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Golf in UK

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Golf in UK

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  1. Golf in UK By DmitrijSantarovich 9B Vilnius Lev Karsavin Secondary School

  2. Contents • Legendaboutgolf • The first written record • Golf asa culture • Rulesofgolf • Whowinsthegame? • GolfontheMoon • GolfinOlympics • Sources

  3. Legend about golf The origin of the game of golf is related to a legend about the ordinary shepherd who was wandering through the coastal dunes having nothing to do and accidentally hit a round stone with a stick which rolled into a rabbit hole. Then, he was joined by friends who liked the new fun. Later, the stones were replaced by balls, rabbit holes - holes, and instead sticks were changed into putter. Back to contents

  4. The first written record The first written record of golf, which is considered as the beginning of the official history of the game, refers to 1457. It was the year that King James banned the game of golf, as because of a great interest in it soldiers ignored their primary responsibility - training in archery. The ban was expressed as the decision of the Scottish Parliament. Back to contents

  5. Golf as a culture An introduction to golf is not all about a passion for a new sport - rather, it is a very special introduction to the culture: a rich in tradition, aesthetic, aristocratic and multifaceted. On a nice Sunday afternoon in the British golf clubs one can meet a lot of excitement-minded seniors, women and children ... Golf in Britain is certainly played by everyone of different ages, sexes and backgrounds! Back to contents

  6. Rules of golf The point of the game is to throw your ball into all nine holes of the course. No hands, stick only! Professionals play a game on a 18-hole course or a two-round game on a 9-hole course. Holes are marked with bright flags and a number. You should start with the first hole, if it is not taken. If it is, you can start with the latter or in the middle. Players are given a pencil and a sheet of paper with numbers of holes where they have to honestly record: at what time they got into it. There can be one, two, three, but no more than four players. Back to contents

  7. Who wins the game? At the end of the game, the total score of every player is compared. It is very easy: the person having less points is a winner! But do not worry if you lose, the winner is usually so happy that he will definitely treat you. And of course, it's always nice to show your friends the photos taken during the game of golf! Back to contents

  8. Golf on the Moon In the XX century, golf has even reached the moon! In February 1971, Alan Shepard, the captain of the spaceship "Apollo 14", made two attacks on the two balls. In 1974, the hockey stick, which Alan used for the game in space, was donated to a museum. Back to contents

  9. Golf in Olympics Golf was featured in the Summer Olympic Games official programme in 1900 and 1904. Golf is to be reinstated for the 2016 Summer Olympics. Great Britain has 2 Olympic golf medalists: • Walter Rutherford – Silver – 1900 • David Robertson – Bronze - 1900 Back to contents

  10. Sources • • Back to contents

  11. Thanks for watching! The End!