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Deutsche Idiome Teil I PowerPoint Presentation
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Deutsche Idiome Teil I

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Deutsche Idiome Teil I
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Deutsche Idiome Teil I

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  1. Deutsche Idiome Teil I Du bistmitdemlinkenFußaufgestanden. You got up on the wrong foot. (Meaning – your in a bad mood.) Literal German: You got up with the left foot. (aufstehen – to stand up)

  2. Mir reißt die Geduld! My patience is wearing thin. (Meaning – My patience with you is close to the end) Literal German: My Patience is being ripped. (reißen – to rip)

  3. DeineUnhöflichkeitlasseichmirnichtgefallen. I’m not putting up with your impoliteness! (Meaning – I’m not going to allow your impoliteness.) Literal German: I will not let your impoliteness please me. (gefallen – to like / please)

  4. Eristdurch die Luftgegangen. He has gone through the roof. (Meaning – He has lost his temper. / become very mad) Literal German: He has gone through the air.

  5. Das isteinwunderPunkt. That is a sore point. (Meaning – that topic is hurtful ) Literal German: That is a wounded point.

  6. Das sitztwieangegossen. That fits like a glove. (Meaning – That is a perfect fit.) Literal German: That sits like it was poured on. (gießen – to pour)

  7. Die TouristensindimGänsemarschhingegangen. The tourist went in walking single file. (Meaning – to be walking in a line) Literal German: The tourists went in like a row of marching geese.

  8. WirsindimFlugzeugwieHeringegedrängt. We were packed into the airplane like sardines. (Meaning – to be packed very close together / overcrowded) Literal German: We were packed into the airplane like Herrings. (drängen – to crowd)

  9. Das Auto siehtwieausdemEigepellt. The car looks spick and span. (Meaning – to be very clean looking) Literal German: The car looks like it has been peeled out of the egg. (pellen – to peel)

  10. Es istzumBerstenvoll. It is filled to the bursting point. (Meaning – it is completely full) Literal German: It is full to bursting. (bersten – to burst)

  11. Man soll das Fell des Bärennichtverteilen, bevor man ihnerlegt hat. Don’t count your chickens before they hatch. (Meaning – don’t make assumptions) Literal German: One should not divide the pelt of the bear up, before one has killed him. (verteilen – to divide / erlegen – to slay)

  12. Das kommtnicht in Frage. That is out of the question. (Meaning – it is not even to be considered.) Literal German: That comes not into question. (fragen – to ask)

  13. AndereLänder, andereSitten. When in Rome, do as the Romans do. (Meaning – different people have different customs) Literal German: different (other) countries, different (other) customs

  14. Du hast den Nagel auf dem Kopf getroffen. You hit the nail on the head. (Meaning – That is exactly right / correct.) Literal German: You have hit the nail on the head. (treffen – to hit / to meet)