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Wise Choices in College

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Wise Choices in College - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Wise Choices in College
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  1. Wise Choices in College • Learning College Customs • Effective Note Taking • Effective Studying • Effective Test Taking

  2. College Customs • Review your college catalogue on the college’s web page. • See your Advisor. • Understand Prerequisites. • Complete your general education requirements (36 credits) • Choose a major wisely. • Take a realistic course load. • Attend the first day of class on time. • Sit in class where you can focus on learning. • Study the syllabus. • Buy required course books and supplies asap. • Introduce yourself to one or more classmates and exchange phone numbers and email addresses.

  3. College Customs …. • Inform your instructor before an absence. • If you arrive late, slip in quietly. • Ask questions. • To hold an extended conversation with your instructors, make an appointment during their office hours. • Get involved in campus life. • Know the importance of your GPA. • If you stop attending a class, withdraw officially. • Talk to your instructor before withdrawing. • Keep a file of important documents. • Show respect to your classmates and instructor by avoiding inappropriate behaviors.

  4. Effective Note Taking Before Note Taking • Create a positive affirmation about taking notes. • Get note-taking supplies that fit your style. • Read and take notes on homework assignments before class. • Prepare a list of questions based on homework assignments. • Bring note-taking supplies to every class and use them.

  5. Effective Note Taking During Note Taking • Use the outline method. • Use a concept map. • Record only important ideas in your notes. • Listen and look for cues. • Listen for answers to your prepared questions. • Use Abbreviations. • If you can’t keep up, leave spaces. • Record the class.

  6. Effective Note Taking….. After Note Taking • Review your notes. • Talk about your notes. • Compare notes. • Revise your notes. • Talk about your notes. • Compare your notes. • Revise your notes as appropriate. • Review your notes periodically. • Rehearse your notes aloud.

  7. Effective Studying Before Studying • Create a positive affirmation about studying. • Create an ideal study space. • Make a list of important assignments. • Study your challenging subjects first. • Arrange to be undisturbed. • Tell yourself “I will remember what I’m about to study.” • Do the data dump. • Form a study group.

  8. Effective Studying….. During Studying • Play soft, instrumental music in the background. • Change subjects after forty-five to sixty minutes. • Take short break every thirty minutes or so. • Studying during your prime learning times. • Create Q & A cards. • Use Graphic Organizers. • Create study sheets containing key math and science formulas. • Review briefly every day.

  9. Effective Studying…. After Studying • Review, Review, Review • Create an instant replay of your study session. • Discuss concepts often. • Have someone quiz you. • Teach what you learn. • Seek tutoring.

  10. Effective Test Taking Before a Test • Create a positive affirmation about taking tests. • Find out what will be covered on the test. • Find out how you will be tested. • Set a study schedule. • Take a practice test. • Visualize success. • Get to the exam room early and find a comfortable place.

  11. Effective Test Taking During the Test • Right before the exam is handed out, relax, say your affirmation, and visualize your success once more. • Skim the test. • Read and follow directions carefully. • Do easy questions first. • Review your answers. • Offer an answer for every question. • Match questions to the answer sheet.

  12. After the Test • Reward yourself. • Get the correct answers to all questions you missed and study them. • Analyze your errors.