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LAND. 14.1 How We Use Land 14.2 Urban Land Use 14.3 Land Management & Conservation. Land uses. Section 14.1 How We Use Land. ●Land cover - rangeland - forest land - cropland - parks/preserves - wetlands/mountains/deserts, other - urban land. Compare.

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14.1 How We Use Land

14.2 Urban Land Use

14.3 Land Management & Conservation

section 14 1 how we use land
Section 14.1How We Use Land

●Land cover

- rangeland

- forest land

- cropland

- parks/preserves

- wetlands/mountains/deserts, other

- urban land


●Urban: land covered mainly with buildings and roads

●Rural: contains relatively few people & large open spaces

Write in your notes an example of an urban area and a rural area and underline them both.

where you live chesterfield township
Where you live: Chesterfield Township
  • In the first decade of the 21st century, much of Chesterfield Township is dominated by subdivisions and shopping developments, in contrast to just thirty or so years earlier when the community was considerably more rural. The far northern end of the township is still largely rural. Anchor Bay influences the southeastern part of the community, where many pleasure boats, docks, and marine-related businesses can be found.
the urban rural connection
The Urban-Rural Connection

● Ecosystem services: the resources that are produced by natural & artificial ecosystems


- purification of air & water

- preservation of soil & renewal of soil fertility

- regulation of climate

- aethetic beauty

section 14 2 urban land use
Section 14.2Urban Land Use

●Urbanization: Movement from rural areas to cities

Slow growth:

- Usually roads and transportation have been built to handle growth, so traffic flows smoothly.

- These areas are usually more pleasant places to live because “green space” has been planned.

urbanization cont
Urbanization, cont.

● There may be trouble when urban growth is rapid.

● Infrastructure

Includes: roads, libraries, hospitals, water mains, schools, sewers, power lines, bridges, fire + police stations

other impacts of urbanization
Other Impacts of Urbanization

● Heat island

The name for the increased temperature in the


In some areas, increased rainfall is a side effect

of the heat island.

Write in your notes why a heat island may result in increased rainfall. Remember what we learned earlier this year about warm air.

urban planning
Urban Planning

● Land-use planning

- what/where decisions

● Geographic information system (GIS)

- powerful because you can overlay information

advantages of open spaces
Advantages of open spaces

Open spaces include parks, public gardens, and bicycle and hiking trails.

Some of the benefits of open spaces include:

- Plants absorb CO2/produce O2 and filter out pollutants from the air.

- Urbanites can exercise and relax.

section 14 3 land management conservation
Section 14.3Land Management & Conservation

Main categories of rural land:



forest land

national and state parks



● Overgrazing

- too many plants are eaten

- changes in plant communities

- or all plants are eaten

- nothing to keep soil from

eroding/blowing away

forest lands
Forest lands

People use enormous amounts of wood. The worldwide average is 1,800 cm3 of wood used per person each day. In the United States, each person uses 3.5 times this amount.

● Clear-cutting

● Deforestation


● Wilderness

- protected from exploitation

● Exploitation:

  • use or utilization, especially for profit: the exploitation of newly discovered oil fields.
  • 2. selfish utilization: He got ahead through the exploitation of his friends.
benefits of protected areas
Benefits of protected areas

1. Biodiversity

2. Drinking water

3. Economics

4. Combat climate change

5. Recreational pursuits

threats to protected areas
Threats to protected areas

There is a constant battle in our world between our conservation efforts and the growing population.

Litter and traffic jams that have plagued our cities, now threaten many of our national parks.

credits photos
Credits – Photos
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  • Wilderness:
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  • Prepared by G. LaBruyere