data entry, search and reporting



Current vs portal l.jpg
Current vs Portal




Recruitment System

Activity Reporting

Order Forms


Interfaces to VMIS


  • Extranet

    • Forms

    • Manuals

    • Site Activity Reporting

  • Access AARP

    • VMIS

  • Email

  • Fax

  • Telephone

  • Snail Mail


Https volunteers aarp org l.jpg

Verify and update site information l.jpg

Verify and Update Site Information





Appt Required??

If yes, must include contact and phone number


Slide72 l.jpg

Activity Reporting

In 2011

AARP Tax-Aide


Each state selects the approach to activity reporting l.jpg
Each State Selects the Approach to Activity Reporting


  • Report the same way you did last year -- TRADITIONAL


  • Report only data that cannot be collected from the IRS -- PORTAL

Important detail l.jpg
Important Detail

  • Quality Review for all e-filed returns will be recorded in Tax-Wise (Preparer Use Field #14)

    • Credit for QR will only be given if this field is filled in before return is e-filed by ERO


Slide75 l.jpg

Site Sign In Sheet for “Portal” System Users

– Compressed for display purposes (actual form includes 20 rows.


Slide77 l.jpg


Local Coordinator Activity Reporting Form –

Note that the reporting of QR for efile sites is not an available field


Slide78 l.jpg

Online Ordering

of AARP Tax-Aide Produced Materials

AARP Tax-Aide


Slide79 l.jpg

  • This year’s Web-based Ordering:

  • Access through Volunteer Portal, 24 x 7

  • Web form delivered directly to AARP Fulfillment

  • Optional use [in 2010/2011] to any Volunteer Leader that orders materials

    • Suggested and maximum ordering quantity alert pop ups

    • Ability to ship to locations other than volunteer’s address

    • Confirmation of order receipt


Tax aide order form l.jpg

Tax order form l.jpg

Complete order l.jpg

Submit order l.jpg

Order confirmation l.jpg

Email confirmation l.jpg

Questions l.jpg